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Chapter 227: Gasps of Admiration
Under the warm Sun, the atmosphere was unusually chatty and zealous. A smile hung on everyone’s face as they all cheered on Ling Xian for slapping Master Lin in the face.
It was apparent that Master Lin has offended the general crowd.
Nobody has stepped out to say Ling Xian went too far, and nobody has voluntarily cried out for Master Lin.
His series of behaviors were far too annoying. Even if Ling Xian killed him, nobody would be blaming him.
Of course, Ling Xian had no intention of killing Master Lin. He had a broad heart and was naturally kind. He would never end someone’s life for something trivial unless that person really deserved to die.
In reality, if Master Lin didn’t treat others with contempt and provoked the entire House of Zi Yang, Ling Xian would’ve never come out and slapped him in the face.
Everything he received, he deserved.
Right now, Ling Xian was slightly grinning as his white robe fluttered in the wind like an Immortal.
Such divine demeanor was surely extraordinary. In a crowd of people, everyone would definitely notice him first.
Master Lin’s expression was dull. Watching the handsome young man before him, other than fear, he also felt disbelief. He never dreamt that one day, on Shi Ao Island, someone would slap him in the face. And the slaps would last 10 full rounds.
When he recalled the pitiful way everyone stared at him, he suddenly understood.
It was simple: the reason why he had the status he had was due to his occupation as an Array Master and due to the fact that he was the only one on the Island. Anyone who wanted to cast an array needed his help, and thus, they respected him without ever disregarding him.
To put it bluntly, it was a concept of supply and demand.
Because there was only one Array Master, the different forces had no choice but to admire him.
But now, another Array Master stood. This Array Master was even stronger than the previous one.
The Array of the Purple Clouds was fixed by Ling Xian within a second. This obviously showed that Ling Xian was stronger than he was by a huge margin.
Because of this, nobody here was scared of Master Lin anymore. Even if he was killed right here and now, there would be no consequences.
Ling Xian was the honorable guest of the House of Zi Yang after all.
Even if Master Lin was assassinated right here and now, nobody would be worried about revenge. After all, the reason why Master Lin was arrogant was because the House of Xuan Yin and the House of Ling Jian had his back.
Now that they have Ling Xian, someone stronger than he was, nobody would avenge him anymore.
A dead Master versus a Master stronger than Master Lin, even an idiot would know which one to choose. It was completely predictable that once today’s event spreads to each controlling forces’ ears, the majority would choose to forget Master Lin and come hug Ling Xian’s leg instead.
Even if the minority of people choose to remember Master Lin, they would no longer treat him with respect and definitely would never ask him to fix their arrays again. No cultivator would trust a Master who lied to gain spiritual stones.
"I have… reached a dead-end."
Master Lin finally understood. "It is no wonder you all looked at me with that kind of gaze."
"You asked for all of this, you can’t blame anyone," Ling Xian murmured.
"Yeah… everything was caused by myself. I cannot blame anyone but myself," Master Lin’s eyes darkened. Suddenly, he looked like he aged for 10 years. Even his normally straight back seemed slouchy.
"Leave, and self-reflect. Maybe what happened today is a good thing for you," Ling Xian waved his hand, indicating for him to depart.
Master Lin froze, "You… you are not going to kill me?"
"Why would I kill you?" Ling Xian turned the question back to Master Lin and shook his head, "I don’t have such a strong

desire to kill. After all, I am not someone with a tiny heart."
Master Lin was startled. He didn’t think that Ling Xian would be generous enough to forgive him.
Rationally speaking, what he did today deserved death. However, Ling Xian did not choose to go down that path and left him a life. How noble was him?
Master Lin’s face turned bright red as he drowned in shame and regret.
After a moment of silence, he bowed to Ling Xian deeply and left.
His stoop back and staggered steps was like a small candle flame that could diminish any second.
Watching Master Lin leave, Ling Xian’s expression was calm. There was no pity, no mockery, only calmness. He gazed at him until he disappeared.
"Haha, Ling Xian, you are the House of Zi Yang’s savior!" Zi Dong Lai laughed. A genuinely bright smile hung on his face.
"Yeah, today is all thanks to Master Ling. Not only did you help us kill the phoenix, but you also repaired the Array of the Purple Cloud. You are our savior."
"Every generation of the Zi Yang House thank you, Master Ling."
"Headmaster, you sure have good eyes. Not only is Master Ling capable, but he also has so many different skills. Thank goodness we got to him first."
Everyone broke into chatter. Other than expressing their appreciation, they also gasped in admiration.
They exclaimed Ling Xian’s capability and his techniques. They also complimented Zi Dong Lai’s sharp eyes for recognizing Ling Xian and inviting him to be an Honorable Guest.
Ling Xian waved his hand out of humbleness, "You all have flattered me so much. I am just an ordinary cultivator."
"Stop being humble. If you are an ordinary cultivator, then I would be a handicap."
"Yeah, using foundational energy, you overcame completion leveled aggression. Such capability is enough to depress the younger generation."
"Master Ling’s array skills is just as shocking. At such a young age, you were able to fix an array that Master Lin couldn’t. How heaven-defying!"
Another round of compliments rose. Everyone carried authentic smiles with them. They had no intentions of flattering Ling Xian, they just really felt the need to express their admirations.
"Ling Xian, stop being so humble. Whether it’s capabilities or array skills, everyone’s seen them first-hand. It is useless being humble," Zi Dong Lai teased. Looking at the extraordinary young man, he revealed a hint of proudness.
Ling Xian was an Honorable Guest handpicked by him.
If Ling Xian were absolutely useless, then Zi Dong Lai would’ve lost face. But now, everyone agrees that Ling Xian is capable. Not only did he fight against the phoenix, but he also restored the ancestral array.
Such a divine Heaven’s Favorite has become the Zi Yang House’s Honorable Guest. How could Zi Dong Lai not feel proud?
Remember that the Elders called him someone with sharp eyes for talents.
Naturally, Zi Dong Lai was proud. The way he looked at Ling Xian was getting increasingly warm and admiring.
Everyone admired Ling Xian, with the exception of one person.
That was the Demonic Fairy.
Remembering the bet, she couldn’t find the room for admiration in her heart. All she could feel was 30 percent embarrassment and 70 percent exasperation.

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