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Chapter 356: The Arrival
In the blue and endless ocean, a brave and graceful ship sailed by at high speed, creating splashes in all four directions.

It had been three whole days since Ling Xian destroyed the Tornado of the Demonic Dragon.

After one crisis, even God himself did not have the heart to continue to give these people a hard time. In these three days, there were no wind and no tidal waves – all was peaceful.

This ship was sailing smoothly. It won't be long before it arrives at the Trading Island.

Currently, the Sun was giant in the sky, draping down warm and bright light.

On the deck of the ship, many people were welcoming the wind as they enjoyed the vague view of the giant island before them.

"The Trading Island, the dream island of countless merchants." A grey-haired elderly suddenly spoke, and his eyes flashed with passion.

As soon as his voice drifted away, a middle-aged man chimed in, "Yes, it is a treasured island. If one has the right brain for it, it is easy to become rich overnight on that island."

"That's right. I am coming to the island for business and for a chance to multiply my wealth," a big-bellied man said as excitement filled his chubby face.

As they were discussing, a woman scorned, "A generation of short-sighted rats. There is a high margin business before your eyes, yet you give it up to seek a rare chance. Stupidity."

Instantly, everyone frowned and glared at her.

"What, am I wrong?" The lady coldly giggled, her relatively pretty face was sarcastic.

Hearing this, everyone became confused. However, they were of the wealthy. No matter how dumb they were, they were not that dumb. They understood what she meant.

The grey-haired elder frowned and asked hesitantly, "What you mean is… the young man with the last name Ling?"

He was about to say his full name, but he remembered the way Ling Xian looked at

him when he exposed his age.

Everyone here understood. They were citizens of Shi Ao Island, and they all guessed Ling Xian's identity. However, as observed, Ling Xian didn't want his identity exposed.

These people had great teamwork. None of them uttered his full name.

"What do you say?"

The lady played with her bangs and teased, "A 22-year-old completion leveled cultivator – what this means, I am sure you are all aware. Isn't a cultivator with great potential a high margin business?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

If they connect with Ling Xian now and come acquaintances, or even have him remember their names, then their gains in the future will be endless!

Many people here were thinking about this, but everyone was hesitant.

"Aye… I want to talk to him too, but you were here three days ago, he really didn't like what we did." A middle-aged man sighed.

The others sighed as well. They were all hesitant for the same reason.

"I understand." The lady grinned. "But, there is a saying, 'nobody hits a smiling man'. If all of us go together, he will at most be annoyed and angry, but he won't blame us."

"That is true. Rumor has it that he is not an unreasonable man. With his kindness, he will not do anything to us." The grey-haired man nodded.

"So then, what are we waiting for?"

The lady smiled and urged, "The Trading Island is right before our eyes. We will disembark soon. If we don't use this opportunity to have our names remembered, we will never get to again."


Everyone continued to hesitate. They were afraid that they would not leave a good impression and end up leaving a bad one.

The lady cursed at these people for being chickens under her breath. However, a warm smile remained on her face. "Think about it everyone, even if we do leave a bad impression, he will not give us a hard time. But if

if we leave a good impression, we will have countless gains in the future."

"That is true. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If we miss it, I will never forgive myself." The middle-aged man clenched her teeth, "Even if I leave a bad impression, I will live with it. After all, once I step off this ship, I will never see him again. I will take the gamble."

Hearing this, nobody hesitated anymore and marched forward.

"Then let us be speedy!" The lady softly grinned and walked towards the storage part of the ship.

The reality was that she was afraid of Ling Xian getting angry too, or else she would've acted on her own a long time ago rather than telling everyone about this opportunity. What she wanted was a few scapegoats, just in case Ling Xian gets angry.

After the lady walked away, everyone followed closely. They wanted to take this chance to form a bond with Ling Xian.

Every single one of them silently made the decision to whip out their most treasured possession when they saw Ling Xian. Only then, will they be able to leave an impression.


