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Chapter 357: Making a Move
The Trading Island is the wealthiest island of the 36 islands. No other island is comparable.

The island itself is highly prosperous and is the meeting point of many businessmen. Nicknamed "Cultivator's Heaven", it is one of the places every cultivator of the 36 islands wishes to travel to.

Here, as long as you have enough spiritual stones, you can buy whatever you desire. Whether it is rare treasures or never seen before techniques, or even the most beautiful women.

Here, many people become rich overnight. As long as you have a brain sharp enough, or eyes bright enough, you will be able to discover many business opportunities that can allow you to live the way the rich lives.

"We are finally here…"

Looking at the giant island before him, Ling Xian smiled lightly. After three months of travelling on the ocean, they finally arrived.

The others sighed in relief and anticipation. As if they were staring at a beautiful woman that they never would be able to call their own, they grinned greedily and waved their hands.

Bai Xiao Qi, however, had an expression of complexity. But very quickly, she turned determined and mumbled, "I have to do this no matter what. No matter what…"

Then determination flashed across her eyes. She planned on asking Ling Xian for help. However, when she looked back to her side, the silhouette in white was long gone.

"That bastard!"

Bai Xiao Qi stomped her feet out of anger. Despite the sad state she was in, she was completely infuriated by Ling Xian.

Just a moment ago, Ling Xian was consoling her. Yet in the blink of an eye, he was gone. How could she not be angry?

"Bastard, that big bastard! How could he do this? He forgot about me in one second!" Bai Xiao Qi gritted her teeth as she

searched her surroundings. Finally, she found the fragile silhouette by the coastline.

Rushing, she ran to where he was.

Everyone else walked off the ship as well, including the elderly and the youngster pair.

"Hmmph, wait till I get back home. I will send people to take his life!" The young man appeared very vicious as he stared at Ling Xian.

The grey-robed elder felt precisely the same. Murderous intent was written all over his face as he silently swore that once he gets back to his clan, he will ask the Headmaster to assassinate Ling Xian.
However, the poisonous look on their faces turned into fear very quickly.

Because they heard one quiet snicker.

A noise that mimicked an angered God.

Their expressions changed as they spat out fresh blood.

"Are you two tired of living?" Ling Xian turned around slowly. He was highly sensitive, how could he not have sensed the murderous intent from the two?

"This is the last warning. If you dare to provoke me again, don't blame me when I take away your lives." Ling Xian's tone was calm as he glanced at the two of them one last time.

The pair began to sweat as they too, looked at Ling Xian one last time before leaving. They didn't dare to say another sentence.

"I just stepped onto the Trading Island, yet I already made enemies. I hope they can smarten up and stop angering me. Or else I will have to be ruthless." Ling Xian shook his head. He knew what the two of them were planning to do, but he didn't think too much about it."

"Xian Ling!"

Bai Xiao Qi shouted and hurriedly ran to him in the hope of acquiring help.

However, before she arrived, a black shadow suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked her

her way.


A blade sliced through the air and headed for the girls' throat!

Instantly, Bai Xiao Qi's face changed colors. She quickly formed hand seals and summoned a shield to defend herself against the attack!

Sadly, she was a flower that bloomed inside a greenhouse all her life. She lacked real battle experience, and she did not realize that the real attack was not this sword, but the guy dressed in black who was edging in closer from behind.


Another sword dashed across like a snake, sharp as ever and it was aiming to kill!

In that instant, Bai Xiao Qi's hair stood on ends. She spun around but was too slow to defend. This made her face pale, and her eyes shine with heavy desperation.

Sadly, her current helplessness did not evoke any form of pity from the enemy. The long blade did not back off. Instead, it sped up!

It's over!

Bai Xiao Qi's face was of pure grief. Faced with a heartless sword, that was her only thought.

Luckily, she was not here alone. The moment the sword touched Bai Xiao Qi's throat, Ling Xian made his move.

He shook his head helplessly as he lightly curled his middle finger and flicked the long sword.

There was no spiritual energy involved. But this soft flick snapped the long sword into two pieces!

The two men in black froze in shock. They exchanged glances and only saw shock in each other's eyes.

"Her backup is too strong. Let's go!"

The two of them said in unison before turning around to retreat.

However, since Ling Xian had entered the fight, why would he let them run away? Rolling up his sleeves, he unleashed his Qi, and the two men were lifted into the air before being smashed down onto the ground.

"You come at will and leave at will. You two sure do not see anything of me." Ling Xian revealed a smile. But the smile was a cold one no matter which angle one looked at it.

"Dammit, why is he so strong?"

The two of them swore. They knew there was no way they could accomplish their mission now. Therefore, they looked at each other and began to silently break their own meridians!

Seeing this, Ling Xian rushed to stop them. However, by the time he reached them, they have already collapsed onto the ground and were no longer breathing.

"It seems like these two are highly skilled assassinators." Ling Xian frowned. After taking a peek at Bai Xiao Qi, he sighed. "I got myself into trouble again."

Bai Xiao Qi's pale face was full of appreciation. "Xian Ling… thank you for saving my life again."

"It was nothing."

Ling Xian waved his hand. When he remembered the helpless look Bai Xiao Qi had while on the boat, he sighed. "It seems like some people want you dead. Because of you, I am in trouble too now."

Bai Xiao Qi's face was white. She didn't think that someone would be attacking her the moment she stepped off the boat. She knew what this meant and couldn't help but grin wryly. "I'm sorry for dragging you into this."

"It's meaningless to say these things now."

Ling Xian's brows were tightly locked together. Even though he didn't know much about Bai Xiao Qi's background, he could guess that she came from an extraordinary background. For someone to be attacking her so ruthlessly, it meant something.

Ling Xian wasn't exactly sure what it meant, but he was certain that if he helps Bai Xiao Qi now, he will be dragged into a terrifying whirlpool. Sighing, he said, "We met by chance, and I don't know you don't know you well. I cannot help you too much. Please take care of yourself."

Then, he turned around to walk in the opposite direction. However, after two steps, he began to turn his head. After a bit, he immediately turned back and continued walking.

Bai Xiao Qi did not say anything to stop him. Ling Xian did not say anything wrong.

They encountered by chance, and he has no duty to help her. She has no reason to drag him into her mess.

Watching Ling Xian leave, Bai Xiao Qi felt like she had lost her last ray of hope and collapsed onto the ground.

In the next second, her sadness overtook her, and her ears turned red.

Burying her head between her knees, her shoulders shivered as transparent tears began to fall.

Pit pat.

One, two… They turned into a puddle on the ground, an image of her endless sadness.

Her pitiful and weak state was just like how a flower looked in a storm. Everyone walking by looked at her, but nobody extended a hand.


Watching the helpless Bai Xiao Qi, Ling Xian's heart softened, and he shook his head helpless, "Whatever, since I chose to help, then I may as well help out the whole way."

Then, he began to march towards her. Though he didn't want any more trouble, he just didn't have the heart to let a fragile girl cry alone.

"He… he didn't want to help me after all…"

Bai Xiao Qi said between her cries. She hugged her legs tightly and tremored along with her croaks.

Just as she cried and was near hopelessness, a helpless but warm voice rose. Like a gush of spring wind, it warmed people's heart.

"Stop crying. Meeting you was my bad luck. I will help you."

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