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A+ A- Chapter 323: The Escape
Below, Ling Xian gritted his teeth as he used all his energy to defend against the two completion powerhouses’ attacks.

Despite his overpowering capabilities and his position as a victor of the foundational level, he found it difficult to block the power of the completion. Especially since he was wounded as well.

As time went on, he began to reveal signs of losing and it became obvious that he was at a disadvantage.

Just then, a ray of light pierced through the sky and split open the murky fog on the battlefield. The two completion-leveled cultivators were pushed back instantly.

The studious looking man and the elderly had made their moves. Summoning their best techniques, they edged closer to the elder.


An endless amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud as a gush of horrifying Qi circulated. The two Elders never expected that completion-leveled cultivators would be helping Ling Xian. They were not prepared for this. The two techniques hit them hard, and blood spilled out from their lips.


Ling Xian revealed a look of shock as he peeked at the mountain valley. He saw an elderly nod at him with a smile, then he saw Yan Ning Zhi. He understood why this elder had lent a helping hand.

Curving his lips upwards slightly, he grinned at Yan Ning Zhi and the elderly out of thankfulness and nodded to indicate that he will remember this favor.

He then turned around to look at the converged giant group of cultivators.

"Life or death, this is it!"

Ling Xian recognized what a rare chance this was and how he absolutely cannot miss this. Therefore, he inhaled deeply and crazily.

"Get the fuck out of my way!"

His loud roar rumbled the sky.

An infinite amount of energy poured out of him. Ling Xian held onto his Sword with his right hand and gripped tightly onto his Halberd with his left. Like the God of Warrior, he was unstoppable and undefeatable!


The Sword of Extinction and the Halberd of the Divine Warrior emitted dazzling lights that dashed towards the many cultivators before them.


All the leaves fell off the trees as the ground split open. Countless cultivators collapsed in the face of this single attack.

"Quick, use this chance to run!" Ling Xian shouted and marched forward in giant steps. He pushed through all the cultivators who were trying to stop him.

Those behind him grasped onto this opportunity and closely followed behind Ling Xian, terrified that they will fall behind.


Seeing this, the Elder in the black robe swore and quickly ran away to stop Ling Xian. However, as he tried to manipulate his Qi, his body quivered, and he puked out a mouthful of blood.

The Elder in green was in the same state.

Just now, the three completion cultivators all made their moves and heavily wounded these two, weakening them so that they had no energy to stop Ling Xian.

They could only watch as Ling Xian paved out a bloody path.


With the Sword in his left hand, he sliced left and right, creating splashes of blood. With the Halberd in his right hand, he pushed forward threateningly. Every time he tightened his grip, the space around him shook.

To fulfill Zi Dong Lai’s last wish and to save these people’s lives, Ling Xian put his own life on the line as he slaughtered on. Every move he made knocked out countless cultivators.

Slowly, a road made out of blood appeared. Around it was countless corpses.

"The road is clear, everyone follow me!"

Ling Xian’s black hair was flowing in the wind crazily. He marched o

n determined but slowly.

Every step he made left a bloody footprint on the ground. It was as if a devil from hell bathed in blood was marching. It was eerily cold and ruthless.

"Dammit, he is far too strong. He is a demon!"

"What… what a terrifying person. I cannot take this. He is too scary!"

"Undefeatable, undefeatable… we are no opponents of his!"

The cultivators close to Ling Xian were trembling with fear as they stared at the shadow that was inching closer. Their eyes were dense with fear.

Every step Ling Xian marched on, everyone stepped back uncontrollably. They were extremely afraid, even their legs were shaking.

Some scaredy-cats have already abandoned their weapon and began to cry holding their heads. They no longer dared to look at Ling Xian.

It was obvious that these cultivators were now terrified of Ling Xian.

This was normal. The Ling Xian right now did have this demeanor about him.

Currently, Ling Xian’s gaze was cold, his white robe dyed in blood, and his black Halberd was pointed to the sky. Like a demon, his appearance was out of the world and eerily cold.


Ling Xian glanced all around. As he stared at the shivering cultivators, he uttered out a sentence that was full of murderous intent.

"Whoever tries to stop me, dies."

As soon as he spoke, the Qi of a victor rolled out of him and petrified the entire battlefield!

Instantly, the cultivators from the two forces split into two groups and stared at Ling Xian the way they stare at a God. Their fear reached a new high!

Right now, they only had one though and that was: [I cannot be an enemy of Ling Xian’s!]

Yes, they only had this one thought. Exterminating the House of Zi Yang or slaughtering Ling Xian have long been forgotten!

Looking at the road formed before him, Ling Xian grinned and walked on.

The survivors behind him followed. Their faces were written with joy because they now know, their lives were saved.

"Dammit! Useless bunch!"

Ning Wu Ji swore and wanted to fly down to kill Ling Xian. However, because of Zi Dong Lai, he could not get away.

Li Jian was the same. He had no strength in him to stop what was happening. All he could do was to watch Ling Xian leave. Or rather, everyone from the two forces could only watch as they left without the ability to do anything!

The status of the battle was now clear. The Zi Yang House was no longer going to exist, but the legacy and the bloodline of the Zi Yang House has survived!

All because Ling Xian, the victor of the foundational level, was leading!

As long as he is here, nobody can end the legacy of the Zi Yang House!

"Hahaha, Ling Xian, thank you!" Zi Dong Lai bellowed with his head raised high. His voice was full of admiration. At the same time, his attacks were getting more aggressive as he now could end this all.

"Aye, Headmaster, do not worry. I will complete what I promised to you." Ling Xian sighed a long sigh. He was now certain that Zi Dong Lai will not be alive at the end of this. This made him sad.

But it was no time for such emotions.

Ling Xian stared at the silhouettes which were fighting in the sky. Without hesitating, he turned around and shouted, "Everyone, follow me!"

As soon he finished speaking, he displayed his abilities as a victor of the foundational level. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with light and chased away all the clouds in the sky!


An invisible energy rippled and knocked down the cultivators on both sides of the path.


A golden door materialized in mid-air. It represented survival, represented hope!


A simple word was spoken out by Ling Xian. It was heavy and powerful and rung into everyone’s eardrums like thunder.

Immediately, all the survivors of the Zi Yang House became exhilarated. They made their moves and marched over the golden door and disappeared without a trace.

However, Ling Xian did not leave in a rush. Instead, he came to the end of the queue and turned around. Unleashing the most powerful energy he could summon, his Qi engulfed the entire area.

He has accomplished his mission, but he cannot leave yet. He had to block the door to ensure nobody chased after them. Also, he needed to collect Zi Dong Lai’s body!

"Let me, Ling Xian, do one last thing for the House of Zi Yang."

Inhaling deeply, Ling Xian’s expression turned stern. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior emitted an infinite amount of light that all shot up to the sky!

A one-man guard!

To block all enemies!

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