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Chapter 223: Insufferable Arrogance
"Restore it my *ss. Didn’t I tell you earlier already? There is no way to fix this array. Zi Dong Lai, did water get into your head? Why don’t you understand? Why must you summon me here when you know how busy I am? Every single minute I spend here loses me tens and thousands of spiritual stones. How do you plan to compensate me for all the fortune I have lost?"
Master Lin’s face carried a look of arrogance. The first sentence that came out of his mouth was unfriendly and accusing.
As the only Array Master on Shi Ao Island, he has been pursued and admired by all controlling forces as well as the majority of cultivators. This shaped him into someone with insufferable arrogance. No matter who he was dealing with, the Supreme Headmasters included, he didn't think much of them and behaved conceitedly.
Ling Xian frowned as he formed an unpleasant opinion of this person. However, he didn’t say anything and waited for Zi Dong Lai’s reaction instead.
Zi Dong Lai had a frown on as well. As the leader of the House and a completion leveled cultivator, who dared to disrespect him? Only the Supreme Headmasters from the other two controlling forces treated him without much regard.
Right before his face, however, Master Lin spoke unwelcomingly. This made him very angry, yet there was nothing he could do.
Under normal circumstances, he could slam Master Lin dead with his palm due to his position as a completion leveled cultivator. However, he cannot do that right now.
Master Lin has a very high position on Shi Ao Island and is in contact with many different forces. Killing him now would be easy and delightful in the moment, but afterward, many opponents would come to the House’s door in protest. It was not worth it.
Because of this, he could only swallow the humiliation. Squeezing out a smile, he said, "Master Lin, what are you saying? It is because this is an emergency."
"Hmmph, haven’t I told you? The array is already damaged to a point of no restoration. Why don’t you believe me?" Master Lin sneered. The cocky look on his face made others feel disgusted.
Including Zi Dong Lai, everyone despised this person but did not have the capital to resist him. If they could, they would be slapping that disgusting face.
After all, at this moment, the House was asking for a favor from this man. Zi Dong Lai had to repress the rage that was trying to escape his chest.
"Master Lin, you are knowledgeable, and you know the techniques well. I don’t believe what I am asking is a difficult task for you," Zi Dong Lai flattered him a little and smiled, "Master, be rest assured that if you are able to restore the Array of the Purple Clouds to 30 percent of its original form, I will pay you one million spiritual stones. What do you say?"
"One million?"
Master Lin’s eyes sparkled, full of greed. However, he did not answer right away but instead, put up a pretentious act.
"Um, Headmaster of the Zi Yang House, I have seen the array that protects your land. It really is not easy to fix."
Zi Dong Lai frowned, fully aware that this man here is faking it. He cursed at him for being greedy silently, but again, there was nothing he could do.
After all, in the entire Shi Ao Island, there was only one array master.
To fix the array, they must beg Master Lin. Even if he spews out a ridiculous and unreasonable price, there was no room for objection.
"If that’s the case, then I will pay two million spiritual stones if you can restore the array to 30 percent of its original form." Zi Dong Lai forced another smile.
"Two million…" Master Lin was secretly ecstatic but pretended to be hesitant. After a while of silence, he opened his mouth and spat out an astronomical amount.
"Five million. If Headmaster Zi Yang agrees, then I will give it a shot."
As soon those words were spoken, every spectator gasped coldly and peeked at Master Lin in an

unkind manner.
Five million spiritual stones!
Even for the Supreme Headmaster of the Zi Yang House, it is considered to be a huge sum of money and cannot be taken out easily.
This was why when Master Lin said this number, everyone at the scene frowned. If it weren’t for his status in the society, many people would’ve run up and slapped him in the face.
"What a greedy trash of a man."
Ling Xian snickered to himself. He originally thought he would meet a Master with both integrity and ability. Instead, he came in contact with an insufferably arrogant and annoying trash of a man.
One million was not enough, two million was unacceptable, where did he find the audacity to ask for five million? This person, using his status and identity to ask for an unreasonable amount of money was crossing the line.
But, Zi Dong Lai had no choice.
The Array of the Purple Cloud was broken, which decreased the overall capability of the Zi Yang House. If Master Lin can really fix it, even if only to the extent before it was completely broken, it was enough for Zi Dong Lai to pay with everything he had.
Though five million spiritual stones was a lot, compared to having a 30 percent functional array, it was a worthy price.
"As long as Master Lin can restore 30 percent of it, I will personally hand you the five million spiritual stones." Zi Dong Lai clenched his teeth.
"Haha, good. You are the leader of the House after all, you sure are decisive," Master Lin was beyond ecstatic, "If that’s the case, then please hand me the Array Board."
Zi Dong Lai nodded and waved around his sleeve. A purple and round Array Board appeared out of thin air.
For all arrays, the Array Master must first smelt an Array Board, then choose the array range, and finally cast the array.
The Array Board was the core of all arrays, and it was what Array Masters uses to manipulate arrays.
