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Chapter 226: Bang Bang Bang
An endless amount of purple clouds filled the air and engulfed the entire House. A terrifying atmosphere was created.
No matter how much Master Lin taunted and no matter how loudly people questioned him, Ling Xian paid no attention to them.
Facts always win in the face of speculation!
No doubt about it, the Array of the Purple Clouds has been restored by Ling Xian.
It has been restored to the condition prior to the battle against the phoenix.
Everyone at the scene was shivering from shock. Looking at the purple clouds in the sky, their faces were full of disbelief.
One wave of the arm fixed the array that Master Lin shook his head at?
What an unbelievable turn of events!
"Oh my God, have I gone blind?! He really fixed it!"
"Unbelievable! A wave of a hand fixed the Array of the Purple Clouds? This was an array that even Master Lin could not restore!"
"This is way too astonishing. Not only is he insanely capable, but he is also so skilled with ancient arrays!"
"He also looks so young! Based on appearance, I think he is only around 20 years old, yet he has already achieved so much. Could it be that he is one of those out of the world creatures who are talented in everything?"
Everyone fell into awe. Even the Demonic Fairy and Zi Dong Lai, two people who have pretty much seen everything in the world, were overwhelmed by Ling Xian’s actions!
The movement of an arm restored the Array of Purple Clouds? An array that made Master Lin helpless? How delirious was this?
Ling Xian’s young age and his already beyond capable flesh threw everyone off even more. Only one thought floated in everyone’s mind.
Could it be… that there are multi-talented beasts in this world?
There are!
Ling Xian was one of them!
Though nobody here would want to believe this fact, the fact was before their eyes, and they had to believe it despite their unwillingness!
The Array of the Purple Clouds that was said to be unfixable and made Master Lin overwhelmed was restored by Ling Xian within a minute!
All there was, was a dash of white light, and the Array of the Purple Cloud returned to its 30 percent state. How heaven-defying was this!
There was no need for more words, the winner has been established!
It was easy to predict that once this news spread, Master Lin’s reputation will fall on the ground! His name will be tarnished!
Nobody on the entire Shi Ao Island will treat him with respect. Instead, they will have someone else’s name imprinted on their mind.
Ling Xian!
A new star has risen and using lighting speed, he has shot up to the sky and bedazzled everyone and everything!
"Dammit, what kind of technique was it? How does it have such miraculous effects!" Master Lin gritted his teeth as hundreds of different emotions rose out of his chest.
There was shock, jealousy, greed, and pain.
He did not think, not even once in his dreams, that Ling Xian would be able to bring the Array of the Purple Cloud back to 30 percent of its original form. He did not even consider that the entire process would only take one second. This gave him a headache and caused him pain. But more than that, he was jealous and greedy!
He envied that Ling Xian achieved something he could not despite Ling Xian’s young age. He lusted over the technique Ling Xian used to fix the array!
Though it was short-lived, Master Lin saw it clearly. It was a powerful technique.
There was no doubt about that. A technique passed down by the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays, how could it not be powerful?
In the three months Ling Xian threw himself into understanding Feng Qing Ming’s inheritance, not only did he learn the fundamentals of arrays, his biggest takeaway was learning the Dawn of Life. He originally thought he would not have an opportunity to use it for a while but today, he was able to show

it off and as a result, startled everyone from the House of Zi Yang and slapped Master Lin in the face!
No doubt, this slap in the face was hostile and vulgar!
Staring at Master Lin’s greed-filled face, Ling Xian saw through his desires and thoughts. Dealing with scums like this, he had no intentions of saving him any face. Marching forward a step, he snickered, "Master Lin, I have restored the Array of Purple Clouds, what more do you have to say?"
As those words were spoken, everyone shifted their gaze to Master Lin in order to get a glimpse of how splendid his expression was at this moment.
It was naked humiliation!
Master Lin just stated that he could not restore the array and that nobody on Earth could restore the array. In the next second, however, Ling Xian proved him wrong. What a loud slap.
Scums like Master Lin deserved it!
Ling Xian originally did not plan on humiliating him with words. However, since this person was lusting over his technique, he was far too shameless to be ignored.
This was why he decided to sprinkle some salt on Master Lin’s wounds.
With shameless people like this, one must hit hard and kick them into a bottomless pit so they cannot rebound.
"You, all of you…"
Master Lin’s face was in patches of green and white as his body uncontrollably shook. Half of it was due to anger, the other half due to humiliation.
His name was famous all around Shi Ao Island, and he was admired by every single citizen. Even the Supreme Headmasters from the three controlling forces treated him with nothing but respect. When has he even been so humiliated?
But in front of Ling Xian’s ridicules, he could not talk back.
The reality was right before everyone’s eyes, this loud slap was not something he could dodge.
"Why aren’t you speaking?"
Noticing Master Lin’s silence, the corner of Ling Xian’s mouth lifted up. "I told you, it’s not that nobody can fix the Array of the Purple Clouds, it’s that you are simply too useless."
