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The Tower of the Seventh Soul was a magical object. It has seven levels, and every level has a checkpoint that stops cultivators from entering.

In the past few thousand of years, countless number of Heaven's Favorites had been born into the Chu Clan. They were all once confident and believed they would be the pioneer to enter the Tower of the Seventh Soul. But the result had shaken up the Heaven's Favorites. Many people even became depressed from their failure and could no longer cultivate.

As a result, nobody in the Chu Clan believed Ling Xian could pass the test of the Tower. This was why they treated the entire situation with such a taunting attitude.

But the scene before their eyes had slapped everyone awake. Even though Ling Xian had yet to arrive at the top level, to have beaten the first level in such a fast speed was something already super unbelievable.

Because the Tower itself is so mysterious, everyone who enters become a dot of light to those watching from the outside.

Before them, Ling Xian had transformed into a dot. Though people cannot see his movement, they could see which level he was on.

The dot of light that represented him stepped up to the third level from the second within a few seconds.

What an unbelievable feat! How could everyone here not be shocked?

Just as they drowned in their surprise, the dot suddenly rose again and entered the fourth level!


How insane!

Everyone's expression was unmoving as they stared at the moving dot.

Even Leader Chu Xing He was stunned. He could not believe what he was seeing was real.

To know that this was the Tower of the Seventh Soul. Though the first six levels were broken through after a few thousand of years and much resources, every single level was extremely difficult. Nobody in the history of time had ever entered the fourth level in such a short period of time.

This… was unbelievable!

As everyone's eyes widened, the dot of light leapt onto the fifth level!

Everyone's eyes twitched. No longer able to suppress their shock, they screamed.

"What the f*ck! This is insane. I breathed probably 10 times since he entered. How can he be at the fifth level already!"

"Unbelievable! All those Heaven's Favorites who went into the Tower took so much time to get past every level. How can he break past each level so easily?"

"That's right. Even the first Hidden Dragon took half an hour to get to the fifth level. This fella here is far too Heaven's Defying. Is he possibly stronger than the first Hidden Dragon?"

Everyone discussed this situation in shock, they could not believe that what was happening was real. Sadly, reality was before their eyes. Ling Xian was just this overbearing!

He was just this powerful!

Within 10 breaths, he had beaten all five levels!

This was just the beginning. As everyone tried to contain their shock, the dot once again rose and entered the sixth level!

Instantly, the entire area was silenced!

Everyone froze as their brains went blank. They stared at the dot with a sluggish gaze, as if they had lost the ability to think.

Since he entered the tower, only a minute had passed. Just how unbelievable was this? Everyone fixated their gaze onto the dot on the sixth level with shock ridden expressions.

At this moment, words were far too plain to expression how they felt!

As they stared at the moving dot, they seemed to have lost their souls.

Just like that, after about 15 minutes, they finally found themselves again. Looking at the dot on the sixth level, they sighed in relief.

"Haha, I knew it. he can't be that strong. He is stuck at the sixth level. I bet in a bit, he will be ejected by the tower."

"Hehe, that's right. Now matter how strong he is, he cannot get past this level!"

"I think he used all his techniques and spiritual energy to get past the first five levels in a speedy manner. There is no other explanation for his insane speed."

"Haha, what a [email protected] Doesn't he know that every level gets harder? If he explosively used up all his energy, he must be exhausted right now. Let's just patiently wait for him to get shunned out."

Everyone laughed loudly, thinking that Ling Xian had used up all his capabilities to get through the first five levels.

Just like they said, each level is more difficult than the last – exponentially harder. If one uses up all their energy in the first few levels, then one will have no energy left for the later levels.

Thus, everyone here was certain that Ling Xian was going to be kicked out soon.

What they didn't know was that even though the first few levels appeared hard to them, to Ling Xian, they were nothing. Those levels didn't even require all his strength!

Just as everyone laughed and waited for Ling Xian to get kicked out. The dot on the sixth level suddenly began to emit even more light, forcing everyone to close their eyes.

When everyone reopened their eyes, they witnessed a scene that they will never forget in their lifetime!

The dot had disappeared from the sixth level. There was also no trace of Ling Xian here. What did that mean? It meant he had successfully broken through the sixth level and has climbed onto the seventh!

In the next second, everyone looked up to the seventh level in unison. Of course, they saw the moving dot of light.

In that moment, even a needle drop could be heard!

He broke through the sixth level?

Doesn't that mean… he broke the record?!

Everyone's face froze as their brains went blank, losing all abilities to think.

To know that there has been thousands of geniuses born into the Chu Clan, yet nobody would climb onto the fifth level. The only reason there was someone on the sixth was because they asked the first Hidden Dragon. However, even that person could only arrive to the sixth level.

But before their eyes, Ling Xian had broken through the checkpoint of the sixth level and landed on the seventh level.

What did this prove?

It meant he was stronger than all the Heaven's Favorites of the Chu Clan. He was also more powerful than the first Hidden Dragon.

Everyone's shock reached a new height. However, very quickly, they once again regained their consciousness and reverted to the previous taunting selves.

"So what he arrived on the seventh level? Ancestors said that the seventh level test is a hundred times harder than the sixth. I do not believe he will beat the tower."

Nobody knew who spoke first. But this created a giant wave of agreement. Everyone expressed their disdain and concluded that no matter how powerful he was, he will not advance further.

Just as they believed, currently, Ling Xian was facing the hardest battle he had ever faced since he began his cultivation journey!

Inside the seventh level of the Tower, Ling Xian's expression was heavy as he carefully manipulated his Golden Dan and carefully depended.

He had never been so concentrated his whole life!

This was because he was now up against the strongest opponent he had ever had to face.


There were two of them.

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