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Chapter 315: Training and Returning
The Heaven Swallowing White Tiger was a technique that was well known around the 36 islands. It emitted invisible sound waves and destroyed all obstacles. All those with profound training should be able to summon the silhouette of the white tiger and exponentially increase its damage ability. Used during both group battles and solo battles, it was considered a decent technique.

The God Inhibition Spell, similar to the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger, was well established on the 36 islands. It has the ability to stop an opponent, and with deep enough cultivation level, it could even freeze an object or a person for a short while. It was highly powerful.

Di Tian used this technique to stop the movement of Ling Xian’s Halberd. Though it was just for a moment, it was enough to prove the greatness of this technique.

The third technique was the Spell of the Sun and the Moon. It could transform into the burning Sun or the freezing Moon. One hot, one cold, they complement each other. Purely based on powerfulness, it was the most powerful out of the three techniques.

However, these three techniques each have their own advantages, but all were known to be powerful.

Currently, Ling Xian was sitting on the stone bed in a lotus position, staring at the gold characters on the scroll. He was beginning to practice these three techniques.

"I will practice the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger first."

Ling Xian remained silent for a while and decided to start with the relatively easier technique. Then, he waved his sleeve, and a crystal purple petal appeared and entered his mouth.

Then, he slowly closed his eyes and calmed himself. Using the effects of the Petal of Enlightenment, he began his training.

Under a normal circumstance, even with the help of the Petal of the Enlightenment, it was impossible to become so enlightened so quickly. However, Ling Xian’s enlightening ability was far too high. This became a well-known fact even when he was still a mere mortal.

Therefore, even without the support of the Petal of Enlightenment, he could still enter this state within half an hour. After consuming the Petal of Enlightenment, naturally, he used an unbelievable speed to enter the state of enlightenment.

"Okay, let me start."

Ling Xian muttered to himself. The instruction for the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger rose to his brain. He cleared his breathing and began his training.

Time went on little by little.

Deep inside the state of enlightenment, his ears were not listening to what was happening outside his window. He focused on the technique.

Learning techniques was a matter that was highly correlated with talent. The time it needs to acquire a technique differed as a result. Some people were geniuses at learning a technique and only require a few days. Those who are weaker at techniques may need a very long time before fully grasping it.

Some may never learn a technique in one’s lifetime.

Without a doubt, Ling Xian belonged to the former. When he was still a mortal, Masters from the City of Qing praised him highly for his enlightenment abilities.

Therefore, using only three days, he reopened his eyes and instantly, two beams of light shot out but quickly calmed down.

Then, he formed a hand seal and inhaled deeply and howled to the space before him.


Invisible sound waves expanded throughout the room. Like the howl of a tiger in a forest, the wind began to blow, and space began to shake!

It was obvious that Ling Xian had learned the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger technique. He only used three days!

This number was astonishing. If this news spread, countless people would walk away covering the

ir faces in shame.

To have learned a technique within three days was truly shocking. If this happened to any other cultivator, they would be immensely proud of themselves.

But to Ling Xian, it was nothing out of the ordinary. There were reasons why he was able to learn in such a short period of time.

First, he was naturally good at enlightenment. Second, he had the help of the Petal of Enlightenment. Naturally, he could acquire this technique easily.

"Hmm… I only grasped onto the basics. I cannot summon the white tiger silhouette yet." Ling Xian shook his head softly, not satisfied with the result of his three days of training.

Luckily, he was here alone. If anyone heard what he said, they would be puking blood from anger.

To have learned the Heaven Swallowing White Tiger without three days, though only the basics, was a very shocking thing. What’s there to be unsatisfied about?

If this were anyone else, they would need at least three years to learn it.

"Hmm… I will put a pause on this technique for now. I will first learn the other two." Ling Xian remained silent for a while and once again took out a Petal of Enlightenment and put it in his mouth. He planned on learning the God Inhibition Spell next.

Luckily no one else was around. If they saw him eating the Petals of Enlightenment like drinking water, they would be puking from anger again.

It was the highly expensive Petal of Enlightenment. Even Supreme Headmasters carefully keep them and only consume them at critical moments.

But Ling Xian, just to learn a technique, took out the most valued Petal of Enlightenment. It was extremely lavish. But other than him, who has the ability to do this?

Even if he eats one and throws one away, he had the liberty to waste them!

Just like that, Ling Xian entered a state of enlightenment again for the God Inhibition Spell.

This time, it lasted longer than before. After about 10 days, he finally opened his eyes and breathed out murky air.

"Phew… finally done."

Smiling, he clasped his hands together. Instantly, a bright light filled the room. Heaven and Earth merged together, and the world turned back to ancient times before anything was pioneered.

The entire area became frozen!

Then, after a breath of time, it returned to normal. However, Ling Xian was not sad about it, he was satisfied.

To know that powerhouses are never reckless with the moves they make. Though it was only a split second, if used well, it could change the result of a battle!

"Phew, the power of the God Inhibition Spell is decent. I now have one more move up my sleeve." Ling Xian smiled. He then took out another Petal, planning to learn the last spell.

Then, just as he was about to consume it, he suddenly felt the ground shake!


Like the arrival of a one thousand men army and horses, a loud rumble shook the sky!

"This is…"

Ling Xian’s eyes glazed over. Remembering the description of the Palace of Fortune, he frowned. "Could it be that the Palace is deactivating? And it’s teleporting everyone back?"

He then walked off his bed and went outside.

Yan Ning Zhi and the rest also felt the sudden shudder of the ground. They all walked out of their respective cabins.

Dong, dong, dong!

Three consecutive loud rumbles shook the ground and erupted through space!

Following that was four golden lights shooting down from the sky, and illuminating Ling Xian and company.

It was the teleportation light.

"The Palace of Fortune is closing. That’s fine, I had enough gains." Ling Xian smiled, his face not at all sad about this. He acquired enough fortune this time. The addition of everyone else’s finds together may not be as much as his.

Therefore, he didn’t resist and embraced the ray of light.

Yan Ning Zhi and them did the same. They chose not to escape from the light.

One was because they couldn’t resist the Palace of Fortune anyways, two was because they had enough gain this time. There was no more need to stay here.


Spinning, Ling Xian and them frowned as they felt dizzy.

Then, under the pull of the dazzling light, they slowly disappeared and left the Palace of Fortune.

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