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A+ A- Chapter 324: Powerlessness and Desire
The Sun hung in the sky; it was exactly noon.

On the sandy beach, hundreds of silhouettes descended from the sky. Each and every single one of them was wearing blood-dyed robes and were out of breath. Their faces, however, were doused in happiness.

"Haha, I knew Master Ling would not waste our high expectations! I knew he would help us get away!"

"Yes, Master Ling is so powerful, I knew he would aid us in the escape."

"Haha, the feeling of being alive sure is nice. The Sun is so warm, so wonderful."

Everyone was relieved and the hopeless atmosphere dispersed. What replaced it was ease and hope.

Some people were even crying from joy. They sat on the ground weakly as tears rolled down their cheeks.

After all, they have experienced terror and desperation. To have gotten away today was a miracle that they were extremely happy about. Very quickly, however, they remembered their friends, masters, and the diminished House name. They fell silent.

The tears that rolled down their cheeks were no longer of joy but of pure sadness.

Zi Hua Shang, in particular, was sad to the extreme as she remembered how her father fought to the death to earn her the time to breathe. She completely turned soulless and acted as if she had lost herself.


A long sighed pierced the silence. A delicate looking woman wearing white slowly walked out from the crowd and stood before the group of people.

It was Yun Yan. She was lucky. Along with Yun Meng, they both hung on until Ling Xian’s rescue.

"Everyone quiet down and listen to me."

Yun Yan pressed down with her palms in an attempt to calm everyone down. When all the attention were on her, she sighed again. "I understand that you are all very sad. But it is not the time to feel so sorrowful. Master Ling, in order to protect us, is guarding the door on the other end."

After a short pause, she then continued, "We all know why Master Ling is doing this. What we must do in return, is to get away from here as fast as possible instead of crying and wasting time. We would be wasting the opportunity the Supreme Headmaster, and Ling Xian earned us."

Hearing this, everyone went silent. Someone finally spoke out after a long while.

"She is right. The Supreme Headmaster fought to the death and Master Ling bathed in blood. What did they fight for? They fought for the House of Zi Yang to survive, for us to remain alive. We cannot waste their kindness!"

"Yeah. Headmaster and Master Ling did everything they could to ensure we survive. Everyone, we must hold on!"

"You’re right. Let’s get out of here quickly. We need to ensure we stay alive first. Master Ling is very powerful, he will be okay!"

"Yeah. Even if we stay, we will only drag him down. We are useless."

Everyone’s expression was stern. Though they were drowning in deep pain, they were a lot better now compared to before. They even had a stronger determination to stay alive.

"I have agreed on a place with Master Ling. Everyone follow me, I will lead you all to a safe place." Yun Yan spoke softly and walked south-west.

It was where the Yun Clan was.


Before the golden door of the Zi Yang House.

Ling Xian’s expression was calm as his gaze remained emotionless. There was, however, a trace of unwavering resolute in him.

Holding onto his black Halberd that was pointed to the sky, he acted like the leader of the pack.

The killer instinct from the tip of the sword was a signal.

Whoever comes close dies!

"Everyone remain where they are. Or else… don’t blame me for being ruthless."

Standing before

the golden door, Ling Xian glanced around coldly, making all the cultivators quiver as they stared at him.

The silhouette was obviously skinny. But at the same time, it was as grand as a mountain that could not be washed away in any storm.

"What a… what a terrifying human being."

A series of gulping noises rung through the air. All the cultivators from both political forces stared at Ling Xian the way they stare at a demon. Their bodies uncontrollably shivered.

Even though they told themselves that they could not just let the House of Zi Yang leave, they had no courage to pursue after them. At least, none of the cultivators here dared.

This was all because one man stood before them.

A victor of the foundational level who fought them until they all trembled.

Him merely standing there has shaken up these cultivators to a point where they have no courage to go up to him. Just how overpowering was this?!


That was the most direct feeling everyone had towards Ling Xian.

Even the completion leveled powerhouses on top of the valley felt this way. Other than the overflowing praises they had in their gaze, shock was also laced in.

"What a competent victor of the foundational level. Just his temperament alone is hard to be matched by others." The one Yan Ning Zhi called San Ye sighed deeply, not even trying to hide how satisfied he was with Ling Xian.

"His achievements are top-ranked within his level. It is without a doubt that he is the victor," a middle-aged man exclaimed as shock remained on his face.

"Powerful, capable, calm temperament – he possesses all the qualities necessary for a leader." The studious man flapped his fan as he watched Ling Xian with a heated gaze. "That man is the House of Qing Ming’s!"

Just as the few of them exclaimed over Ling Xian, the battle in the sky was about to end.

Despite Zi Dong Lai’s best effort, he could not defend against two completion-leveled cultivators. To have endured until now was purely due to his beliefs and determination.

The strength borrowed from his beliefs has reached its end.


A sword pierced through the air and sliced Zi Dong Lai’s left arm.

At the same time, Ning Wu Ji’s fist landed heavily on Zi Dong Lai’s chest.

"The moment… has come…"

Zi Dong Lai spat out blood. His body, like a broken-winged bird, dropped from the sky.

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned. Disappearing and flashing across the sky like a shooting star, he reappeared beside Zi Dong Lai and held onto him. They descended to earth slowly.

"Ehem… Ehem… Ling Xian, thank you." Zi Dong Lai’s expression was peaceful. There was not a trace of fear that usually appears on someone’s face before death. Instead, it was full of consolation and relief.

"Headmaster, do not worry. I have sent them out of here. The legacy of the House of Zi Yang will not end here." Ling Xian whispered. He knew that Zi Dong Lai was now burned out and cannot hold on much longer.

This made him feel powerless and ignited a certain desire in him.

If today he showed up as a cultivator of the completion level, then the battle would not have ended the way it did. He could’ve, at the very least, been able to stop the cultivators of the two political forces. At the very least, he could’ve ensured that Zi Dong Lai survived!

To know that he was a Heaven’s Favorite with deeply rooted talent. The moment he breaks through to the completion level, his capabilities will for sure surpass regular completion-leveled cultivators. He could battle those in the intermediate phases of the completion level!

Sadly, there are no "ifs".


Ling Xian clenched his teeth as his hands uncontrollably formed into fists. A purple vein appeared on his arm.

For this first time in his life, he felt such powerlessness!

For the first time in his life, he desired such capabilities!

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