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Chapter 314: The Storage Pouch
Inside the cabin, Ling Xian’s face was full of anticipation. He planned to open Di Tian’s storage pouch to see what was really inside.

"One of the best Heaven’s Favorites, the leader of the Alliance of Tyrants, I bet his storage pouch is fat. However, he is merely a foundational cultivator, he may not have shocking treasures." Ling Xian remained silent for a while before manipulating his energy to strike the gold storage pouch.

Instantly, the gold storage pouch emitted light in resistance to the outside attack. An anti-theft array was set and naturally activated.

However, Ling Xian’s Qi has long entered the seventh realm and was shocking in strength. Plus Di Tian was dead, which meant this pouch was now without a master. Without any support from anyone, the array could not stop this external attack.


After a loud rumble, the gold light dispersed immediately, and the storage pouch opened.

"Now, let me see if there are any treasures inside." Ling Xian grinned and began to investigate.

Then, his expression began to transform. From not caring to heavy. After a while, he gasped as his eyes flashed with surprise.

"No wonder he was the leader of the Alliance of Tyrants… I have gained such a bargain!"

Ling Xian’s expression was filled with excitement. He expected that the treasures from the storage pouch would not disappoint him because Di Tian was the leader of the Alliance and was very strong, but he was just a foundational cultivator after all. He believed he may not be disappointed, but also not too excited.

However, after he opened the storage pouch, he realized he underestimated Di Tian.

This could not be described as excitement, this was euphoria!

Even with his fortune and his mentality, he couldn’t help it but to be surprised.

"Inside… there are supreme spiritual stones…" Ling Xian muttered as a fist-sized spiritual stone hung in midair.

This spiritual stone was crystallized and was as clean as a snowflake. It was without any blemish. The moment it appeared, it emitted a shocking amount of spiritual energy.

Spiritual stones were one of the most common items in the cultivator world. It was always traded by cultivators as a currency. There was four level, low, medium, high, and supreme.

This spiritual stone before him was without a doubt, the supreme leveled spiritual stone!

This type of spiritual stone is very rare and very useful. Usually within a mine of spiritual stones, only two to three supreme ones are produced under the circumstance that it is a great mine.

From this, it becomes apparent just how rare supreme spiritual stones are. Only those with high status or powerful cultivators could get their hands on them.

Therefore, when Ling Xian saw this spiritual stone, he was full of shock. But after the shock passed, happiness flooded him.

To know that a supreme spiritual stone is embedded with spiritual energy, meant that it was equivalent to a million spiritual stones. But basically, it had a price tag but no market. Nobody would be dumb enough to use a supreme spiritual stone to trade for low quality ones.

Because in the cultivation community, even high quality spiritual stones were rare, let alone supreme quality ones.

"This is the first time I’ve seen a supreme quality spiritual stone."

Ling Xian held onto the spiritual stone and concentrated his Qi. Instantly, this spiritual stone shone with heavenly light. A dense amount of spiritual energy expanded and engulfed the entire cabin.

Not only that, this giant amount of spiritual energy seeped through and flowed around the cabin. The resting lady in white, Yan Ning Zhi and them, all stopped what they we

re doing and looked towards Ling Xian’s cabin. Their faces flashed with shock.

"It sure is of supreme quality. Such dense spiritual energy." Ling Xian breathed in the spiritual energy in the surrounding space, and his handsome face became surprised and excited.

Because there were more than one supreme spiritual stones in the storage pouch.

"One, two… There… there are 20 of these!"

Ling Xian counted all the supreme spiritual stones and suppressed his excitement. He laughed. "I sure made money this time. I didn’t think Di Tian would be so wealthy."

He owned the Purple Dwarf, which meant he had an unlimited supply of Petals of Enlightenment. He should not be this happy about a supreme spiritual stone.

The Petals of Enlightenment are great and can help people enlighten, but its use is very limited.

Supreme spiritual stones were different. Other than being a spiritual stone, the most useful aspect was that it could become the core of ancient arrays.

This item just happens to be one of the materials needed to make a spatial portal.

This was why Ling Xian was so excited. But very quickly, he calmed himself down and returned to his normal collectedness. However, his expectation about this storage pouch heightened.

This was just the beginning, and he has found supreme spiritual stones. This meant more exciting treasures await.

High with anticipation, Ling Xian continued to inspect the storage pouch. His eyes glistened.

Then, he flapped his sleeve. Hundreds of shining spiritual medicines flew out of the storage pouch and hung in midair, emitting aromatic fragrances.

