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Inside the stone room, everyone’s face remained bitter. Staring at the God-like silhouette, hundreds of emotions played on their minds.

Shock, helplessness, fear, and envy swirled inside their hearts. However, everyone here shared one emotion.

It was respect.

Respect towards a God-like character.

Even though Ling Xian was thousands of miles away from becoming a divine heavenly being, within the foundational level, he was shamelessly the victor!

A true victor!

With the battling capabilities he has today, he could easily push through all cultivators of the foundational level. It wouldn’t be anything hard. It could even be described as easy.

Using Di Tian for example. He was an agreed-upon powerful Heaven’s Favorite. But he could not last even one move against Ling Xian. From this, one could tell just how capable Ling Xian was!

"Aye, within the foundational level, this man is without an opponent."

"Yeah. From his demeanor, we can tell he is truly unmatchable. At least at the foundational level, he is undefeatable."

"Compared to this person, I have wasted my years."

"Compared to him? I don’t even think I have the right to compare myself to him."

Everyone’s face at the scene was as bitter as well. They all exclaimed how today’s event had brought down their confidence. They stop mentioning their desire to fight against Ling Xian. They did not even dare to compare themselves to Ling Xian.

Because they knew very well that comparing themselves to Ling Xian was asking for self-harm.

Each and every one of them was bitter on the inside and were acting as if they lost their souls. If they were uncareful, some might never be able to advance on the cultivation journey.

This statement was no exaggeration. It was a real possibility. If these people began to treat Ling Xian as a target that they want to surpass, then they will waste their lives obsessing over this issue.

Unless they could untie the knot in their heart, which is to defeat Ling Xian, the will always be bitter. But… an undefeatable victor of the foundational level. Who could beat him?

Everyone here shuddered as they thought about this possibility. Sweat began to show on their foreheads, and they no longer dared to compare themselves to Ling Xian.

"Oh my God. My brother sure is violent."

Fang Yun’s expression was sluggish as he stared at the white shadow that was standing tall before him. His eyes exploded with light as he chuckled. "I have decided to follow my brother my entire life. To be protected by such a figure, who would I be scared of?"

Lu Chao Xian’s expression was complex, though he had no words to argue against Fang Yun with. He sighed. "That is true. To have a victor of the foundational level as your boss, you can do whatever you want within the foundational level."

"Hehe, are you jealous? Are you envious?" Fang Yun smiled. "Why don’t you admit my brother as your brother as well? If you follow him around, I promise you your future will be bright!"

"Ling Xian really is strong. If I have to name someone to follow, he would definitely be the most appropriate one." Lu Chao Xian exhaled deeply as his expression turned stern. In a low voice he said, "But, I will not follow him. I am going to set him as a goal. A goal that I must reach in my lifetime."

Fang Yun was startled and mercilessly mocked, "That’s a good thought. But it is not realistic. Don’t blame me for not warning you. If you set Ling Xian as a target, you will have to spend your life in unhappiness."

"I understand. But I rather chase after his shadow, and I will never give up."

Lu Chao Xian was determined. He stared at the though skinny, but very reliable looking silhouette and said, "This is my choice. Even if I become possessed by it or cannot advance in the cultivation journey, I accept it."


Fang Yun frowned as he realized Lu Chao Xian was serious. He couldn’t help but sigh loudly and pat his back. He didn’t say anything more.

But what he wanted to say was plain obvious.

Happiness is created by oneself.

This is what Fang Yun wanted to translate through the pat on Lu Chao Xian’s back.

Lu Chao Xian smiled. After making this decision that is impossible to achieve, he suddenly felt more relaxed. He said to himself, "Ling Xian, even if there is no way for me to surpass you, I will have to try."

"Ling Xian… so strong…"

Yan Ning Zhi’s eyes sparkled. Staring at the handsome young man, her face flushed with redness.

At this moment, Ling Xian was wearing his gold armor, and he bore his two wings. Holding onto the Halberd, he stood in midair like a true immortal. His temperament was extraordinarily out of the world.

However, the grandeur he exuded was also like the God of Warrior. If he ascended, he could pick out the stars, if he descended, he could shatter hell. He was incomparably powerful.

"It’s over."

Ling Xian’s face was calm. He did not feel arrogant for acquiring respect from everyone here. He remained collected.

His eyes shone. The three powerful weapons transformed back into their gaseous states and entered back into his eyes. He then walked towards the dead body of Di Tian.

Staring at this once dominating Heaven’s Favorite, Ling Xian softly sighed. He wasn't someone who enjoyed killing others, but he was also never soft-hearted.

Since Di Tian wanted to kill him and was determined to achieve so, Ling Xian was not going to let this person stay alive.

Even though Ling Xian’s capability today meant he did not have to fear anyone from the foundational level. If he let go of an enemy whose hatred towards him was as deep as the ocean, then things would get a little troublesome.