Bai Xiao Qi snickered. She wanted to see Ling Xian once more as well, but now, she didn't have an opportunity to do that.


The young girl sighed as sorrow crawled onto her cute face. She mumbled, "What happened to my clan? Why did they send me an emergency message?"

Then, she took out a piece of spiritual paper from her storage pouch.

Only one statement was written on it, [Be cautious at all times. Do NOT come back to the Clan under any circumstance.]

The words were written in red. Though there was no exclamation mark, the way it was written was heavy with grief and sadness. It was apparent that something bad had happened.

Staring at the little red characters, Bai Xiao Qi frowned deeply and worried about her family.


"Emergency letters are normally sent out to inform someone to come back to the clan. There are usually three levels of emergency messages. Black font means to return to the clan. Blue font means it is a rush. Red font means…. Life or death."

Bai Xiao Qi was anxious, "But the message is telling me not to go back. This means the danger they are facing is indescribable. Even if I go back now, only death awaits."

"Dammit…. My Bai Clan… what kind of crisis is happening?" Bai Xiao Qi's sorrowful face displayed how she cannot think of what kind of event would push the family to send out a red font message.

"No matter what. As a Bai descendant, I will not run away by myself." Bai Xiao Qi's expression was determined, and her voice was heavy. "After all, my father, mother, and sisters are all there. Even if there is a sea of lava or an ocean of knives, I must go back!"

She was a stubborn girl by nature. However, because she was so shielded while growing up, she never faced danger. Despite this, when she saw the red fonts, she did not cry like a normal girl. Instead, her potential was ignited.

Very quickly, however, her face drooped. "But, if it is a crisis even my entire clan cannot fend off, what use am I."

As she thought about it, she thought of someone.

"Xian Ling!"

Her eyes brightened, "Yes. I need to find Xian Ling. He is a completion leveled cultivator. With his help, I can return to my Clan with confidence."

She subconsciously began to run towards his room, but after a few steps, she stopped herself.

She remembered the way he treated her.

"Aye… Xian Ling is so petty. Why would he agree to help me?" Bai Xiao Qi smiled wryly as sadness washed over her. Two streams of tears rolled down her cheeks silently.

Currently, Ling Xian was in a tough situation himself.

Inside the small /> Inside the small storage room, a bunch of rich people were surrounding him with a flattering smile on their faces. They were all holding rare treasures and trying to get Ling Xian to accept them.


Ling Xian didn't know how to react and did not know why this was happening.

This was an advantage brought by capability.

If he were still a foundational cultivator, these wealthy cultivators would not be treating him with such respect. But since he was now a completion leveled powerhouse, these people naturally are bending their backs for him.

"I accept your kindness but please take away the gifts." Ling Xian waved his hand. Though his tone was gentle, there was a hint of annoyance.

Everyone heard and understood how Ling Xian felt about this. They all sighed.

"Aye… Since you are so firm, then I will not bother you anymore." The lady became disappointed. But she knew that if she bothered him anymore, she would leave a bad impression.

Thus, she didn't hesitate and walked out of his room.

Seeing this, everyone exchanged glances and paid their respect before leaving.

"Finally, they left." Ling Xian sighed in relief. He then marched out of his room.

The Trading Island was so close; there was now no point in training.

When he came to the deck, he suddenly noticed the girl in red and was startled.

He saw Bai Xiao Qi sitting on the ground, hugging her own knees. Under the wind, her fragile body was shivering, making her appear weak and helpless.

"Bai Xiao Qi?"

Looking at the pitiful girl, Ling Xian's heart was strangely shaking. He quickened his pace and asked, "What's wrong."

Bai Xiao Qi rose her head and revealed her now red eyes. She croaked, "I…"

But before she could speak, she was interrupted by the shaking of a bell.

The ship had arrived.

The Trading Island was now right before their eyes.

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