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"I know you. You are the famous Master Xian. If I'm not wrong, you came from the nine continents."

Luo Xin Jie spoke softly in a voice that only belonged to Goddesses who could peer down on others.

"That's right. I am from the nine continents." Ling Xian smiled and admitted right away. Even though the cultures between the 36 islands and the nine continents were similar, those who paid attention to detail could tell the difference between the locals.

Therefore, he was not surprised at Luo Xin Jie figuring out his background. What surprised him was the abrupt change in character from her. At first, she was enchanting and alluring, but now she was dignified and noble, like a Goddess. The dramatic contrast had shocked Ling Xian and he found her very interesting.

"Good. I like how blunt you are." Luo Xin Jie's expression was peaceful as she stared directly at Ling Xian with vigor, "Since you are an Array Master and you are from the nine continents, then you must be figuring out a way to transport yourself back to the continents."

"That's right."

Ling Xian's lips curled up. As smart as he was, he had guessed Luo Xin Jie's intention, "You want to go to the nine continents."

"Smart." Luo Xin Jie's eyes flashed mysteriously, "Since you are already guessed my intention, then will you help me?"

"That… will depend on how you plan on paying me."

Ling Xian grinned. He had been blunt with his answers because he was in the wrong at first and was willing to accept the responsibility. But this did not mean he was going to be soft-hearted and take the lady to the nine continents for free. On top of that, he hadn't even achieved his goal on the 36 islands.

"Interesting. You really are interesting." Luo Xin Jie smiled contently. But very quickly, she retracted her smile and snickered, "You dare to bring up money with me. Aren't you afraid that I will kill you?"

"Kill me?"

Ling Xian shook his head while smiling, his face did not contain a single trace of fear. Instead, it was pure confidence. Looking at the Goddess like Luo Xin Jie, he spoke out a statement that was full of confidence.

"I accepted three hits from you because I was in the wrong. It was not because I was afraid of you. Do not think that you will be able to take advantage of me. If we fight to the death, it is not certain that you will be the one killing me."

"What a gutsy guy."

Luo Xin Jie revealed a meaningful grin, "It's been years since someone dared to talk to me in such a manner. Good. Very good."

"There is no need for you to make that comment." Ling Xian's eyes flashed with tease, "Let us talk about payment. Of course, if you don't want to go anymore, then pretend I never said anything."

Luo Xin Jie raised an eyebrow and threw Ling Xian a complex glance. Then, the overpowering demeanor of hers disappeared within a second. What replaced it was her normal alluring and sexy aura.

During the moment of change, Ling Xian frowned. He found this woman to be like a thick fog, difficult to see through.

Just as he was pondering about her, Luo Xin Jie moved hastily towards Ling Xian.

However, Ling Xian had already experienced this once, why would he let it happen again? Against Luo Xin Jie's movement, he did not make any defensive moves nor did he step back. Instead, he raised his right hand slowly.

His hand, like before, was aimed directly at the woman's chest.

Luo Xin Jie's cheeks flashed with redness. He stared down Ling Xian and stopped her steps.

Seeing this, Ling Xian laughed out loud in a proud tone. He had seen through her now. Though she appeared promiscuous, she was actually conservative by heart. This was why he extended his right arm again to test her.

It resulted in his victory.

Seeing Ling Xian laugh, Luo Xin Jie stared at him and quickly turned flashed him a tempting smile. She then said in a high pitch, "Aye, you are so bad. You are taking advantage of me."

"I am not taking advantage of you, I am defending myself against you." Ling Xian's lips raised up, "Let's not wasting more time and talk about payments."

"Aye, why are you so greedy? Could it be that you do not want to go the nine continents with me?" Luo Xin Jie raised an eyebrow in a flirty manner and chuckled.

Sadly, Ling Xian had a stern mentality. After witnessing the other face of this woman's, why would he fall into her trap.

"Stop faking this look, I will not fall for it." Ling Xian waved around his hand and suggested, "How about this. You let me pick three treasures out of your cave, and I will take you to the nine continent."

"You said it, don't lie to me." Luo Xin Jie smiled proudly. Her really valuable treasures were personally carried by her at all times. The treasures in this cave were stuff she had no use for.