"I completed what I was asked. Now I don’t owe her any favors." The corner of Ling Xian’s mouth lifted. He waved his hand and Di Tian’s storage pouch landed in his own palm.

"As the leader of the Alliance of Tyrants, he should be very rich." Ling Xian concealed his smile. This was something easily predictable.

Who was Di Tian? Not only was he a Heaven’s Favorite who shook all islands, more than that he was the leader of the Alliance of Tyrants. This Alliance has been imperious for the past several years. A few days ago they even took control over the Medicinal Garden of Immortality. He must be highly well-off. Though he may not be richer than a nation, he should have myriads of strings of cash around his waist.

For this reason, Ling Xian was not going to give up Di Tian’s storage pouch. Same with the other three Heaven’s Favorites.

Sweeping his sleeve, all three Heaven’s Favorites’ storage pouches flew into Ling Xian’s.

Then, he slowly walked towards the Array Lifting Stone that was shining with a dizzying amount of light.


Seeing Ling Xian walk towards them slowly, everyone first trembled then moved left or right.

Instantly, they divided and left an open road for Ling Xian. All of their faces were full of respect, as if admiring Ling Xian.

Seeing this, Ling Xian’s expression was as calm as ever. As a victor who sits in the clouds up above everyone, his vision was only concentrated on the nine heavens and not limited to these people’s respectful eyes.

But his ignorance does not mean others also felt nothing about this or had a vision as far as his.

Fang Yun’s eyes flashed with jealousy. The way he looked at Ling Xian was full of longing.

For everyone to step away and make a road for him, how much influence was this?

Remember, these cultivators were all top talents and were all high above others. They’ve gotten used to being looked up to. But at this very moment, they had to reveal how much they admired this one man. It was obvious that they were utterly conquered by Ling Xian.

Their hearts accepted and their minds accepted.

If they didn’t, then these Heaven’s Favorites at most would divide up a road, they would not pay their respect.

"This amount of power and influence is what I pursue in life." Fang Yun sighed, finding it hard to hide the jealousy he felt.

"Aye… yeah…"

Lu Chao Xian sighed. Watching the slowly walking but calm young man, he wryly smiled. "But in terms of capability, I cannot compare. Even mentality wise, I cannot compare. If it was you or me walking right now, we would find it hard to repress our excitement even after telling ourselves to remain calm."

Pausing, Lu Chao Xian continued, "But look at Ling Xian. His expression is calm and his stance is collected. He is not at all arrogant. From this, we can tell that he has his heart set on somewhere even further away rather than being fixated on what’s before him. This kind of mentality is something I do not have."

"Now you know how sad it is for you to set him as your goal," Fang Yun chuckled and muttered. "No matter what, I would never compare myself to that being right there. I am suspicious he is the reincarnation of a heavenly being."

Just then, Ling Xian arrived beside the two. With a smile, he said, "What are you whispering about."

"Hehe, what else would we be talking about? We are talking about how undefeatable you are in terms of capability and mentality. We are all praising you." Fang Yun’s face was carrying all traces of flattery. His smile was blooming into a flower.

"Stop, stop right now."

Ling Xian stared down Fang Yun. Looking at Yan Ning Zhi and Lu Chao Xian, he grinned. "Wait for me. After I get the Array Lifting Stone, we can leave this place."

Yan Ning Zhi’s face was still red as she nodded. Her cute and shy actions were just like how a delicate wife behaves.

Seeing this, Ling Xian sighed to himself. In a flash, he reached for the golden stone.

However, the moment his palm touched the Array Lifting Stone, this stone emitted an infinite amount of heavenly light. It transformed into golden waves that washed towards Ling Xian.

"You dare to try to scare me away with this little power?"

Ling Xian coldly sneered. If this was before his breakthrough, these gold ripples may threaten him. But now, he didn’t even feel an itch.

Raising his right arm high, he exploded with an unmatchable amount of power. Punching forward, Ling Xian immediately dispersed the gold ripples.

Then, all the light in the sky disappeared. A black stone appeared before Ling Xian.

This rock was black and somewhat muddy. At first glance, it looked just like any other rock without any trait that stands out.

However, after seeing this dirty stone, everyone’s breathing hastened. Gaze upon gaze focused on this item, full of heat.

Ling Xian was not really shocked. But he was happy. The way he looked at this item was full of heat.

He really did not think that he would gain so much today. Not only did he get rid of Di Tian and returned the favor the lady in white did for him, he even got his hands on those Heaven’s Favorites’ storage pouches.

Of course, the biggest gain today was the stone before him.

Though it was merely black and looked worthless, in reality, it was the highest ranked and most effective Array Lifting Stone!

Did you not see how everyone’s eyes brightened and their breathing quickened when it was revealed?

It was apparent that this seemingly ordinary stone was an invaluable treasure!

Calling it a treasure is almost an understatement!

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