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Chapter 378: Focal Point
Even though it was already night time, the field was completely lit up as if it was morning time.

Over a hundred of tables were there. Around them were the descendants of the Yan clients. From afar, there were at least 5000 of them.

OF course, other than those in isolation, the rest of the Yan Clan were all here. Even the former clan leader came out. The reason for their visit was to thank Ling Xian.

At the very center of the field was a mahogany table. Ling Xian sat on the chair at the center and on the sides, were the former Clan Leader Yan, Yan Xiong Fei, and seven to eight unknown cultivators.

These people, without exceptions, were powerhouses of the completion level. They sat there steady like mountains. Some people were imposing, others appeared kind as they chitchatted with Ling Xian.

At this very moment, all of these completion levelled cultivators were checking out Ling Xian. Or rather, everyone was looking at him.

They all wanted to see who was the prominent young man who achieved greatness in both ancient arrays and alchemy. Did he have three heads and six arms? If not, then how did he surpass his generation at such a young age?

Sadly, Ling Xian did not have three heads and six heads. Sitting there, he looked just like an ordinary person. But of course, this "ordinariness" was only felt by those lower than the completion level. Because these people were far too weak to sense his rhythmic aura.

But, the elderly dressed in green and the

completion levelled cultivators were aware of Ling Xian's demeanor. Therefore, they were surprised and their smiles were heavier than others.

"Master Xian, please move your chopsticks and try the great food from the Yan Clan." The elder dressed in green said with a huge grin, "Even though cultivators of our level do not need to consume food, it is good to feed our cravings."

"That's true." Ling Xian nodded in agreement, "Stop staring at me. Let us all eat together."

Hearing this, everyone picked up their chopsticks and began to try the dishes on the table.

Just like that, the banquet started. Everyone tried the food with huge smiles on their faces. They chatted with their friends, but the content of all their conversations were the same.

It was Ling Xian.

Without a doubt, he was the main character of this banquet. He was the focal point!

After about fifteen minutes, more than 10 cultivators raised their glasses and walked towards Ling Xian. Then, these people, without any words, drank the alcohol empty.

"Everyone, you are all being too respectful." Ling Xian smiled. He knew this was a gesture of appreciation. Therefore, he poured himself a cup of alcohol to repay the gesture.

Seeing this, everyone else began to move. As if they all had a deal, they marched towards Ling Xian in unison. Each one of them was holding onto a cup of alcohol. Without a second word, they drank all their alcohol.

Ling Xian smiled helplessly. Without another word, he drank his cup empty as well.

Then, a

a special scenery unfolded before everyone.

All cultivators marched to the front and without another word, emptied their cups full of alcohol to show their appreciation for Ling Xian.

Faced with everyone's kind gesture, Ling Xian felt helpless, but he had to drink. Luckily, the descendants of the Yan Clan came in groups. If they came one by one, then Ling Xian would've collapsed from drunkenness.

After half an hour, the hundreds of cultivators finally all paid their respects and were now back to eating.

Ling Xian finally sighed in relief. Even though his alcohol tolerance was above average, he could not handle all the alcohol he drank. Not only did his face turn red, his body was beginning to shake too.

However, his heart felt warm.

Over 5000 people came with raised cups. They didn't want to get him drunk, they simply wanted to express their respect!

Even though Ling Xian was somewhat tipsy, he was full of joy. He felt like all his efforts were not wasted.

"Master Xian sure is multi-talented, you can even hold your liquor." The elderly in green smiled and complimented.

Ling Xian beamed and brandished his hand, "You are flattering me."

"You are being too modest." The elderly in green smiled. After remembering what his third brother told him, he asked, "I wonder if Master Xian is married?"

Ling Xian, startled, shook his head, "No."

Hearing this, the elderly in green grinned deeper. He had heard from Yan Tian Nan that his granddaughter was very fond of this man, which was why he decided to

decided to ask the question.

"Haha, perfect."

The elderly stroke his beard, "I have a granddaughter who is similar in age as you. Her name is Yan Ning Zhi and she is as beautiful as a flower. Her beauty brings men to their knees and is very well known in the entire trading island. She too, has no companion. For a day with so much to celebrate about, why don't give it one more celebratory reason. I wonder how you would feel about this?"

"This is… an arranged marriage?"

Ling Xian jumped back and suddenly became clear headed. He waved his hand, "This can't be, this can't be."


The elder in green raised an eyebrow in dissatisfaction. Knowing that he was not in a position to scold, he quickly relaxed his facial expression and smiled, "You are not married and neither is she. You have similar backgrounds as well, why can't it be?"


Ling Xian frowned. He was afraid that if he was too straight forward, he would hurt Yan Zhi Ning. But if he didn't make it clear, the elder in green would misunderstand. He found himself in a difficult spot.

Luckily, Yan Xiong Fei spoke out and helped Ling Xian out, "Father, this is something Ning Zhi should decide for herself. We shouldn't interfere."

"What do you know! He is so young and he is already of the completion level. He is also knowledgeable in ancient arrays and alchemy. His future is very bright and people like him are hard to find. If we don't hurry up, you will regret it!" the elder in green elder in green whispered to Yan Xiong Fei.

Hearing this, Yan Xiong Fei bitterly smiled and shook his head. He didn't speak anymore.

Even though he felt like Ling Xian was the enemy in the beginning, after a series of events, he had accepted him. But, he also knew that his daughter's affection was one-sided.

Noticing that Yan Xiong Fei kept on shaking his head and the hesitant expression on Ling Xian's face, the elder frowned and guessed why. He shook his head with a sigh, "Whatever, Xiong Fei is right. We shouldn't interfere with you young people."

"Thank you for understanding." Ling Xian exhaled in relief. If he really didn't let this go, then he would've been in a difficult position.

"Good. Then we will drop it." The elder in green smiled and poured Ling Xian a drink, "Hurry, Master Xian, let me drink with you as a thanks."

"Leader, you are being far too nice. You are my senior, I should be pouring drinks for you." Ling Xian stood up slowly.

"Hahaha, even though I am two generations older, you are definitely not my junior. In terms of cultivation and skills, you have surpassed me." The elder in green chuckled and drank his alcohol.

Ling Xian helplessly smiled and drank his as well.

Then, a second round of drinking started.

Every completion levelled cultivator at each table stood up and drank their alcohol to show their appreciation and thankfulness.

Faced with the round after round of drinking, Ling Xian could only smile and wish for the end of the banquet.

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