Therefore, when Ling Xian suggested he wanted to pick three things, she appeared proud. Because no matter what he picked, she would be the winner.

Ling Xian laughed at her proud face. He had already scoped out this place with his spiritual energy and found that there were three fragments here. Therefore, he suggested picking out three pieces.

"Don't worry. I am not someone who takes my words."

Ling Xian sarcastically grinned at the happy Luo Xin Jie. He thought, [laugh all you want. You may feel like a winner now. But when I fix up the Wheel of the Sixth Samara, you will regret this.]


Luo Xin Jie laughed, still thinking that she had gained greatly from this deal. She did not know that she did not a good trade at all.

How much are three fragments worth? Nobody knows. But one thing is for sure, the value of all her other treasures combined is less than those fragments.

[I sure anticipate the look on your face when you realize the fragments are for the Wheel of the Sixth Samara.] Ling Xian silently laughed, "Since you agreed, then I will start picking."

He then walked towards the small mountain of treasures. First, he was a little silent, as if taking his time to inspect everything. Then, he picked out three palm sized black fragments.


Luo Xin Jie frowned. She didn't think that Ling Xian would leave those fancy treasures and instead, pick three black fragments. She didn't understand this.

But, she wasn't too certain where these fragments came from. She simply thought they were mysterious and thus collected them.

Now that Ling Xian had picked them, she was suspicious, but she didn't say much.

Seeing this, Ling Xian sighed in relief. He had confirmed that Luo Xin Jie did not know what these fragments were. This made him feel arrogant and exhilarating.

Three fragments! These, plus the two he had, he now has five fragments already!

Though the hope of collecting all the fragments is minimal, he is seeing a ray of light. Soon or later, he will be able to complete the wheel.

"What a great gain. Today's trip sure is worth it." Despite his happiness, he did not reveal his emotions at all, in fear that Luo Xin Jie would see through him.

"You sure you want to pick these treasures?" Luo Xin Jie taunted.

"Yes, though they appear useless, I am a collector of strange things." Ling Xian choked down his laughter and silently thought that Luo Xin Jie was extremely stupid.

She had lost a great treasure, yet she was behaving like she had gained greatly. How could he not laugh?

Luo Xin Jie suspiciously raised an eyebrow. But in the end, she could not figure out what exactly his plan was. Thus, she agreed.

After all, not everyone knew about the Wheel of the Sixth Samara. Even with her high status, it was difficult to recognize this object!

"Alright then, then I will bring you to the nine continents after I make my spatial portal." Ling Xian smiled, I wonder, how should I contact you?"

"Easy. Hold onto this and send me a signal when you're ready." Luo Xin Jie passed a silver and gold crane to Ling Xian.

This was an easy way of communication in the Taoism community – the Thousand Mile Crane.

"I will send you a message when the time comes." Ling Xian nodded and kept the crane and the three fragment safe. He then beamed, "If we are done here, then I will leave first."

"Okay. But remember, if you do not show up, then I will cause trouble to the Yan Clan." Luo Xin Jie provoked. She raised her index finger and drew a circle over Ling Xian's chest, "Also, the deal with that slap. You better remember it."

"Do not worry. I have agreed to it and I will not regret it." Ling Xian shook his head. Then, in a flash, he disappeared.

"Aye ya ya, he left so quickly. Does he think I am a tiger who eats human?" Luo Xin Jie glanced at the cave entrance. Underneath her venting, was a sense of intrigue.

"What an interesting man. I am looking forward to our next meeting."


"Whew, that devil."

Ling Xian cursed. He suppressed the burning sensation in his stomach and found a random cave to heal himself in.

After about two months, he finally cured himself of the injuries caused by Luo Xin Jie. Then, he left his cave and walked towards the Yan Clan.

It has been about three months since he first left. Yan Xiong Fei probably has returned to the Yan Clan. Thus, he has to rush to the Yan Clan and ask if the three families have agreed to the alliance.

After about three days, Ling Xian finally arrived at the Yan Clan. He straight away came to Yan Xiong Fei's study room.

After so long, Yan Xiong Fei was still as extraordinary brave looking as ever. His extraordinary aura made him appear like a king.

After greeting Ling Xian, the first statement he made was one with mixed emotions.

"The three forces have agreed to the alliance. However… they raised one condition."

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