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Chapter 282: Seven Manors and Three Gardens
According to ancient records, the Palace of Fortune is ridden with endless amounts of treasure. Every single item, if placed in the external world, would garner much attention.

Within the palace, the seven manors and the three gardens had the most number of prized treasures inside.

The seven manors were seven worlds similar in size to Blessed Land and Fascinating Space. They were named after seven stars, Tian Shu, Tian Xuan, Tian Ji, Tian Quan, Yu Heng, Kai Yang, and Yao Guang.

Within these manors were technique recipes and treasures left by ancestors way before their time. It was a place of every cultivator’s dream.

The three gardens were three strange places. They were named, the Taoism Garden of Sky, the Godly Garden of Mother Land, and the Medicinal Garden of Immortality.

Because the first two gardens haven't opened its gates, nobody knew what exactly was hidden inside. However, the last one, the Medicinal Garden of Immortality was famous enough to rattle the 36 islands. Therefore, every cultivator knew it by name.

As its name states, it is a garden of medicine.

Inside the garden grew an infinite number of precious and effective medicines. Rumor has it that inside, there was even immortality medicine that could stop aging!

Of course, this was just a rumor that had no confirmation. Even so, it was enough to make all the cultivators go insane. It is all because the Medicinal Garden of Immortality was far too ridiculous. Any type of medicine could be found.

For this reason, half of the people who wish to enter the Palace were here for the Medicinal Garden. However, the Medicinal Garden of Immortality was very difficult to find as nobody knows its exact location. Only when it opens its gate by itself, can people enter.

Ling Xian was waiting for it to make an appearance.

The Sun was hanging high in the sky, shedding light on this little world and making the entire place warm and bright.

Even though the Palace of Fortune has the word "palace" in its name, it was merely used to describe its appearance. What’s inside the door of the palace was a world like the Painting of the Nine Immortals.

Therefore, this place had the clearest river, the most fragrant flowers, and the chirpiest birds. Anything that could be found in the actual world could be found here.

Right now, Ling Xian was calmly taking a stroll inside a bamboo garden. His tranquil ways and relaxed stance made others wonder if he came here for the view or to seek fortune.
He was being far too casual!

Luckily, there was nobody else around. If they saw this scene, those who fought to the death to just enter the place would not be thinking positive thoughts.

Remember, this was the legendary Palace of Fortune!

Every cultivator who comes to this place fight to the second in search of fortunes. They wished for three heads and six arms and 100 clones in order to snatch all the fortunes they could find in this world!

But here is Ling Xian, not even thinking highly of the treasures. Instead, he was taking a stroll and admiring the sceneries.

This made others speechless.

Finally, Fang Yun, who has been keeping Ling Xian company for two hours, broke down and complained, "Brother, blood brother, can we stop this? It’s been two hours. Isn’t it time to look for treasures?"

"Yeah, Ling Xian, there is no way of knowing when the Palace of Fortune will close its doors. We should be savoring every second," Lu Chao Xian on the other side spoke his thoughts as well. Even though he admired Ling Xian’s collectedness, he couldn’t watch this any longer.

There were many beautiful attractions in the world, he could be enjoying the view anywhere but why he


This was disrespecting the heavenly objects!

"No rush."

Ling Xian grinned. "The places with the most treasures in the Palace of Fortune are the seven manors and the three gardens. If any one of them appear, it would garner much attention and will definitely not escape from under our noses. Once those places appear, we will make our moves."

"Um…" Lu Chao Xian hesitated and smiled wryly. "Ling Xian, I agree with you. But other than the seven manors and three gardens, there are a lot of treasures in the other places as well. Do you not want any of them?"

"Yeah, brother, based on the books my Clan has, there is a place called Cliff of Divided Treasures inside the Palace. That place is full of undefeatable weapons. Think about it. If we can get our hands on those weapons, we can walk sideways without people telling us to do otherwise."

Fang Yun looked into the sky with anticipation, as if imaging himself holding onto treasured swords and ruling over the world.

"Yeah, we sure can walk sideways. But you are forgetting one thing. All those weapons were left from the last era. With our capabilities, how do we call them our own? Ignore touching, even if we get too close to it, we would be crushed to dust from the vibration of their energy." Ling Xian shook his head. Weapons were nice, as they allow the weak to win against the strong.

But what place was this? It was the Palace of Fortune!

Which treasure was not an ancient antique from the last time period? Weapons from so long ago would either be dried out from the wind or survived due to its dominating powers. They were not something foundational cultivators could acquire for themselves.

Also, Ling Xian did not need weapons. Not only did he have the nine transformative qualities of the Eyes of Execution, but his physique was also a treasured weapon of itself!

This was why Ling Xian didn’t want to waste time looking for weapons. Rather, he preferred looking at the sceneries.

"But, we should at least try. What if we stumble onto a weapon that is all mighty and we can touch it?" Fang Yun argued.

Ling Xian smiled. "Don’t blame me for not warning you. But with our level of training, we can only target technique recipes or medicines. If you aren’t scared of dying then go on and try."

"Hehe, I rather not go. I’ll enjoy the view with you," Fang Yun chuckled and continued to kiss butt, "I will follow my brother. Wherever my brother goes, I go."

Ling Xian laughed and looked at Lu Chao Xian, "What about you? I will not stop you if you want to go."

"No no, you are completely right. Those treasures are not something I can get." Lu Chao Xian brandished his hand and looked at Ling Xian with envy. "I sure admire you being able to remain rational before such strong temptations. It is not an attitude regular people possess."

"You are flattering me." Ling Xian smiled. "Rather than thinking about where I can go to find fortune, I believe fortune will come to me."

"Haha, I do not believe that. We are not sons of Gods, how can we be so lucky?" Fang Yun laughed, not believing in Ling Xian.

Lu Chao Xian couldn’t help it but laugh, thinking Ling Xian was merely joking to lighten the mood.

"That may not be true."

Ling Xian smiled mysteriously and pointed at a bamboo tree before him. "Look at this bamboo. How is it different from the other ones?"

Fang Yun and Lu Chao Xian froze. After observing, they said in unison, "There isn’t a difference. They are all bamboos."

Hearing their answers, Ling Xian shook his head. "With your horrible eyesight, you want to search for fortune? Even if fortune was right before your eyes, you would walk around it."


Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun were very confused. They investigated the bamboo again but found no irregularity. They couldn’t help it but look very, very confused.

"You guys."

Ling Xian smiled helplessly and did not waste another word. He waved around his sleeve, and a jade colored bamboo leaf fell onto his palm.

Then, the Essence of Herbalism informed him all about this leaf.

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