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"I accept."

With a faint smile and a white robe that floated in mid-air, everything about him exuded the aura of an immortal.

Normally, Ling Xian appeared as a bookworm who always carried a soft smile with him. Composed and calm; he behaved as if even if the sky falls down, he would still be unaffected.

However, when he enters a battle, he transforms into an angry dragon. He would unleash all his unheavenly prowess and make moves at lightning speed, fast and violent.

"Haha, good, very good! The Zi Yang House has acquired another warrior!"

Zi Dong Lai laughed out loud, finding it difficult to hide the ecstasy and excitement he felt.

Normally, as a completion leveled cultivator and as the Supreme Headmaster of the House, his emotions should be like the calm water. But geniuses with such natural talents are far too rare to find!

Therefore, when he heard Ling Xian say "I accept", his emotions betrayed him, and he behaved erratically despite his rich life experience.

"You are flattering me. I am merely a nomad without a permanent home. Since Headmaster you welcome me into your House, then I will stay at the Zi Yang House for a while." Ling Xian chuckled gently.

"Haha, good! The House of Zi Yang has amazing sceneries with heavy spiritual energy. It is a perfect location to live in." Zi Dong Lai laughed brightly, "Let me tell you the benefits you will get as an Honorable Guest ."

"I would appreciate more details," Ling Xian said softly.

Zi Dong Lai extended three fingers. "First, the Honorable Guest is of high status. From certain angles, you can say the position is as high as mine, the Supreme Headmaster. When an Elder or a member of the House sees you, they will show you the utmost respect and will not behave rudely in any way."

"Two, every year, you will receive 300,000 spiritual stones."

"Three, you can enter and exit any place within the House of Zi Yang. Of course, this excludes restricted areas. You can also practice any technique you want other than the Zi Yang House’s own secret techniques."

"The remuneration is of great value. It seems like I made the right decision of accepting your request." Ling Xian nodded, satisfied. Though he didn’t care about the spiritual stones, he was very happy with the other two advantages the Headmaster spoke of.

To have every Elder and member of the House respect him meant that nobody will try to provoke him. This saves him a lot of trouble.

To be able to enter and exit anywhere within in the House meant that Ling Xian could move freely without restrictions. This type of freedom was something he enjoyed.

After a moment of silence, Ling Xian asked carelessly, "Headmaster Zi, I personally love to read, especially ancient books and records. I wonder if I can enter the Tripitaka Pavilion to do some reading?"

"Tripitaka Pavilion? You like reading Buddhist scriptures and ancient records?"

Zi Dong Hai frowned, unsure of Ling Xian’s intentions. However, since he invited Ling Xian to be an Honorable Guest, he had no reason to say no. "Of course, of course, the Honorable Guest’s position is high. Other than the few restricted areas, you can enter wherever you want. The Tripitaka Pavilion is, of course, okay as well."

"Perfect." Ling Xian smiled pleasantly. One of the reasons he accepted being the Honorable Guest was to search through old records and books of the Zi Yang House in hopes of finding a way back to the nine continents.

Zi Dong Lai was very happy with the result. To him, as long as he was able to get Ling Xian, this genius of a Heaven’s Favorite into his House, then any payment was worth it.

He waved around his sleeve, and a purple token appeared. He said in a low voice, "Ling Xian, this is a token belonging only to the Honorable Guest. It represents your position in the House, please keep it safe."

"Thank you, Headmaster. I will remember." Ling Xian accepted the token and placed it into his storage pouch. He then peered into the forest before them. "Now, let us wait and see how many people will walk out alive before sunset."

Just like that, Zi Dong Lai, the Demonic Fairy, and Ling Xian stood side by side and waited for the tryout result.

Time passed slowly. Finally, the Sun was beginning to set and to bleed lights as red as blood.

A fragile looking young man covered in blood slowly walked out of the forest. Every step he took was with great difficulty, and his face was chalk white. Despite this, his eyes were filled with pure joy.

In his hand, he held tightly onto a purple and black token. Obviously, he has successfully found a token and can now become a member of the Zi Yang House.

Behind him, more and more people walked out of the forest. Some had dark expressions on their faces, some left the area with sad looks in their eyes.

Some found it difficult to hide their excitement. They walked right before the Elder responsible for the tryout and gave him the tokens they acquired. When the Elder commented on their successes and asked them to wait on the side, the happiness on their faces deepened.

Very quickly, the Sun was setting closer to the horizon as the night was about to begin.

Yun Meng and Yun Yan walked out together side by side. Though their clothes were torn, there was no trace of red blood anywhere. The two of them were unwounded.

"Good, as long as they are not hurt."

Looking at the two sisters, Ling Xian nodded in relief.

Feeling Ling Xian’s stare, Yun Yan smiled brightly as a way to tell Ling Xian to be rest assured. She then led Yun Meng to greet the Elder and give him the tokens.

There were 20 of them!

The two sisters each acquired ten tokens!

This result stunned the Elder as well as the cultivators who were waiting on the side.

This time, the Zi Yang House only buried 60 tokens in total. To be able to get their hands on one of them was already difficult. To think that these two beautiful ladies each got 10 of them!

What does this prove?

This meant the two sisters had amazing capabilities and were leaders of the group!

No doubt, the top one and two will be Yun Yan and Yun Meng.

"Good, good, good. I did not think that we would find seeds with such potential in this tryout. Come, the two of you should take a break over here." the Elderly could barely close his lips from smiling so big and respectfully guided the two girls to the side.

"Okay, Elder."

Yun Yan nodded before quickly walking to Ling Xian with Yun Yan. "Master, both of us have acquired ten tokens."

"Yes, not bad. You did well."

Ling Xian smiled, satisfied with the result. After all, he has taught these two a little bit and could be considered to be half an actual Master of theirs.

Apprentices who achieve impressive results always make the Master happy and proud.

Yun Yan’s face was dizzyingly red as she tried to contain her happiness. In the forest, she fought against groups of people and risked her life to acquire ten tokens. Not only did she want to be in the top 10 and directly enter the Zi Yang House, more than that she wanted Ling Xian to feel proud and compliment her.

Therefore, when Ling Xian said she did well, her heart turned into honey. The exhaustion she felt from the fight was gone in an instant. It was as if this compliment had the magic power of soothing her.

"What about me, Master? Did I not do well?" Yun Meng’s little face was yearning for approval. She too wanted to hear a compliment.

"You did well as well." Ling Xian rubbed Yun Meng’s little head and asked, "Did you get your hands on these tokens with your cauldron or did you get them with the help of your sister?"

Hearing this, Yun Meng peeked at Ling Xian with a guilty conscience. Only after making sure that he was smiling and was not mad did she stop worrying. She grabbed his arm and pettishly said, "Master, it doesn’t matter what method I used to get them. The important thing is that I got 10 of them. The same as my sister. You need to reward me!"

"All you know is how to ask for rewards."

Ling Xian pressed onto Yun Meng’s forehead with one finger and looked at Zi Dong Lai. With a smile, he said, "Headmaster, these two girls can be considered my apprentices. Now that they have made it into the Zi Yang House, please take care of them."

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