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Chapter 399: Well-Behaved
"Everyone, you are far too weak . Are you all here to scratch my itchy spots for me?"

The smoke in the air dissipated and a silhouette dressed in white stepped out with a grin hanging off his lips .

Too weak?


Everyone was so angered they almost puked out blood . Especially the few completion levelled cultivators who attacked, their faces were heavy and cloudy . They were highly respected cultivators and one hit from them alone was able to shake up the mountains and cause a flood . Who dared to call them weak? Who had the capability to?

But, Ling Xian had said it . He said it with such ease, with such nonchalance .

Reality was just so . The combined attack from the nine of them was not enough to even make him stumble . It… it really was like they were… they were scratching his itchy spots for him!

This made Chu Xing He and them very gloomy and enraged . But at the same time, they also felt shocked . They knew better than anyone else just how powerful that one hit was . But that attack was not enough to hurt Ling Xian . Just how unbelievable was this?!

Especially Chu Xing He, the leader, was staring at Ling Xian with disbelief .

This was because he saw a sheer layer of rainbow colored light that engulfed Ling Xian . He now understood that the Tower of the Seventh Soul was protecting Ling Xian . This was why he was so shocked .

"Impossible . I must

have gone blind . The anchor of my clan cannot be protecting an outsider . " Chu Xing He crazily shook his head . Even though he had a few guesses, he could not believe this no matter what .

If his guess was true, then this news will cause a destructive impact on the clan!

It was his freedom to choose to not believe . But why would Ling Xian grant his wish?

"I am guessing you realized what happened . "

Ling Xian gave a sarcastic smile and glanced all around . He then said something that stunned everyone .

"You must all be wondering why I am utterly unhurt from the attack just now . Then let me tell you . It is because I acquired the help of the Tower of the Seventh Soul . "

The entire area was silenced in that second .

Everyone was stunned from the shock . They then all shifted their gazes towards Chu Xing He and awaited his response .

"Goddamn you . "

Under everyone's questioning gaze, Chu Xing He swore under his breath . He wanted to deny it, but he was afraid that Ling Xian would deliver another slap to his face . Therefore, he sighed a long sigh and unwillingly nodded .

"Aye, he is right . The attack just now was blocked by the Tower . "

The entire area was silenced again .

The Tower of the Seventh Soul… helped an outsider?

How's that possible?!

Everyone was emotionless and found it impossible to think that the anchor of

of the Chu Clan would end up support an outsider . An enemy who just slapped everyone in the face!

"Leader Chu, you sure are smart . You saw through everything . " Ling Xian's lips curved up, "To tell you the truth, the treasure on the seventh level is to have 60 percent of the control of the Tower . "


Chu Xing He clenched his fists and stared at Ling Xian with a deadly gaze . It was full of killer's intent .

Even though he had guessed it, getting a confirmation from Ling Xian infuriated and humiliated him .

What was the Tower of the Seventh Soul?

To a cultivator, it was a powerful treasure . Possessing it meant one could do whatever they wanted . To the Chu Clan, it was more than a treasure . It was a spiritual pillar!

Throughout the Chu history, the clan had faced many obstacles and hardships . It was because of this object were they able to make through them all . After such a long time, everyone now believed firmly that as long as the tower stood, the Chu Clan could remain glorious and be fearless!

But now, 60 percent of the Tower was snatched away by an outsider . This had tainted everyone's spiritual pillar . How could they not feel angry and humiliated?

"Dammit, give me back the control of the Tower or I will make you want to die!" Chu Xing He's hair stood up from anger . An angry wave of energy rolled out of him and violently shook up all his surroundings .

Everyone else was

else was just as enraged . They all began to summon their spiritual energy and were ready to deliver a fatal attack . This was normal . A holy treasure was taken by an outsider . Anyone would be delirious!

However, faced against everyone's killer's intent and anger, Ling Xian's lips remained relaxed . He didn't think much of everyone here . He merely made one statement and forced everyone to retract their energy .

"If you dare to release any more of your Qi, then don't blame me to implode the Tower and cause it to self-destruct . " . "

Immediately, everyone's anger boiled . But they knew very well that Ling Xian was right . Owing control over the Tower made him be able to implode the Tower .

They didn't dare to make the chance . Thus, they took back their Qi and stared at Ling Xian with killer's intent .

Pity though, as they angrily gaped at him, Ling Xian made another statement that forced them lower their heads .

"If you dare to look at me in such a manner, then don't blame me to implode the Tower and cause it to self-destruct . "

Everyone almost puked from anger . But they still weren't willing to take the chance .

The Tower was their roots and a guarantee of their lives . Thus, nobody would make a bet with this treasure!

"That's right . Be good . "

Looking at everyone, Ling Xian's lips curled up and he taunted, "As long as I am on your land, I will be protected by the protected by the Tower . Nobody can do anything to me . In other words, at this place, I am undefeatable . Don't you dare try to hurt me . "

Pausing, he continued, "Since you cannot hurt me nor take back the control . Then you better listen to me . Or else I might just accidentally destroy the Tower . It would be a giant loss for you . "

"Goddamn, just what do you want?"

Chu Xing He gritted his teeth as he trembled from anger and helplessness .

The power position was very clear . Unless he kills Ling Xian, he cannot gain back the control . But as long as he stands here, he communicates with the Tower and cannot be harmed .

This is a negative feedback cycle .

Thus, the Chu Clan had to lower their heads before Ling Xian . There was no other way .

Of course, there was another way - to give up on the Tower . But without the protection of the tower, then all other forces would hear the news and rush over to exterminate the Chu Clan .

This was why Chu Xing He didn't want to take a chance . Nobody in the Chu Clan dared to . They all just listened to Ling Xian .

Seeing this, Ling Xian knew that they were now under his control . He couldn't help it but to laugh and speak presumptuously .

"All those who doubted me before, step out . Slap your own cheeks until I am satisfied . "

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