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In the blink of an eye, the once luxurious bamboos forest was now a flat ground. Only the bamboo leaves continued to drift in the air.

Amongst the bamboo leaves, Ling Xian's black hair was draped behind his back and his white robe was as white as snow. Like an immortal, his appearance was out of the world and extraordinary. However, the terror he emitted made him appear just like a demon unleashed from hell. Suppressive and violent.

The silhouette of a God and the demeanor of a demon!

The two contrasting auras resided on him peacefully and harmoniously, as if he had always possessed both qualities since he was born.

The bamboo forest was utterly silent.

Everyone was utterly petrified in shock. The look of anticipation froze on their faces.

The result had been determined. It was not at all what they had imagined!

Everyone was astounded by this. The strongest descendant of the Nan Gong House could not even defend against three steps. He was lunged backwards by mere Qi and was spewing out blood all over the place!

How dominating was this!

One should know that Nan Gong Feng rose above all the geniuses in his House and was named the best of his generation!

But before everyone's eyes, he was suppressed by three steps. How shocking of a news was this?

Not three attacks, but three steps!

His mere energy shut down Nan Gong Feng and made him defenseless. This was…. Unimaginable!

"What… what a horrifying human being. This is unbelievable!"

"My god, at that instant, I felt like I was facing a powerful immortal. I couldn't even breathe!"

"Impossible to imagine, and I don't even dare to imagine. This person is far too terrifying. He doesn't seem to be a Heaven's Favorite of the foundational level. He is more like a real immortal walking in our world."

"Could it be… that this person is already of the completion level?" A young man suddenly spoke with hesitation. His tone however, was heavy with shock.

After he spoke, everyone became extremely astonished. They looked towards Ling Xian in unison, finding it impossible to believe.

Completion level!

Two simple words weighed as heavy as the mountain! Everyone's blood boiled inside and they found it hard to breathe.

One should know that in this generation, all Heaven's Favorites were of the foundational level. Even those with the most potential had not reached the completion level.

Because this level was simply too difficult to achieve. This was why only those who reached the completion level were admired and accepted by public as true powerhouses!

Before one reaches the completion level, no matter how capable, they can only be called a Heaven's Favorite. Only those who breaks through to the completion level can be named a powerhouse!

This was why nobody even thought of the possibility that Ling Xian would be a completion levelled cultivator, given his young age.

But now, everyone seemed to have realized that if he wasn't of the completion level, he would not have been so overwhelmingly strong. How else did he manage to beat Nan Gong Feng with merely there steps?

"So… so strong."

Yan Ning Zhi's little mouth parted as her dewy eyes filled up with shock. Even before the fight, she was certain that Ling Xian would win. But she truly never imagined that he would win so easily and so crisply.

Merely three steps… how dominating!

"Could it be… he is of the completion level?" Yan Ning Zhi thought of this possibility as well as her eyes widened in shock and affection.

Letting himself down in everyone's surprised gazes, Ling Xian's expression was calm. He glanced around, appearing somewhat disappointed.

He only came to this event to exercise his muscles and battle. But upon his arrival, he realized that all the Heaven's Favorites were of the foundational level and nobody had reached the completion level.

One should know that he was of the undefeatable realm. Normal completion levelled powerhouses were nothing next to him, let alone a bunch of foundational level? Even if everyone here was a Heaven's Favorite, they cannot handle a single attack from him!

Thus, how can Ling Xian not be disappointed? He came for a satisfying battle, not here to torture others.

"So disappointing. Is the entire young generation of the Trading Island this weak?" Ling Xian sighed softly. His voice did not compose of arrogance, but of mere disinterst.

He overlooked one thing.

Not just the Trading Island, the entire generation of all 36 islands were not all that different. Not everyone could isolate for two years and just breakthrough.

Of course, this was all because he had a sturdy foundation and reached the undefeatable realm of both the meditational and foundational level. Or else it wouldn't have been so easy for him to reach the undefeatable realm of the completion level.


Everyone here tightened their fists. Even though they knew that Ling Xian was not here to taunt, they were still somewhat unhappy with his words.

But very quickly, they loosened their fists and all their anger turned into sadness.

Damn you!

You think everyone is insane like you?!

Everyone cursed silently but nobody dared to say anything out loud. It was obvious that all these Heaven's Favorites had been completely overpowered by Ling Xian.

