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"The three forces have agreed to the alliance. However… they each raised one condition."

Yan Xiong Fei sighed and snuck a peek at Ling Xian, as he spoke a statement with mixed emotions.

"A condition?"

Ling Xian frowned and asked, "What condition?"

"I am not sure. But the three forces, as if negotiated before hand, asked you to help them with something." Yan Xiong Fei sighed again and said something even more cruel.

"All leaders have spoken, if you do not agree, or do not complete the task, then they refuse to ally with us."

Ling Xian instantly frowned and fell into silence.

After a moment of silence, he figured out the three forces' plan. He snickered coldly, "These three forces sure want things to go exactly according to their plan. The condition must be extremely difficult to fulfil and they cannot do it themselves. This is why they are trying to give me a hard time.

Pausing, he continued to coldly laugh, "if I cannot complete it, they can naturally decline my request. This way, they give face to Leader Yan. If I do complete it, then to them, it would be great news. This way, they don't lose anything no matter what the result is."

"You are right, the three families are doing exactly that." Yan Xiong Fei nodded and no longer spoke.

Seeing this, Ling Xian grinned, "It's okay. Please speak."

"It's nothing really. But everyone with eyes can tell that they are being calculative. If I'm not wrong, they should know your real identity and it is why they want to borrow your abilities to solve their problems." Yan Xiong Fei sighed.

Hearing this, Ling Xian did not feel surprised. It wasn't hard to find out his identity. They would find out immediately if they sent someone to the Shi Ao Islands.

On Shi Ao Island, he's done far too many shocking things. Anyone would know he was the multi-talented Heaven's Favorites who astounded 36 islands!

Therefore, Ling Xian was not surprised. After all, he originally didn't intent to hide his identity anyways. If they knew, they knew. It wasn't a big deal. However, he was enraged.

It was obvious that the three forces knew of his abilities and thus wanted to borrow his power to achieve something of great difficulty. If the three of them asked nicely, Ling Xian would've lent a helping hand on the name of being in the same alliance. But here they were now, threatening him using the alliance as a wager. How could he not be mad?

"These three forces.. are trying to take advantage of me." Ling Xian laughed coldly.

"Even though I don't now know the details, the families did say once this is achieved, they will form the alliance. It isn't hard to imagine how difficult the task is." Yan Xiong Fei sighed, "So, you shouldn't go."

"Don't go?"

Ling Xian smiled playfully and threw back the question, "Why shouldn't I go?"

"Isn't that obvious? The three forces are trying to manipulate you, why would you go?" Yan Xiong Fei was a little startled at the question, and found it hard to guess Ling Xian's plans.

"I know they are trying to manipulate me. But am I that easy to manipulate?" The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He gave a smile that carried both coldness and sarcasm.

He has been on the cultivation journey for a while now and has encountered countless strong enemies. Even though he has been hurt, when has he ever fallen into the trap of another?

The three forces are very strong. If he fights them head on, he definitely is no opponent. But if he too, think calculatedly, then he may not be the weaker one.

"What you mean is that, even though there is a tiger in the cave, we are going to head into the cave anyways." Yan Xiong Fei frowned, not agreeing with the plan.

"No, it's that even though there is a tiger in the cave, I am going to hit the tiger."

Ling Xian once again grinned playfully, "They are trying to manipulate me. Then let us go and see, who will end up manipulating whom."

Seeing this, Yan Xiong Fei sighed silently. He did not believe that Ling Xian could prevail against the three clans. But at this point, other than saying a few encouraging words, everything else will be useless.

"Since you have decided, then I won't say much more. Good luck."

Ling Xian smiled and paid his respect, "Thank you, Leader Yan, for delivering the message. And thanks for your good wishes."

"There is no need to thank me. I am thinking for the Yan Clan anyway."

Yan Xiong Fei grinned, "If we think about this in an optimistic light, it is actually a good news. After all, the three forces are wavering, meaning they recognize the importance of this matter. Do not worry, even if you cannot achieve their condition, we have hope of forcing an alliance."

"I understand. But it would be better to complete those tasks so they can be speechless."

Ling Xian was confident that he will not be played by the three forces, he was also confident that he can complete whatever three tasks they wanted. They had given their words, thus, if he completed the tasks, he would get his alliance.

What did this prove?

It proved that the three tasks were insanely difficult!

To know that the three forces have been glorious for thousands of years and have the most powerful people under their wings. A problem they cannot solve is a problem without a solution.

Therefore, as confident as Ling Xian was, he was a little uncertain.

However, he believed that because he had no absolute confidence, he had to face it. To complete a task, you do not need absolute certainty about success. All you need is a dash of assurance and a splash of courage.

After all, you will only know the result after you try. If you lack the courage to even attempt it, then you will never move forward in life.

"Okay, since you made up your mind, then I can only send you off with good wishes." Yan Xiong Fei sighed, not believing in Ling Xian.

"Leader Yan, do not worry. I am not an idiot. They will not get their way." Ling Xian beamed, "And I will try my best to complete their conditions and make sure they are speechless."

"Very well!"

Yan Xiong Fei laughed out loud and looking at the confident young man, he said, "Then I will wait for your good news here."

Ling Xian paid his respect to Yan Xiong Fei, "Please tell Bai Xiao Qi that I will come back soon. When I'm back, I will visit the Bai Clan with her."

Visit the Bai Clan. These words were said with such ease. Yet amongst the easiness, was flowing confidence.

Then, Ling Xian turned around and instantly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already amongst the blue sky.

"Three tasks… I will visit the Chu Clan first."

Ling Xian's eyes flashed with anticipation. He called out to his Winged Blitz and began to fly towards the center of the city.

He sure wanted to see what kind of difficult tasks the three forces were up against, and whether or not, these tasks will restrain him!

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