Master Lin angrily pointed at Ling Xian with a shaking index finger, but he couldn’t find the words to revolt with.
If this were before the restoration of the Array of the Purple Clouds, nobody would’ve believed this statement. However, the Array has been fixed, this statement was now believable.
Even if Master Lin does have actual knowledge and is not useless, it still depends on who he is compared to.
Compared to Ling Xian, he is useless!
This was now a fact and cannot be denied.
"What about me? Get the f*ck away from us right now. You’re an eyesore," Ling Xian impatiently gestured for him to leave. He was extremely annoyed by this person.
"You’re telling me to go?" Master Lin froze for a second before breaking into a fit.
The jealousy he felt towards Ling Xian’s capabilities and the fact that he could summon Dawn of Life finally erupted. With a gloomy face, Master Lin muttered, "You sure do not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Do you know who I am? You are telling me to f*ck off? You sure are in a rush to reincarnate."
Ling Xian chuckled with relish, "I wonder if I am in a rush to reincarnate or you are too impatient to die."
When those words were said, everyone shifted their gaze towards Master Lin pitifully. It was as if they were looking at someone who was about to die.
Noticing everyone’s sorry stares, Master Lin was startled, unsure why everyone was looking at him like this.
"Why… why are you all looking at me like this?"
Master Lin hesitated, a little unsettled.
Ling Xian shook his head and walked over with a hidden grin, "You don’t understand? Then let me show you."
He then raised his right arm and slapped him in the face!
A crisp smack left a red palm print on Master Lin’s right cheek.
"You… you dare to hit me!"
Master Lin’s eyes were full of astonishment. He held onto his right cheek, unable to believe that Ling Xian actually hit him. And to have hit him under such a humiliating circumstance.
As one of the most important figures on Shi Ao Island, who dared to touch him? Now, right before him, Ling Xian slapped him without any hint of regret. He was dumbfounded by this.
Only after a long while did he regain his rationality. He stared at the youth before him deadly in the eyes, spitting fire with his gaze. At this very moment, he felt every possible negative emotion there was to feel. In his mind, he has ripped Ling Xian into a million pieces!
"You son of a b*tch, I want you to die!"
Master Lin’s anger has now reached his head. His white hair crazily tangled in the wind as his foundational Qi gushed out of him and swarmed in all directions!
However, before he could move, a thin and white palm aimed at him.
The hand was soft, slow, but at the same time, it was impossible to dodge!
Another crisp sound dispersed all the foundational Qi in the air. A bright red palm print appeared on Master Lin’s left cheek.
"You… you are a monster!"
Master Lin’s face was in pure shock. Looking at the youth who was slightly smiling, he was extremely frightened.
As a foundational cultivator, he couldn’t do anything to combat Ling Xian’s attacks. How could he not be afraid?
"I am not a monster. However, to you, I am a nightmare."
Ling Xian’s expression was calm. Looking at the quivering Master Lin, Ling Xian beamed gently. "Let me end your nightmare."
Ling Xian began his attacks. Using his left and right palms, he slapped Master Lin’s old face continuously and violently.
His old face became more and more red and more and more swollen. He had almost turned into a pig head.
Of course, Ling Xian controlled the strength of his flesh and didn’t even use 10 percent of what he was capable of. If he used all he has got, one slap would’ve been enough to crack Master Lin’s skull.
Ling Xian stopped the hitting after more than ten hits. Looking at the now unrecognizable Master Lin, Ling Xian was very satisfied. "Not bad, I had a lot of fun hitting you. You can go now."
"Hahaha, good one!"
"Even though I was only watching and did not get to hit him myself, I still feel so good from watching. Keep on hitting him! Don’t stop!"
"I have hated this person for a long time. He didn’t see us as anything just because he had some knowledge. People like this should have been taught a lesson a long time ago!"
"Haha, nice nice, Ling Xian, you did well. Teach him a lesson!"
Everyone was laughing, the anger they felt evaporated with every slap that landed on Master Lin’s face. Every spectator’s face was ecstatic as they laughed at Master Lin’s pig-like face.
Even the Demonic Fairy and Zi Dong Lai chuckled. The depressive flame in their chest slowly dispersed.
Master Lin was simply too easy to hate.
Arrogant, and greedy, he lied to the Zi Yang House in order to gain respect and spiritual stones. After being exposed, he proceeded to shamelessly provoke the House of Zi Yang.
Everyone here has been suppressing their anger.
Now that Ling Xian has slapped him so many times, they felt relieved and cheered Ling Xian on to keep going.
Hearing the encouraging words all around him, Ling Xian smiled, "Look at you. Just how hated are you? I hit you, and they tell me to keep going. To have grown into someone like this is such a failure. So what your position is high? So what you are wealthy? What is the point of it all if everyone wishes you a painful death?"

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