Their faces were full of anger, and their hearts were full of bitterness. But faced against someone as insane as Ling Xian, they could only repress their emotions.

Go up to him and punch him?

Don't kid around, how was that possible. Didn't you see what happened to Nan Gong Feng?

With their sad faces, they all thought of Ling Xian's completion levelled training and how he single handedly repaired the Array of Unyielding Emotions.

They all wanted to run up to him, pick up him by the collars and demand to know what his secret was. How did he get so insane?

But of course, they could only picture themselves doing so. Under the Qi of Ling Xian, they could barely stand, let alone walking up to him.


Ling Xian had lost all his interest. He glanced around and said to Yan Ning Zhi, "Let us go."

"Of course." Yan Ning Zhi nodded obediently, completely infatuated.

However, just as he was about to leave, a voice full of disdain rose, stopping him.

"Ehem… ehem… you are already of the completion level?"

Nan Gong Feng weakly walked out of the crumble that was the tea house. His hair was down, his shirt was dyed with blood. He was as weak as he could get, yet he still gritted his teeth as he walked towards Ling Xian.

He walked with great difficulty. Every single step he took, blood would drip down his chin.

"You still want to fight?"

Staring at the silhouette that was getting closer, Ling Xian frowned slightly and said, "I spared your life because I have some business with the Nan Gong Clan. Don't think I'm too scared to kill you."

"Ehem… ehem.."

Nan Gong Feng continued to cough up blood. Looking at the man who made him so weak, he grinned, "Even though I was born arrogant, I do know my own limitations. I know I am no opponent of yours."

"You are trying so hard to just walk towards me, why?" Ling Xian asked.

Nan Gong Feng's face was pale as his eyes exploded with light. He uttered out, word by word, "tell me, are you already of the completion level? And… you are of the undefeatable realm?"

The last phrase was spoken with great difficulty and great bitterness, as if he used all his strength to say it.

"Why are you asking for pain? Sometimes, not knowing the answer is better." Ling Xian softly sighed, now understanding Nan Gong Feng's plan.

"I don't care!"

Nan Gong Feng yelled out, his eyes locked onto Ling Xian, "I just want to know this, please let me."


Looking at the determined Nan Gong Feng, Ling Xian sighed softly and admitted, "That's right. I have broken through to the completion level. And yes, I am of the undefeatable realm."

The moment he finished speaking, the entire place silenced.

Even though most people had guessed this, when they heard Ling Xian admit to the fact – especially after he said "undefeatable realm", these Heaven's Favorites were shocked to their core!

He… he broke through to the completion level when he was an undefeatable foundational?

My God! It is no wonder he is so strong!

Everyone widened their eyes. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of awe.

"No wonder… it is no wonder…"

After gaining confirmation, Nan Gong Feng seemed to have turned delirious and lost his soul.

Even though he was mentally prepared, after Ling Xian admitted it, the impact was very powerful.

In that instant, he felt like he had been defeated. If Ling Xian was merely a normal completion levelled powerhouse, then he would've challenged him after reaching the completion level himself.

But Ling Xian was no normal completion levelled cultivator, he was of the undefeatable realm!

This represented a holy realm, an undefeatable realm, a realm that was infinitely harder to reach than merely reaching the completion level. Only natural geniuses could reach this realm.

"I have lost… completely lost…" Nan Gong Feng mumbled, feeling like utter defeated. He knew very well that even if Ling Xian didn't even use the Qi of the completion level, he wouldn't have lasted three attacks from him.

Therefore, Nan Gong Feng felt helpless.

At this moment, he finally admit that Ling Xian was greater than him!

Killing a person is easy, but to gain respect from one person is very difficult, especially when the person is your enemy. It is something that is harder to achieve than climbing up to the sky!

But now, Nan Gong Fei absolutely respected Ling Xian. This proved one thing.

He was now powerful to a point where everyone raised their heads to look up to him!

Or in other words, he had reached a height where everyone must look up!

"His goal and his aspirations are no longer placed on those of the same generation. He is look up high. He wants to… to reach the same level as the older generation." Nan Gong Feng sighed and looked at Ling Xian with complexity.

Hearing this, everyone silenced.

Yes, Ling Xian's aspirations were no longer the same as those from his own generation. He aspired to reach the same level of greatness as the older generation!

This group of Heaven's Favorites have lost their rights to fight against him.

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