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Chapter 283: The Wait
[The Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment. It has mild medicinal effects and can aid in cultivators’ enlightenment.]

When the Essence of Herbalism informed Ling Xian all about this object, Ling Xian curled up his lips. It really was what he thought it was.

The reason why he was strolling in the bamboo garden was one, to admire the view and two, because he felt something that reminded him of the Petal of Enlightenment.

The bamboo leaf before him proved that his feelings were correct.

The Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment have similar effects as the Petal of Enlightenment, and their values were similar as well. They were considered to be a rare godly medicine.

"This is…"

Looking at the jade green bamboo leaf, Lu Chao Xian frowned. In an uncertain tone, he asked, "Could it be… a Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment?"

"Yes, it’s exactly what this is." Ling Xian nodded with a smile.

"It really is that!" Lu Chao Xian’s eyes flashed with shock, unable to believe that he would encounter such a magical object.

Fang Yun’s expression was also of awe, looking at the handsome boy before him, he admired, "Brother, are you really a son of the Gods? You found a Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment while taking a stroll. How lucky is that?"

"God’s son?"

Ling Xian shook his head with a smile. He remembered the four inhibition spells in his body and thought [What kind of God’s son am I? More like God’s enemy.]

"To have found a priceless Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment after taking a walk. I am so jealous." Fang Yun’s face was pure envy and desire.

But, he knew very well that such valuable medicine was found by Ling Xian. Therefore, he had no right to own it.

Lu Chao Xian felt the same. Even though he wanted it badly, he repressed the desire in his heart and shifted his gaze elsewhere. He refused to even peek at the fresh and translucent leaf.

He was afraid that he would lose self-control and start a fight.

In this world, anything that could aid enlightenment is extremely expensive and valuable. Even though Fang Yun and his own background was very profound, he had no right to possess such an object.

"You really want it?"

Noticing Lu Chao Xian and Yun Fang’s thirst for it, Ling Xian smiled. Then, under those two’s astonished stares, he split the leaf into two and said, "Each one of you take half."

Then he put each half on each of their palms.


Lu Chao Xian was beyond shocked. He gulped and declined, "Ling Xian, this is far too valuable for me. I can’t have it."

"Take it. This is pretty much useless to me." Ling Xian’s face was without emotions. He didn’t care much for the Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment.

Lu Chao Xian shook his head and whispered, "Ling Xian, you don’t need to lie. This item can help lead any cultivator to the right path. Anyone would find it helpful, why wouldn’t you?"

"I know you are being kind and want me to take this leaf. But I already owe you a favor, and I cannot take this item under this circumstance. Please take it back." Lu Chao Xian appreciatively held onto the leaf and tried to hand it to Ling Xian.

Ling Xian shook his head with a bitter smile. Even though the Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment was an amazing treasure and was priceless, to him, it really was pretty much useless. Of course, this statement is not exactly accurate. To accurately put it, he did not care at all.

Remember, Ling Xian is the owner of the Purple Dwarf and hence, has an unlimited supply of Petals of Enlightenment. Why would he give two cents about one Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment?

"Take it. This really means nothing to me." Ling Xian waved his hand.


Chao Xian’s expression was stern as he continued to push in a low voice, "No. If this were anything else, I would take it. But this object is far too valuable. I cannot take it."

"Yeah, brother, you are already at the peak of the foundational level. You could use it to break through to the completion level." Fang Yun was finding it difficult to give it up. But he gritted his teeth anyway and passed the leaf before Ling Xian.

"You two…"

Ling Xian did not know whether to laugh or cry. He felt too lazy to explain and simply flapped his sleeve.

Immediately, hundreds of Petals of Enlightenment poured out and hung in mid-air. A strange but refreshing fragrance filled the air.

The hundreds of petals waltzed in the gentle wind alongside the bamboo leaves. The drunkenly beautiful scenery and the rhythmic movements of the two enlightened everyone in the area.

"This is…"

Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun were stunned.

They stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the hundreds of petals in the sky with disbelief in their eyes.

Without a doubt, for so many Petals of Enlightenment to appear all at the same time was impactful, as it was almost an impossible scenario. Even if they were original leveled, they would freeze in shock for a while.

What could they do about it? The value of the Petal of Enlightenment was far too astonishing. For hundreds to rise before them was too hard to accept!

"Oh my god… so many Petals of Enlightenment… have I gone blind?" Fang Yun rubbed his eyes.

Lu Chao Xian was just the same. Staring at the purple petals, his voice quivered, "unbelievable. This many Petal of Enlightenment is something even my father has never seen before."

The two of them had sluggish expressions. Only after a long while did they press down the unsettled feeling in their chests.

