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Amongst the bamboo forest, nobody uttered a word. They stared at the man who was standing tall and straight, and their faces were full of complexity.

There was shock, respect, and unwillingness. Though all different, without exceptions, everyone revealed on emotion:


It was very obvious that against the undefeatable Ling Xian, they had given on the thought of achieving the same greatness as him.

What could they do? He shone brightly and him alone could suppress all Heaven's Favorites on the 36 islands. A God-like figure he was, how could he not trigger bitterness amongst his peers?

"The older generation…"

Ling Xian murmured. He had heard what Nan Gong Feng had said, and had realized that it will be very difficult to find a worthy opponent amongst his own generation. Though this disappointed him, he was also quiet proud.

Surpassed all those of the same generation, surpassed his age, how dominating was this?

To have beaten those of the same age, and to challenge those older than him, how glorious was this?

"Future… I am excited for you."

Ling Xian raised his head and looked into the sky. The corner of his lips curled up and he smiled a confident smile.

Even though there was a long way to go in the future and that this journey would only get harder and harder – he was unafraid, and he would not let the uncertainty of the future stop him.

Even if all his bones break, he will continue his climb towards the greater!

"Come at me. No matter how far the road ahead of me is, no matter how difficult it is, I will not retreat." There was a flash of anticipation in Ling Xian's eyes. Then, he shifted his gaze towards Yan Ning Zhi, "let us go."

Then, he turned around to leave.

"Master Xian, please wait."

The girl in yellow suddenly spoke up, her voice somewhat nervous. How could she not be nervous, Ling Xian had just shocked everyone and everyone now respected him.

"What is it this time?"

Ling Xian spoke softly, very disinterested. He thought that other than shocking another group of people, this trip had been very fruitless. Therefore, he had no plans to continue wasting his time here.

The girl in yellow had a nervous expression as she asked carefully, "Master Xian, we are holding an trade fair here and there will be a lot of rare treasures. I wonder if you want to stay a while and check it out?"

"A trade fair?" Ling Xian was a little surprised and expressed his curiosity.

Sensing this, the lady in yellow explained, "To put it simply, the trade fair is something we hold after the battles are finished. We usually bring out treasures that we have and never use, to exchange for other people's treasures. This way, both parties win."

"I see."

Ling Xian's eyes brightened. He was disappointed just now, thinking he had wasted his time. But after hearing about this, he suddenly thought maybe he will gain something on this trip.

After all, everyone here are Heaven's Favorites with extraordinary backgrounds. The treasures they have cannot be bad.

Naturally Ling Xian was interested. He asked, "I wonder what the trade fair process is like?"

"It is as casual or formal as you like. You just have to go up to whomever has the treasure that you desire," the girl in yellow smiled, "normally speaking, the trade fair happens after all the battles are done. But I believe everyone isn't in the mood for battles anymore. Why don't we start the trade fair early? If everyone's okay with it."

She then glanced around everyone, seeking approval.

All the Heaven's Favorites first sighed before nodding in unison.

Normally, they of course would start the trade fair after the battles. But this time, Ling Xian had brought them too much mental stress. They were no in mood to battle.

On top of that, Ling Xian, the legendary-status person was standing right here, who would go up there and embarrass themselves?

"Perfect. Since everyone agrees, then I announce that the official trade fair starts now." The girl in lady grinned. She then carefully shifted her gaze to Ling Xian, "Master Xian… Normally, we proceed with the trade fair as we please, but…"

"But what?" Ling Xian smiled warmly to indicate that there was no need to be so nervous.

"There is one method that is prohibited. And that is to forcefully sell or buy." The girl in yellow remained nervous and answered.

"Ah, you are worried that I will forcefully take what others' have." Ling Xian shook his head, very understanding of her worry. After all, he was capable enough to bring down everyone here. If he truly wanted to take others' treasures, nobody can stop him.

Looking at everyone, he grinned gently, "Don't worry. That is not something I would do. Feel safe taking out your treasures."

Hearing this, everyone no longer worried. They each found a spot and took out the treasures that they had no use for.

Very quickly, as if rehearsed, the Heaven's Favorites formed two lines. There were 45 Heaven's Favorites here today, therefore, this place soon turned into a small scale market place.

Then, the trade fair officially started. Many Heaven's Favorites transformed from a high status figure into a seller on the street corner as they bargained and shouted.

"Come and look at what I have. From ninth realm treasures to fifth realm ones, I have everything here. I will guarantee the best price."

"Look here. I have all sorts of treasures. Spiritual medicines and all."

Looking at the shouting vendors, Ling Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Are they really Heaven's Favorites? They are just like any seller in markets."

"They always turn into this during the Trade Fair, very unlike their normal self." Yan Ning Zhi smiled, "Let us go and look."


Ling Xian nodded with anticipation. He had never forgotten his quest of building a spatial portal. It was just that too much had been happening lately, so he had to put a pause on it. Now that there was a trade fair, of course he would look around to see if anything was useful.

Just like that, Yan Ning Zhi and him began to pace around in hope of finding something they enjoyed.

Sadly, after a long while, Ling Xian could not find anything of interest. He felt a little disappointed.

Just as he was about to leave however, his peripheral vision picked up a little stand at the very north west corner.

Ling Xian's spirits lifted.

At the north west corner, a person wearing a giant bamboo hat sat. The person's body was completely covered by a giant black robe. It was uncertain if he was a man or a woman.

Before this person was an ancient beast skin. On top of it, all sorts of strange things were placed. There were yellow beast teeth, rusted knives, incomplete ancient books, amongst other treasures. This stand was very different compared to others' bright and sparkling stands.

In other words, this stand looked far too normal. Everyone else's had objects that emitted light and shone, but nothing similar was at this stand. The lack of spiritual energy with the objects made everyone look as if they were from the ordinary mortal world.

Therefore, this place was vacated and had no customers.

However, Ling Xian felt a familiar energy from this stand.

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