"Over a hundred spiritual medicines. Di Tian sure is wealthy. However, not all are valuable. Only this one." Ling Xian’s lips curled. Waving his right hand, a flaming red spiritual medicine appeared. Instantly, the temperature of the cabin rose.

At the same time, the Essence of Herbalism relayed information about this item.

[The Grass of Phoenix. Aggressive effects. 7000 years old. It has the ability to cleanse all cultivators and give them a new set of physique. It is a very rare spiritual medicine.]

Ling Xian’s eyes were hot. Staring at the red piece of grass that reminded him of a phoenix’s red feather, he smiled in satisfaction, "It really is what I thought. Cultivators of the fire element would love this."

Just as the Essence of Herbalism told him, the Grass of Phoenix can help rebuild a cultivator. To cultivators of the fire element, it was an item of dreams.

Not only would it help heighten their spiritual roots, but it could also quicken cultivation. It also increased the chance of the cultivator becoming enlightened with the ability to use phoenix flames. Their capabilities would increase and so would their battling abilities!

It could be said that this was a very rare spiritual medicine and would drive any fire element cultivator insane.

"Sadly, I do not belong to the fire element and do not need it." Ling Xian felt a little pitiful. Though he has no use for this item, he could use it to trade for something of his needs. It was still a gain.

"Di Tian’s storage pouch sure is wealthy. I wonder what other surprises it will offer me." Ling Xian’s lips curled up as his expectation heightened.

However, when he continued to dig, he didn’t find anything else that really surprised him.

Other than some spiritual stones, and some low realm treasures, he didn’t find anything else. This disappointed Ling Xian.

However, just when he felt disappointed, he found a scroll. His eyes brightened again.

What was he most interested in? It was techniques. Ever since he began to cultivate, he never practiced any techniques. All he’s fought with was the transformative qualities of the Eyes of Execution and the guiding law.

Though all these moves were powerful, they were too simple. Ling Xian often felt like he could do better.

Therefore, he has always has been eager to learn more techniques. Sadly, after six years and entering Hidden Territories twice, he never found instructions for a technique.

In the Taoism community, scrolls normally recorded techniques. Therefore, when he saw this, his face became hopeful.

"I hope this one has instruction for a technique. Sadly, the Three Thousand Demons was Di Tian’s heaven given technique. It would never be passed down."

Looking at the scroll in his hand, Ling Xian’s eyes flashed with heat. He said to himself, "Let me see which one of Di Tian’s technique is recorded in here."

Then, he slowly opened the scroll. Immediately, an infinite amount of heavenly light filled the room, dazzling him.


Ling Xian flapped his sleeve and dispersed the heavenly light. He then stared at the scroll.

The scroll was filled with toad sized characters. Every single one was spinning with golden light. It appeared extraordinary and mysterious.

"This is…"

Ling Xian carefully read the ancient characters on the scrolls. The light in his eyes became more bright and the happiness on his face intensified.

After a while, he breathed murky gas. His face was full of happiness.

He originally thought the scroll had a simple technique written on it, but he never expected it to be containing techniques that Di Tian displayed during their battle!

Heaven Swallowing White Tiger!

God Inhibition Spell!

The Spell of Sun and Moon!

The three techniques were all mighty powerful and prominent enough to astound the 36 islands.

When Ling Xian faced these three techniques, it took a lot of him to diminish them. It was apparent how overbearing these techniques were!

"I did not think these three great techniques were be recorded on this. I am so lucky." Ling Xian smiled out of joy and satisfaction.

These three techniques, without exception, were mighty. But of course, in terms of pure strength, the Heaven Shadowing Palm and the Eyes of Execution were far more superior.
However, if Ling Xian could learn all three, he would have more ways to fight and will be more flexible when he battle others. He will not need to reveal his Eyes of Execution as fast.

Of course, he felt happy about this.

"I sure gained a lot this time. Supreme Spiritual Stone, Grass of Phoenix, Array Lifting Stone, three techniques, plus the Leaf of Everlasting Life." Ling Xian laughed happily. Looking at all the treasures around him, even with his mentality, he couldn’t help it but to act a little overly excited.

Without a doubt, every single item was highly treasured. Every single item could cause a bloody storm because every cultivator would enter a war to fight for them!

And now, Ling Xian owned all of them. How could he not be satisfied?

"It appears that I had the most gain out of everyone who came to the Palace of Fortune this time." Ling Xian’s face was joyous as he shifted his gaze to the scroll. He then began to calm himself down.

"Now, I will learn these three techniques. The next time I engage in a battle against someone, I will definitely become more flexible."

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