Therefore, in order to restore the Array of the Purple Clouds, the Array Board must be held and used. The board itself must be fixed before the array itself can be restored.
"Let me take a careful look."
Master Lin took over the purple Array Board and instantly frowned. The Array Board in his hands was a wreck; dull, dark, and damaged. Out of all the alternating and interlaced carvings, only one line was still bright. This indicated that the array itself was barely usable.
This made him speechless. In his mind, he thought, [Look at the state this is in, fix it my *ss. Even if the Grandmaster of arrays is here, there probably isn’t a way for him to fix it.]
He did not speak out this thought out loud because he was very keen on getting his hands on those five million spiritual stones. He planned to fake it and act like he was fixing it in order to get the spiritual stones.
Seeing that Master Lin was quiet, Zi Dong Lai took the initiative and asked, "Master, is there hope?"
"Of course," Master Lin said.
"Then you can fix this array?" Zi Dong Lai’s eyes flashed with happiness.
Master Lin’s tightly kneaded together eyebrow flinched. Without the slightest change of expression, he lied, "Certainly. Who am I? Of course I have a way to fix this."
Hearing this, Zi Dong Lai’s heart finally dropped down. He laughed brightly. "Haha, this is good news. Please, Master, do what you have to do."
"About that…" Master Lin hesitated as he thought about how he could make up a seamless lie.
"Is there something wrong?" Zi Dong Lai frowned.
"As Headmaster, you probably already know, restoring arrays is not something that can be achieved within a day. The Array of the Purple Cloud is especially problematic. Though I am highly skilled and trained, to fix this, I will need many valuable materials that will take some time to gather."
Master Lin came up with an excuse to first put Zi Dong Lai at ease. After a while, he will simply say he tried his best but had no way to fix this array. That way, his reputation will not be ruined, and Zi Dong Hai, having witnessed his many days of hard work, will reward him some spiritual stones.
He sure had some idealistic thoughts. With his status, even if he cannot fix it in a few days, Zi Dong Lai will have to pay him due to this position in Shi Ao Island.
"I do know about that. Then, Master, you mean..?" Zi Dong Lai’s brows were knitted tightly together. Something didn’t feel right, but he wasn’t sure what was wrong.
"Let me take the Array Board first. In a few days, I will pay you a visit and return the board in its original condition," Master Ling stroke his beard with a nonchalant expression.
In reality, he was shivering from his fear of being found out.
He had no ability to fix this array. Everything he was saying was a lie.
"Taking this Array Board?"
Zi Dong Lai’s frown deepened. The Array Board is the core of an array. Whoever controlled the board controlled the array itself. The Array of the Purple Cloud highly impacts the safety of the entire House of Zi Yang. If any other controlling force gets their hands on it, many troubles will arise.
But when he thought of the almost useless array, Zi Dong Lai smiled wryly and said, "Then we will do what you say. I will listen to anything you say as long as it can be restored."
Hearing this, Master Lin became confident and grinned. "Ok. If that’s the case, then I shall be on my way."
"Master Lin, I will wait for your good news at the House of Zi Yang." Zi Dong Lai extended his right arm, gesturing for Master Lin to get on his way.
Master Lin nodded and turned away.
However, just as he stepped forward one step, a taunting and calm voice suddenly rose.
"Slow down, where do you think you are taking the Array Board, you con-artist?"
As soon as the words were spoken, the entire area was silenced.
A con-artist?
Master Lin?
Everyone was startled and looked towards the direction of the voice.
The one who spoke was no one else but the new Honorable Guest.
Welcomed by everyone’s astounded stare, Ling Xian remained composed. He stepped forward with one foot, and his robe began to tussle in the wind.
Staring at the handsome young man before him, Master Lin felt a bit fearful, but more than that, he felt angry. He had a high position here and was respected by everyone. Who dared to call him a con-artist?
Not only did Ling Xian make that claim, but he also claimed it with a sarcastic and certain tone. This angered Master Lin greatly. "You are calling me a con-artist?"
"I said it. So what? You are allowed to con people, but you don’t allow others to call you a con-artist?" Ling Xian’s lips curled up, and he snickered.
He thought he was going to meet a respectable Array Master, but instead, he only saw an arrogant, greedy, and corrupted scum. He was extremely disappointed and disgusted with Master Lin.
"Well, well, well, my name is heard all around Shi Ao Island, and I am respected by thousands of people. Nobody has ever called me a con-artist. Why don’t you tell me, how am I deceiving you?" Master Lin’s face was heavy. Though he was somewhat afraid, his behavior was steady.
Ling Xian laughed coldly, "You really want me to expose you in front of everyone?"
Master Lin frowned slightly. Noticing Ling Xian’s young age, he didn’t believe Ling Xian would have anything beneficial to say. With a devious smile, he said, "If you have the guts, then spew the news. I sure want to see how a young boy who still drinks his mom’s milk can label me as a con-artist."
"Good. Then before everyone here, I will expose you, you corrupted and immoral liar!"
The corner of Ling Xian’s mouth lifted up. His voice was as ear-piercing as thunders during spring.

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