"Phew… Ling Xian, what is your background exactly? These many petals are something even the Clan Leaders cannot whip out." Lu Chao Xian breathed out a murky breath as if trying to get rid of all the shock he was feeling.

"Brother, does your family plant these flowers for a living?" Fang Yun’s voice was shaking so much he was almost drooling.

"Never mind that." Ling Xian beamed. "Now, will you take the Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment?"

"Of course. I must now." Fang Yun nodded viciously and laughed. "If I don’t take advantage of someone rich like you, that would be too much of a pity."

"I will take my share as well." Lu Chao Xian bitterly smiled. "Finally, I realize you weren’t lying when you said you don’t need the Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment."

"I told you so. You wouldn’t believe me, and now I have to show off how rich I am." Ling Xian waved around his sleeve again and stored his petals back to his pouch.

"Hehe, if you showed us your the Petals of Enlightenment earlier, we would’ve accepted earlier." Fang Yun laughed. "Brother, blood brother, I will follow you everywhere from now."

"Stop. I never accepted you as a Junior Brother. Stop talking right now." Ling Xian brandished his hand. When he was still on the three thousandth step, he knew this would happen.

Therefore, he stopped Fang Yun before he could continue to flatter him.

"Hehe, brother, I have nothing else to say though." Fang Yun laughed.

Ling Xian stared down at Fang Yun/ "I don’t want you to speak anymore. So how about shutting your trap?"


Fang Yun froze and muttered, "What kind of person doesn’t like compliments these days? What a rare breed."

"You… go away!" Ling Xian cursed with a chuckle.

"Hmmph, I will go then," Fang Yun murmured and walked to the side. He admired the green bamboo leaf on his palm and smiled like a moron.

"Ling Xian, I owe you another favor now." Lu Chao Xian’s face was serious. He did not speak about how he plans on repaying Ling Xian in the future, but in his mind, he made a decision.

Anytime Ling Xian runs into trouble in the future, he will step out and help even if it costs him his life.

"You are being too formal. This is nothing." Ling Xian smiled.

"But if it weren’t for you. Fang Yun and I never would’ve discovered this. In all honesty, it’s all due to you." Lu Chao Xian bitterly chuckled. Though he hasn’t known Ling Xian for long, he was already starting to question his title as a Heaven’s Favorite.

"I simply felt a surge of energy similar to the Petal of Enlightenment."

Ling Xian waved his hand and took a peek at the smiling Fang Yun, "Let us go. If we can find a Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment in an ordinary looking bamboo forest, then I have high expectations for the Palace of Fortune."

He then marched forward in giant leaps.

Fang Yun and Lu Chao Xian followed him closely.

This time, neither of them revealed any impatience or unpleasantness.

They were now certain, if they follow around Ling Xian, even if all they do is enjoying the view, they will find treasures.

The Bamboo Leaf of Enlightenment was very clear evidence.

Just like that, the three of them continued their journey in the same state of ease as before. They had no goals, no destination, and the places they went were merely places of interest.

This kind of recreational day lasted for ten days.

During this period of time, many rumors were circulating around. Such as which cultivator found an ancient recipe of which lost technique or which cultivator found a herb that was said to have been extinct.

To summarize, most people who entered the Palace have gotten rewards.

Ling Xian and company were just the same. Though they didn’t intentionally look for fortune, every place Ling Xian stepped into was buried with unexpectant surprises.

This made Fang Yun and Lu Chao Xian ecstatic and confirmed their loyalty to Ling Xian.

As Fang Yun would say, "Follow brother everywhere, I can get everything!"

The brother in his statement obviously meant Ling Xian.

However, no matter what others acquired, or what Ling Xian acquired, were not categorized as priceless treasures.

After all, only treasures inside the seven manors and three gardens were considered invaluable fortunes!

Sadly, these ten places never activated. Not even the slightest news about them was heard.

This disappointed Ling Xian.

Just then, on this one day, an ear piercing rumble shook Heaven and Earth and caused a chaos amongst all the cultivators in the Palace.

Then, a medicinal garden grew out of the ground, surrounded by bands of murky gas. Emitting five different colored heavenly lights, it outshone the entire Palace of Fortune.

The blinding lights cast a shadow that mirrored the mysterious medicinal garden. The five different lights surrounded the garden was dreamlike.

It was the Medicinal Garden of Immortality!

Known to produce an infinite number of spiritual medicines and known for being the birthplace of the herb of immortality!

Instantly, every single cultivator stopped whatever they were doing and dashed towards the garden like crazy.

"Finally, it appeared…"

Gawking at the rainbow and dreamlike phenomenon, Ling Xian’s lips curled up and revealed a faint smile.

Then, anticipation crawled up his handsome face.

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