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"Quickly, look! It's Master Xian! The man who astounded the entire Yan Clan!"

"It's the person who first fixed the Array of Unyielding Emotions and then helped our beasts break through? He sure does look as intelligent as he is described to be."

"Unbelievable. Rumor has it that he is only 20 something years old and he has reached glory with both ancient arrays and alchemy. Such heaven defying capabilities, we can truly call him the best of the generation on the 36 islands!"

"On the 36 islands? I think he is the best in the entire world! I doubt we can find a lot of people who can surpass him. Remember that both ancient arrays and alchemy need time to perfect, yet he achieved such greatness at such a young age. How unbelievable is this?"

Everyone chimed in their opinions. Some of them have met Ling Xian, some of them have never heard of him. But without expectations, they've all heard of his name.

Because his two accomplishments were far too shocking!

Even though it hasn't been long since those two things have happened, the news has spread throughout the clan. Everyone was discussing it and it was difficult to not know his name.

In the blink of an eye, Ling Xian's name brightened the community!

This was why the moment he showed up here, he became the center of attention.

All eyes were on him, full of respect, appreciation, and admiration.

This scene was a grand one!

To know that after getting informed of Yan Xiong Fei's summon, other than the elders who were in isolation, everyone stopped what they were doing to rush over. There were youths among the crowd, and also the elderly. Even the completion levelled cultivators who rarely showed their faces made their way over.

For one, they wanted to personally check out Ling Xian in person. And for two, they wanted to drink with him to thank him for what he has done for the Clan.

At this moment, nearly 5000 cultivators were fixated on Ling Xian, as if he was the sole being between heaven and earth, as if he was magnetic.

At this moment, Ling Xian was like the Sun that never set, as he brought light to light up the entire world!

As for Yan Xiong Fei, who was standing beside Ling Xian, he was completely being overlooked. Utterly overlooked, people acted as if he did not exist.

This angered him. Staring at the crowd who could only see Ling Xian, he was speechless.

Screw you all!

This was the second time! The second time I was being ignored!

Yan Xiong Fei swore to himself silently. However, there was nothing he could do other than staring into the sky with sadness written all over his face.


Who is the actual leader of the Yan Clan? The real leader is standing right before you all yet you only focus on the outsider. Goddamn you!

Yan Xiong Fei cried tearlessly. Though he guessed this might happen, he never thought that he would be so utterly ignored by everyone. This was so very embarrassing!

What could he do? Ling Xian was far too attention grabbing. He was so bright that people ignored Yan Xiong Fei.

"Ehem… Ehem…"

Feeling helpless, Yan Xiong Fei dry coughed a few times to remind others of his existence. The result however, did not go as he planned.

Because everyone continued to chitchat as if they didn't hear anything. Their gazes continued to be focused on Ling Xian, as if staring at a rare treasure. They found it hard to peel their gazes off him.

Seeing this, Yan Xiong Fei became enraged. But once again, what could he do? He continued to dry cough to try and gather everyone's attention.

"Ehem, ehem, ehem…"

This time, he succeeded. Because some people finally heard his coughing. However, things once again did not go how he imagined it would.

"Who is it? Why would you attend the banquet if you're sick? What if you get Master Xian sick? Go home!" A elderly wearing green widened his eyes in anger, very unhappy with the coughing.

Hearing this, Yan Xiong Fei's face turned dark as his anger flared. If someone else had told him to go home, he would've slapped the guy. But he couldn't express his anger in front of the person who just spoke.

Because the person who spoke was his father, the former Clan Leader.


Yan Xiong Fei sighed quietly, no longer trying to fetch people's attention with his coughing. He finally realized that if he continued his coughing, nobody would notice him until the banquet ended.

Perhaps someone would be scared that he would get Ling Xian sick and slap him in the face.

Sick, my @ss!

When have you even seen a cultivator gets sick?

Yan Xiong Fei, with his dark expression, whimpered, "Father, it's me…"


The elderly was a little startled, and so was everyone else. They finally shifted their gaze away from Ling Xian and looked at Yan Xiong Fei.

Then, awkwardness filled the air, as they realized they had been ignoring the leader of the Yan Clan this entire time.

However, the former clan leader didn't care much about this. He stared down his son and said something that greatly saddened Yan Xiong Fei.

"Alright, we know you're here. Hurry the hell up and scramble over here. Don't intrude my view."


Father, am I really your son?

Yan Xiong Fei almost puked out blood out of anger. His face now as dark as the bottom of a pan, he stood there in silence as he let himself be humiliated by his own father.

He couldn't move forward nor could he step back. He stood there awkwardly.

Luckily, Ling Xian stood out after this embarrassing scene. First, he nodded at the crowd to show his thanks, then, he smiled at Yan Xiong Fei, "Leader Yan, let us enter the banquet."

Then, he led the way forward.

Hearing this, Yan Xiong Fei gave Ling Xian a complex look. He was somewhat thankful and somewhat bitter.

After all, if Ling Xian wasn't so attractive, he wouldn't have been ignored and lost his face. But who was there to blame? It wasn't Ling Xian's fault, it was the crowd's fault for not caring about him.

"Master Xian, come sit, quick."

As Ling Xian walked in, the elder in green gestured for him to sit. The smile on his face was stretched from ear to ear and was in complete contrast from the cold glare he threw his own son minutes ago.

Yan Xiong Fei was even more speechless by now. He faked a pained expression in hope of receiving pity from the elder in green.

But the result hurt him even more.

"Today, two great things happed in our Clan and we have set up the banquet to welcome Master Xian. Why are you making such an ugly crying face?" The elder in green stared Yan Xiong Fei down again, "Yan Xiong Fei, if you continue to make that face, then go home! I feel gross just looking at you! What if your face ruins Master Xian's good mood? Is that something you can take responsibility for?"


I am definitely not your real son!

Yan Xiong Fei continued to cry tearlessly and suppressed his urge to slap himself. Why did he suggest the idea of throwing a banquet for Ling Xian?

This banquet had ruined his reputation…

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