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Chapter 365: Utter Silence
The giant Sun was hanging in the sky. It was noon exactly.

Around the Yan Clan's field, everyone was fixated onto the man dressed in white. They had expressions of doubt, taunting, and disdain.

It was obvious that everyone here was waiting for Ling Xian to screw up.

This was normal. Towards an array so many array masters were helpless again, how could a 20 something year old fix it?

Thus, other than Yan Ning Zhi and Bai Xiao Qi, nobody here believed in Ling Xian. They all waited for him to embarrass himself.

Against everyone's questioning stares, Ling Xian didn't say anything. He simply sat down in the middle of the field and focused his attention onto the array board.

The Array of Unyielding Emotions – an ancient array left behind by the ancestors of the Yan Clan. It had been protecting the Yan Clan for thousands of years and it was incomparably strong. But before them, the array was reaching its end.

"It sure is in a critical condition. It is no wonder Master Jiang has no solutions."

Looking at the almost broken carvings, Ling Xian frowned. But he did not feel troubled. To others, this array was now utterly useless without any ways of reparation.

But to Ling Xian, who inherited the legacy from the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays, how difficult could this be?

Don't forget, he already knew the Dawn of Life, a technique that was highly beneficial against broken arrays. Three years ago, he used this technique and brought the Array of the Purple

Clouds to 30 percent its original state!

On top of that, the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays was inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals. Even if the Dawn of Life was useless, the immortals of arrays would know a way.

This was why Ling Xian dared to speak so presumptuously. It wasn't that he was arrogant, it was that he was this confident!

In other words, all these people here were about to get their sad ending, especially Yan Xiong Fei. He was destined to be slapped in the face by Ling Xian!

Under the gaze of thousands, he stepped into the field. The result was already pre-determined!

"I sure have high expectations. The expression on these people's faces is going to be very enjoyable." Ling Xian's lips curled up and began to focus on repairing the Array Board.

He formed a hand seal and instantly, white light began to roll out alongside a gush of mysterious energy. It completely wrapped around the array board.

The Dawn of Life!

The secret technique that the Pioneer of Array had never disclosed to another. Though it could only be used to restore arrays, its effects were insanely strong and heaven defying!

No matter which array it was, if it was broken, the technique could help fix it. Even though the extend of repair was dependent on the level of the array, but at the very least, the technique could restore 30 percent of the array.

In other words, as long as this technique was used, he would not be defeated here.

Everyone here

here who was waiting for him to screw up, will end up beaten up himself!

"The Dawn of Life has been summoned. Now, we wait." Ling Xian mumbled and watched as the dizzying amount of white light surrounded the board. He knew that this board was different than the Array of the Purple Clouds, and that this one would take a longer time to be restored.

After all, the Array of Unyielding Emotions was far too damaged. The carvings were all flattened out and only a few were still shining. It was easy to see that if Ling Xian didn't jump out to make his move, the connective lines would break in less than three days. When that happened, the array would be considered completely broken and nobody would be able to save it.

Therefore, he closed his eyes in front of everyone's gaze.

Seeing this, they all scuffled, now certain that Ling Xian was a con-artist.

"God damn! He is tricking us! He is tired of living!"

"Exactly! He has no true abilities, yet he tries to sound superior. Which array masters do their jobs the way he is doing it!"

"You're right. Other people always check over the array board first before trying out different techniques. But look at him! He looked at it for one second and made his move. He must be lying to us!"

"Dammit, I realized something. He's not here to fix the array board, he is here to sleep!"

"What! He dares to sleep before us! We cannot let this go!"

Everyone was infuriated at him. Because

him. Because they were standing rather far, and the light the Dawn of Life was emitting was white, they never noticed that Ling Xian had casted an array. Therefore, they thought Ling Xian had no real skills, but were mocking them.

Thinking about it angered them. They came to watch the array being restored, not here to watch Ling Xian sleep!

Even the array masters didn't realize what Ling Xian was doing. They all mocked and taunted, waiting for the moment Yan Xiong Fei slapped Ling Xian in the face.

However, only one person recognized Ling Xian's movement. It was the only local array master – Jiang Cheng Zi. However, he only saw the white lights, but uncertain about the technique.

"Milky white light… what kind of technique is this?"

Jiang Cheng Zi frowned in thought. Pity though, despite his position as a famous array master, he wouldn't know an array that nobody knew. His instinct, however, told him that this array was not an ordinary one!

"It seems like I have won." Yan Xiong Fei smiled a victor's smile.

"That may not be the case." Yan Ning Zhi grinned, believing in Ling Xian.

"Grown up daughters sure are no longer part of the family. Nothing has happened between you two and yet you are already on his side." Yan Xiong Fei stared her down and scolded, "Look at you? Are you still my daughter? How can I not be mad?"

Yan Ning Zhi beamed, "Father, you are definitely wrong this time. He will definitely be able to repair the array. When that happens, where that happens, where are you going to put your face?"

"If he really can restore it, then I don't need my face. But how can he achieve that?" Yan Qiong Fei did not take her seriously and still did not think Ling Xian had the ability to.

At the same time, the crowd also believed Ling Xian was putting on an act. As their dissatisfaction grew, they shouted at Ling Xian to leave.

"Damn you! get the hell out of here! Are you that shameless?"

"Yeah! If you have no abilities, don't fake it! Aren't you embarrassed?"

"Yeah! Leave the Yan Clan!"

Listening to everyone's cursing, Ling Xian finally opened his eyes. Staring at the angered crowd, he did not breathe a word. However, his lips lifted, revealing a mocking and cold smile.

Then, he stood up. His action looking like an awakening god, giving people the chills.

As he stood up slowly, the array board began to explode with light. The color red and blue suddenly called out to each other and engulfed the entire field.

In the next second, the entire Yan Clan began to tremble. A red and a blue pillar peeked out of the ground and transformed into two figurines!

In an instant, everyone there widened his eyes. As if someone had them at a choke hold, the entire Clan was silenced.

Reality was now before their eyes, who can question further?

Who dared to question further?

At this very moment, the field was utterly silent. Even a needle drop could be heard!

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