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Inside the Yan Clan, a red and a blue pillar peeked out of the ground and transformed into two figurines!

The two silhouettes were of one man and one woman. The man had a handsome visage and an extraordinary aura, just like an elegant son of an important figure. The woman was beautiful like a flower and delicate like a fairy. One of them was floating at the east end while the other at the west. They peered at each other cautiously and undoubtfully lovingly.

They could be described as a match made in a heaven.

This was the famous Unyielding Emotions Array!

Staring at the two silhouettes, everyone frozen in shock and their brains turned blank.

It really… was restored?

How was that possible!

Everyone's expression was sluggish and full of disbelief. But the realty was before their eyes and they were forced to believed.

The person they thought was lying to them was not trying to con them, but was actually insanely confident!

The person they were taunting and laughing at did not embarrass himself as they had hoped. On the contrary, he really fixed this array and stomped on these people's faces!

At this moment, all of their faces were swollen from Ling Xian's slaps. They ached and burned!

The look on everyone's face was no longer of taunting, teasing, or disdain. They were replaced with shock, shame, and respect.

Without a doubt, at this very moment, they all lost their tempers and could no longer question any further!

Reality was before their eyes, who could still call him a con-artist? Who dared to say he was faking it?

Everyone's face was painted with shame. Remembering the way they laughed at Ling Xian and how they asked him to leave, they wanted to die, or at least find a hole in the ground to crawl into.

Yan Xiong Fei especially, was extremely uncomfortable. His face hurt, as if someone slapped him multiple times.

Reality was that, Ling Xia did slap him. Though these slaps were not real slaps, they hurt more than if they were!

Originally, he didn't believe Ling Xian had the ability to repair the Array of Unyielding Emotions. But the array had been reactivated, proven by the silhouettes of the Yan Clan's ancestors.

The array had been restored to 30 percent its original state!

What could Yan Xiong Fei say now? Despite his lack of willingness, he must believe!

His face was in patches of green and white at this point. Though unwilling, he let out a frustrated sigh, "This youth truly is a phoenix in a group of common beings. I admit my loss."

"That is true… The Array of Unyielding Emotions… someone even I cannot repair, was restored by a 20 something year old. Unbelievable…"

Jiang Cheng Zi exclaimed. The way he stared at Ling Xian was of astonishment and respect.

The strongest one got to be the master – despite his position as an array master and his old age, he could not repair the Array of Unyielding Emotions. He couldn't even stop it from collapsing. Yet Ling Xian used half a day to bring it back to 30 percent its original state. How could he not respect this youth?

He was not alone. The other array masters all felt the same way. The mocking look in their eyes have turned into respect. Their heated gazes showed how they very much wanted to rush before Ling Xian and kneel before him to call him Master!

"Just as I expected, the look on their faces is very colorful."

Peering at everyone's complex expressions, Ling Xian grinned, not shocked at this result.

The moment he stood before the Yan Clan's door, he knew that this array was going to be fixed by him. The moment Yan Xiong Fei refused to believe and the moment everyone taunted him, he knew he was going to slap them in the face!

This very moment, he knew that the entire Yan Clan was going to be thankful!

That was right. Everyone here had complex looks in their eyes. Other than shock and shame, there was only thankfulness. They were grateful towards the person who restored their legacy.

To the descendants of the Yan Clan, the Array of Unyielding Emotions was not only their protective God, it was also their spiritual pillar. Now that it was fixed by Ling Xian, it felt like Ling Xian had saved their lives. How could they not feel thankful as a result?


After a long and loud sign, Yan Xiong Fei marched forward in giant steps, planning on apologizing to Ling Xian before everyone's gaze.

Though he was not willing at all, he was the leader of the Clan after all. How could he bite back his words? Therefore, despite how embarrassed he felt, he sternly walked on towards Ling Xian.

Then, before everyone, Yan Xiong Fei made a shocking move before everyone. He bowed down deeply at Ling Xian and said loudly, "Master Xian, I was wrong."

The moment he spoke, the field was silenced!

Everyone returned to their state of sluggishness. Watching Yan Xiong Fei's back, their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Remember, Yan Xiong Fei was one of the five controlling leaders. In the entire 36 islands, his position was highly honorable and respected. When had he ever lowered his back for anyone?

But at this moment, he was apologizing to Ling Xian in a grand manner. How unbelievable was this!

Though hard to believe, everyone here understood why Yan Xiong Fei was doing this. After all, they too, didn't believe Ling Xian could fix the Array of Unyielding Emotions.

But before their eyes, Ling Xian had restored it to 30 percent its original state. To a certain degree, he had saved the entire Yan Clan. If they didn't apologize for their earlier behaviors, it would be unappreciative.

"Master Xian, I was wrong!"

A 20 something year old young man suddenly shouted before bowing down to Ling Xian to apologize.

Seeing this, everyone became more alert and bowed down one by one, apologizing and shouting.

"Master Xian, I was wrong!"

First one shout, then two shouts, then, like an ocean of endless waves, these shouts flooded the entire Yan Clan.

Other than Bai Xiao Qi and Yan Ning Zhi, everyone here bowed down deeply towards Ling Xian. Even Jiang Cheng Zhi, the array master, lowered his back to show how sorry he was.

Then, a grand scenery was happening on the field.

The white haired elderly and the young boned youths, all carried apologetic looks. As if they were facing a celestial being, they all bowed down to Ling Xian.

Remember, everyone here was a powerful cultivator. Their identities were all extraordinary. Even the most common and the weakest descendant of the Yan Clan was a respected figure in the Taoism community!

There were also many completion levelled cultivators within this crowd!

But now, they were all bowing down to a man whose face was unknown. How unbelievable was this?

How grand of a scene was this?

Without a doubt, at this very moment, Ling Xian had won the respect of every single person in the Yan Clan.

Respect from the bottom of their hearts!

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