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The Array Lifting Stone was a heavenly object only seen in legends. It has the ability to break arrays and is the nemesis of all ancient arrays.

Even though the stone may not be able to break all arrays completely, it could at least increase the chance of an array being lifted by 30%. It was an item that all array masters love and hate, and it was an item that all cultivators dream of possessing.

The Array Lifting Stone was divided into three realms. They were all special, and unlike all the other treasures, a more polished appearance does not mean a more effective stone.

The lowest quality ones are golden in color and are very shiny on the outside with vibrating spiritual energies. They usually look very expensive.

The medium quality ones are white in color. The exteriors of them are blemished and look very ordinary.

The highest quality ones are black. They are muddy in appearance and looks like rocks that people just cast aside. They are ugly and seemingly worthless.

Those who look very simple, non-special and ugly, are the real treasured Array Lifting Stones!

The other two types of Array Lifting Stones, though still possess the ability to lift arrays, when compared to the highest quality ones, they were considered to be worthless trash.

Using a simple example with one array. The lowest quality one may increase the chance of breaking by 10%. The medium quality one increases the chance by 30%, and the highest quality one can increase the chance by as much as 60%.

The gap between the two is extremely huge. It was not hard to imagine.

Without a doubt, the simple looking and normal rock before everyone was the legendary top quality Array Lifting Stone!

Don’t judge it by its black and muddy appearance. It was the most valuable treasure that could drive even those from the original level crazy!

For this reason, when this stone appeared, everyone’s eyes sparkled. Gaze upon gaze became fixated on the Array Lifting Stone full of passion and greed.

Some people manipulated their spiritual energy in plan to start another battle with Ling Xian.


Feeling everyone’s greedy stare, Ling Xian sneered. Though the volume of his voice was not loud, it was still enough to jolt the room like thunder.

Instantly, everyone shuddered like a bucket of cold water was poured onto their heads. They woke up from their desires and stared at Ling Xian with shock.

It was obvious that these people were all reminded of Ling Xian’s horror. Therefore, they repressed their temptations down their throats and lowered their heads. No longer dared to look at the Array Lifting Stone.

They were all afraid that they would lose control, try to grab that treasure, then be slaughtered by the victor in one strike.

"Good. You have some self-awareness."

Ling Xian’s expression was cold as he glanced across the room. Seeing that nobody dared to raise their heads, he flapped around the sleeve and got his hands on the black muddy stone.

"This is the highest quality Array Lifting Stone. I now have more confidence in breaking the Immortal Trap."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. Looking at the Array Lifting Stone on his hand, his face shone with happiness.

Originally, because the stone was golden in color, he thought it was the lowest quality stone. He did not think that after the light dispersed, the highest quality Array Lifting Stone was hidden!

This not only meant he acquired an immeasurable treasure, but it also represented that his chance of lifting the Immortal Trap increased by at least 50%!

In other words, after he leaves the Palace of Fortune, Ling Xian could start preparing to enter the next cultivation level.

"What shocking gains I received this trip. Originally I only wanted to get rid of Di Tian. I did not expect to get my hands on a high-quality Array Lifting Stone." Ling Xian concealed a smile. Observing the Array Lifting Stone on his palm carefully, he slowly put it into his own storage pouch and walked towards Yan Ning Zhi and them.

"Congratulations boss! Congratulations! To have acquired a legendary treasure sure makes others jealous."

Seeing Ling Xian was walking towards him, Fang Yun’s face was flooded with smiles as he flattered.

Lu Chao Xian and Yan Ning Zhi revealed their smiles as well, happy for Ling Xian having acquired such a valuable treasure.

"Shut up. Stop climbing up my butt." Ling Xian stared down Fang Yun, unable to handle his flattery.

"I am not flattering you. Look at everyone’s gaze. Who isn’t showing how jealous they are?" Fang Yun murmured and pointed to the cultivators around them.

It was true. Just as he had described. Though everyone here was working hard on concealing their emotions, if one looks carefully, one could tell just how envious they were.

Those with a small heart were full of obvious jealousy.

This was normal, The Array Lifting Stone was a heavenly treasure and invaluable in the city. It was an object all cultivators dream of getting. Plus this one was of the highest quality. Putting a price on it was impossible.

The political forces of the 36 islands cannot get their hands on this, let alone a single person.

Even if someone can own it, it would be a powerful cultivator from the original level who is highly respected with a high status in society. Regular cultivators had no rights to have a stone like this.

Therefore, when Ling Xian, a foundational cultivator, took possession of this stone, everyone was naturally jealous. They so wanted to just steal this rare treasure for themselves.

However, even if someone lends them a hundred guts, they would not dare to behave irrationally before Ling Xian, let alone steal it.

Nobody was tired of living enough to try and snatch something of the victor’s.

"Fang Yun is right. Everyone here is jealous."

Lu Chao Xian bitterly chuckled. "Even I am jealous. This is the top quality Stone Lifting Array. If you have this object, no array master is of threat to you."

"Even if he had no Array Lifting Stone, very few array masters are of a threat to Ling Xian." Yan Ning Zhi smiled. Remembering how Ling Xian formed an array instantaneously, her eyes sparkled.

Lu Chao Xian was startled but quickly grasped onto the concept. "I am wrong. With Ling Xian’s ability to form arrays within seconds, very few array masters can threaten him."

"You all need to stop flattering me." Ling Xian waved around his hand, indicating the three of them can stop complimenting him.

However, Fang Yun did not take the hint, "This is not flattery, and we are not exaggerating. It is a stone of the highest quality. One could say this one stone could destroy hundreds of arrays. How is that flattery?"

"Shut your mouth and go away," Ling Xian scolded.

The reality was that Fang Yun and them were not wrong at all.

Having the highest quality Array Lifting Stone meant all regular arrays could be broken. Even an all mighty array could be crushed by this stone.

It was then naturally true that one stone could destroy hundreds of arrays. He naturally no longer needed to be afraid of array masters.

However, Ling Xian did not see any of these facts as important. He had the inheritance of the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays. There will come a day when he reaches the most profound level of ancient arrays. When that happens, he won’t be afraid of any array masters anyway.

He merely saw the Array Lifting Stone as important as it meant he could now lift the Immortal Trap.

When that happens, the day he enters the completion level is nearer!

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