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Chapter 394: A Venomous Plan
The Sun was high in the sky and was shooting down blinding rays of light .

Above the entrance of the Chu Clan, Ling Xian was dressed in white, looking extraordinary .

"The Tower of the Seventh Soul… Let me break through it for you . "

Ling Xian had a smile hidden between his lips as his confidence shone upon the entire universe . Then, the Golden Dan in his body began to twist and turn . In the next second, his Qi rushed out of him like a tornado that swept through the space in all directions!

"Chu Clan, since you are purposely giving me a hard time, then let me teach you a lesson . " Ling Xian coldly snickered . He formed a hand seal with both hands in preparation to break the protective array set by the Clan and enter the Clan!

Under a normal circumstance, unless one was declaring war, nobody would enter any Clan's establishment in such a provoking manner . Ling Xian was no exception . When he visited the Yan Clan, he entered gracefully . He always asked the guards to tell the Leaders first, and only entered after they agreed .

But today, he had no plan to visit this Clan respectfully . Instead, he planned on rudely showing up in this Clan to get rid of the disgust he felt in his stomach!

This was because he had learned all about the Tower of the Seventh Soul during his journey here . After learning all about it, he thoroughly understood something .

The Chu Clan was purposely giving him a hard time!

Since that was the case, then why would Ling Xian treat them with respect? Even though he was born kind and personable, he will not let anyone take advantage of him!

Thus, Ling Xian manipulated the Golden Dan in his body and planned on barging in!

However, just as he was about to throw a punch to smash open the protective array, Chu Xing He and Chu Xing Yun hurried rushed over, bringing them with thousands of people .

Everyone carried a sarcastic smile with them . It was obvious that they weren't here to welcome Ling Xian, instead, they were here to laugh at him .

However, when they saw that Ling Xian was about to punch open the protective array, their faces changed color .


Chu Xing He very quickly shouted . If Ling Xian somehow broke in

successfully, then the Chu Clan would lose a lot of face .

Pity, why would Ling Xian do what he asked? He was originally going to barge in, now that everyone was mocking him, his anger intensified .

"Chu Clan, you asked for this yourself . You shouldn't blame me . "

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up . He threw a punch that was as powerful as thousands of lightning bolts, and it landed on the protective barrier .


The punch exploded with power . The entire space quivered!

Then, with a crack, the Chu Clan's protective barrier broke into pieces .

Everyone froze in shock . They didn't think Ling Xian would really dare to barge in . They definitely did not think that Ling Xian could really break down the barrier .

How dominating was this?

How powerful was this?

But very quickly, everyone's shock transformed into anger . What angered them was what was said .

"Aye, I am so sorry . I was simply trying to stretch before enter the Tower of the Seventh Soul . But I didn't think your barrier was this weak and this easy to break . "

Go screw yourself!

Everyone almost puked out blood out of anger as they stared down Ling Xian .

Chu Xing He's expression was cold . The way he stared at Ling Xian was full of killer's intent . "Master Xian, right . The first thing you do when you visit is breaking our barrier . Are you challenging us?"

"Of course . . . "

Ling Xian descended from the sky and purposely dragged out his last word . Then, he smiled, "not . "

Instantly, Chu Xing He became enraged, "Master Xian, are you playing with the leader of the clan? Are you playing with the entire Chu Clan?"

"So you are the Chu Clan . "

Ling Xian softly chuckled, wanting very much to beat up everyone before him . But it was not the right time to burn down all the bridges . Therefore, he faked an innocent look, "Leader Chu, do not misunderstand . Like I said, I was warming up . I didn't think the barrier would be so weak . It was not intentional . "

What the f*ck!

It was obviously intentional!

Chu Xing He's expression was heavy . Everyone

Everyone else's expression was angry . They were all boiling with the desire to teach Ling Xian a lesson .

However, just as they were about to unleash their QI, they saw Chu Xing He slowly extend his right hand .

"Master Xian, you are a precious guest of the clan . We will not accuse you . " Chu Xing He suddenly stopped the cultivators who were about to attack . It wasn't that he was scared, nor was it because he didn't want to beat this man up . It was simply because he had a better plan .

A sinister, a venomous plan .

He is going to mop the floor with Ling Xian' reputation and he will do this before everyone . He will personally handicap Ling Xian so he will experience both mental and physical pain!

"Haha, as the leader, you sure are clear headed . " Ling Xian bellowed . He then glanced around and faked an arrogance stance, "Did y'all hear? I am a precious guest . Do not treat me rudely, or else Leader Chu will not forgive you . "


Everyone's hair stood up on their head out of anger . They wanted to shred Ling Xian into pieces .

