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Chapter 224: Exposed
"Good. Then before everyone here, I will expose you, you corrupted and immoral liar!"
A simple statement penetrated the air. Though the volume of the voice was low, it still erupted like thunder in everyone’s ears.
Expose before everyone?
Master Lin is a con-artist?
Every spectator on site was full of suspicion. Glancing at the composed Ling Xian, then glancing at the just as calm Master Lin, they fell into confusion.
Logically, everyone here would believe the prominent Master Lin. But from an emotional point of view, everyone wanted to believe Ling Xian more.
This was all because Master Lin was insufferably arrogant and did not attract anyone’s fondness.
The Demonic Fairy and Zi Dong Lai felt the same way as well, unsure who to believe.
In all honesty, when Ling Xian first spoke, they froze in shock.
What went through the Demonic Fairy’s head was, [Could it be that Ling Xian actually knows ancient arrays?]
What went through Zi Dong Lai’s head was, [Why would Ling Xian make such a claim? Is he not afraid of offending Master Lin?]
"Alright. If you think you can make that claim, then you better back it up. If you can’t then I assure you that you will die an ugly death." Master Lin smiled deviously.
"I die or you lose everything you have, we will find out soon enough." the corner of Ling Xian’s mouth curved up as his detest towards Master Lin reached its boiling point.
At first, he didn’t want to step up. But he could no longer contain himself from wanting to ruin this persons’ ugly heart and face.
First, he displayed a royal attitude, then he behaved so greedily. In the end, he even deceived everyone at the scene. This enraged Ling Xian and he decided that he had the obligation to expose this person.
Before he could say any more, Zi Dong Lai suddenly spoke, "Ling Xian, Master Lin’s name is known all around Shi Ao Island. How could he be a liar? Please don’t make arbitrary claims."
Ling Xian faintly grinned, fully aware of the fact that Zi Dong Lai was afraid of offending Master Lin. After all, Master Lin was positioned high in society. If he were unhappy, then the whole house would have to pay.
Ever since he became a cultivator, he had fought hundreds of battles. When has he ever feared?
He even dared to kill figures like the Third Prince, what was an Array Master to him? On top of that, this person wasn’t even a master, he was simply a liar.
Even if he did have the knowledge, his immorality made him a scum. A master should have admirable ideologies and beliefs.
Towards people like this, even if they had the power to control the world, Ling Xian would not respect nor be afraid of them.
"Headmaster, I am not making irrational claims. I simply do not want to watch as everyone in the Zi Yang House gets deceived by this person," a grin crawled onto Ling Xian’s lips.
Zi Dong Lai frowned and asked, "Ling Xian, are you serious?"
"Why don’t we try it out?"
Ling Xian smiled as he fixated his gaze onto Master Lin and teased, "Master Lin, what do you say?"
"Hmmph, what can I say? Do I admit that you are right? How laughable." Master Lin’s eyes were shining. He was already somewhat afraid, but seeing Ling Xian’s certainty and confidence, he felt even more at loss.
But there was no way to back out now. He chortled, "I spent my entire life studying arrays. Though I cannot say I am the best in the world, I am nonetheless very skilled and knowledgeable. I am not a con-artist you claim me to be."
"You know very well if you are one or not."
Ling Xian’s expression was calm as he marched forward. No spiritual energy was seeping out of him, but he did hold everyone down and turned the atmosphere serious with his grandeur.
"Let me ask you, who taught you that fixing an Array Board needed precious materials?"
Ling Xian stared straight at Master Li

n as the sarcastic statement slowly left his mouth.
Though his voice was low, it still erupted like thunder.
Immediately, Master Lin’s face turned pale white as his body began to shake.
"You, you…"
Sweat began to form on Master Lin’s forehead as he gawked at Ling Xian in awe. He really didn’t think that Ling Xian would know ancient arrays and would expose him with merely one question.
"Me? What about me? You are too scared to say it right? Then fine, let me tell you," Ling Xian’s lips curved up as he made a statement that dragged Master Lin into hell.
"The Array Board doesn’t need any materials to be fixed. It merely needs array spells!"
One question broke the rock, one statement shook the sky!
"Fixing an array doesn’t need any materials? But Master Lin said many materials needed to be gathered in order to fix the board. Who is in the wrong here?"
"Not sure, but look at how certain Guest Ling is. Most likely he is right."
"I believe in Master Lin more. He is the famous array master on Shi Ao Island, why would he lie to us? Also, what does a little boy know about arrays?
"I think so too. But, look at Master Lin’s face, he looks a bit strange."
Everyone engaged in a heated debate. Majority of the spectators believed in Master Lin but a small portion supported Ling Xian.
Master Lin’s face was chalk white as he pointed at Ling Xian with a shaking finger, speechless.
He had nothing to say.
What Ling Xian stated was the universal rule of ancient arrays!
"No, he is lying! What does a young boy know about array?" Master Lin suddenly screamed out. He did not want to admit anything and fired at Ling Xian instead.
Ling Xian frowned, he didn’t expect that this person would be this shameless. His cover was already blown but he did not want to admit it. To deal with this kind of person, luckily, Ling Xian had a way.
Shifting his gaze towards Zi Dong Lai, Ling Xian faintly grinned. "Since Master Lin doesn’t admit to this, then I will ask Headmaster to find some books on ancient arrays. I believe the Tripitaka Pavilion should have some?"
Zi Dong Lai nodded. At this point, this was the only way to verify who was in the wrong here. He waved his arm and ordered, "Someone fetch all the books and records about ancient arrays right now."
Seeing this, Master Lin’s body shook even more. But he had no options but to continue faking it and pray that there were no records regarding this matter in ancient books.
After a while, a youth arrived before Zi Dong Lai with a few books that were yellow around the edges.
"Good, you may go now."
Zi Dong Lai, using his spiritual energy, allowed the four ancient books to float in midair. Then he flipped the pages on all four books at the same time as all the information from each page got imprinted in his mind. Before long, he found the statement Ling Xian made.
In the next second, Zi Dong Lai’s face drooped down. His expression was so heavy and dark that rainwater was about to pour out of him.
It was obvious how enraged he was.
For the restoration of the Array of the Purple Cloud and the glory of the Zi Yang House, he would endure Master Lin’s insulting ways. However, he could not endure Master Lin deceiving him and deceiving the entire Zi Yang House!
He could forget about his arrogant ways and ignore his greed. But for him to play around with Zi Yang House’s one string of hope was absolutely unforgivable!
"Well, well well, what a Master Lin you are!"
Zi Dong Lai’s face was still dark as his anger boiled. He threw the few ancient books onto Master Lin’s head and snickered, "Master Lin, if you cannot give me a proper explanation for what happened here today, I guarantee you that you will not be able to walk out of the House of Zi Yang!"
As soon as the words were spoken, an aggressive amount of killer instinct washed out of his body and petrified the entire area!
Instantly, Master Lin felt himself falling into an icy hell. His face was full of fright.

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