At that moment, Chu Xing He coldly snickered and transferred the message to everyone, "Let him be arrogant . After he fails to pass the test of the Tower, I will handicap him . That way, he will be hurt both mentally and physically . "

Immediately, everyone's anger disappeared . It was replaced with taunting and confidence .


Noticing everyone's change in attitude, Ling Xian frowned, uncertain why the change was so sudden . However, after hearing what Chu Xing He said afterwards, he guessed their plan .

"I will not speak secretively . Since Master Xian has guessed what my condition is, then let's not waste time and enter the Tower of the Seventh Soul . " Chu Xing He smiled from ear to ear . However, beneath that smile, it was full of venom, "I sure am looking forward to the moment Master Xian passes the test of the Tower and achieves the wish that my Chu Clan's had for thousands of years . "

[So they are planning on ruining my reputation…] Ling Xian's gaze turned cold as he read through these people's thoughts . His rage boiled .

How evil were these people? How

people? How venomous were their plans? Anyone else would be finding it hard to control their emotions at this moment .

However, Ling Xian suppressed the rage he felt and did not choose to make a move .

Because he had a plan in mind as well .

It was true . Chu Xing He's plan was very evil . If Ling Xian cannot beat the Tower, then without a doubt, he will leave in shame . Before these many people, that shame would be worse than death!

However, for that to happen, one thing had to happen first, and that was for Ling Xian to fail the Tower's test .

But what if he succeeded?

Then the result would be obvious . The one who will be put to shame would be the Chu Clan!

To know that nobody in the Chu Clan right now believed that Ling Xian would succeed . They were all certain that he will definitely lose . But if he ended up beating the Tower's test, then he would be slapping everyone's face!

Wouldn't that be better than pure violence right now?

Of course, for this to happen, he must pass all the tests of the tower . Remember, he must pass all the test, not like the first Hidden Dragon, who only reached the sixth level .

"Why aren't you answering?"

Ling Xian's silence made Chu Xing He think that he was afraid . He grew confident, "Could it be that Master Xian is scared of losing face?"


Ling Xian's lips curled up, "Leader Chu, don't think I don't know what you are planning . You want me to leave in shame . "

Hearing this, Chu Xing He frowned . He didn't think Ling Xian was this smart and could so easily guess his plan . But at this point, there was no point in hiding . He coldly smiled, "That's right . It is your fault for thinking you can pass the test of my Tower . Be ashamed of yourself . "

As soon as his voice disappeared, the crowd erupted with laughter .

It was obvious that nobody believed he could beat all the levels of the Tower .

What could they do? The Tower of the Seventh Soul was too difficult to defeat . There had been thousands of geniuses born into the Chu Clan in the past thousands of years, yet nobody had passed . Even . Even the first Hidden Dragon only arrived at the sixth level .

The test from the Tower has been categorized as a mission that nobody can pass on the Trading Island!

Thus, it was normal for them to not believe in Ling Xian!

"Then, let's go on and see . " Ling Xian grinned, "I sure have high expectations for what your faces will look like after I arrive at the highest level of the tower . "

"Master Xian, I also have high hopes for the moment you lose all your reputation . " Chu Xing He's face was sarcastic . He extended his right hand .

"Master Xian, please go on this way . Hopefully you can be in there for a rather long time . Because it will be the last moments of glory in your life . "

"It seems like you all think I will lose all my face . " Ling Xian's smile was frigid and taunting . Without another word, he headed straight to the Tower .

At this point, all words are useless . Only facts can talk!

If he can beat all seven levels of the Tower, then he can slap everyone's face until it's rotten!

"The Tower that is rumored to be unbeatable . Let me, Ling Xian, bust that myth today!"

Ling Xian was smiling confidently as he arrived before the Tower .

Instantly, the Tower emitted an infinitely amount of heavenly light in all different colors .

To the people watching, Ling Xian had turned into a dot of light that entered into the first level .

"An [email protected] who doesn't recognize how high the sky is, I don't think he can pass even the first level . "

Watching the dot of light that was on level one, Chu Xing He's face was full of disdain . He was sure Ling Xian will lose .

In the next second however, he began to rub his eyes . After he was certain, he became petrified .

Not just him, everyone here was petrified .

The dot of light has moved onto the second level!

My god! Did you have to be this fast?

Only a few seconds have passed, and he has arrived at the second level . Can he not be this insane!

Everyone's face was full of disbelief as they became shocked to a point of no return .

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