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"Headmaster, these two girls can be considered my apprentices. Now that they have made it into the Zi Yang House, please take care of them." Ling Xian gently smiled.

"Naturally. To have found two talented beauties is luck in itself. Of course, I will carefully sculpt them." Zi Dong Lai looked at the two girls before him as the happiness he felt grew. He did not think that he would be able to find such beauties during this year’s tryout.

"Then I will introduce them to you. This is Yun Meng. Her natural talent with Taoism does not particularly stand out, but she is very gifted in alchemy. She is already a Ninth-Realm Alchemist." Ling Xian grinned as he introduced Yun Meng.

"A Ninth-Realm Alchemist?"

Zi Dong Lai’s eyes flashed with shock. Alchemists are positioned high in society, but they are very rare. Though Yun Meng was only a Ninth-Realm Alchemist, she meant more to the House than a regular cultivator.

"Good, good, I did not think that this tryout would gift the Zi Yang House with a genius Heaven’s Favorite and a Ninth-Realm Alchemist with a bright future." Zi Dong Lai’s face was flooding with happiness. As the leader of the House, the more talents he could recruit, the better off he was.

"This is Yun Yan, she is the older sister of Yun Meng. She is a Heaven’s Favorite with tenth level Qi," Ling Xian pointed to Yun Yan.

"Tenth level Qi?"

Zi Dong Lai gasped. If a Ninth-Realm Alchemist shocked him, then the news of Yun Yan being in the undefeatable realm astonished him even more.

Remember that not every cultivator can get to a Qi level of 10.

That is the undefeatable realm of the meditation level, only real geniuses could achieve it!

Those who reach the undefeatable realm of the meditational level are those who have reached the peak of their meditational training. Not only are their combat abilities far above regular cultivators, but it also meant that they have great talent and potential!

This was why when Ling Xian said Yun Meng had a level 10 Qi, Zi Dong Lai was absolutely in awe. Using his own spiritual energy, he tested Yun Yan’s cultivation level and began to laugh. "Ha ha! You really do have a Qi level of 10. The House of Zi Yang sure is lucky."

"Of course she is in the undefeatable realm. Why would I lie to you?" Ling Xian concealed a smile, he felt proud and gratified.

On the journey to the House of Zi Yang, Yun Yan, under his directions, finally broke through her shell and became a rare Heaven’s Favorite.

"Haha, we only had one Heaven’s Favorite in the House of Zi Yang originally. Now we have one more. This really is a vast amount of fortune for the House of Zi Yang!" Zi Dong Lai bellowed loudly. He checked out Yun Yan as he pondered whether or not he should take her in as an apprentice.

Feeling embarrassed by Zi Dong Lai’s stare, Yun Yan’s cheeks began to flush with redness as she whispered, "Thank you, Master Ling, I wouldn’t have reached the tenth level without your support."

That was for sure. Her becoming a Heaven’s Favorite and Yun Meng becoming a Ninth-Realm Alchemist was all thanks to Ling Xian.

If it weren’t for him, Yun Yan would’ve never recovered from her lack of spiritual energy and never would’ve broken through to the tenth level.

Yun Meng would never have found out that she was talented in alchemy and become a Ninth-Realm Alchemist.

To put it even more bluntly, if it weren’t for Ling Xian, the entire Yun Clan would’ve been wiped out.

Therefore, everything was thanks to Ling Xian.

"Yun Yan, there is no need to be humble. You were born talented. Even without me, you would’ve gotten this far," Ling Xian smiled and waved his hand.

"No, it is all thanks to you. Without you, I wouldn’t be here today," Yun Yan said stubbornly.

"You sure are a stubborn one." Ling Xian shook his head helplessly and shifted his gaze to Zi Dong Lai. "Headmaster, these two sisters are the direct descendants of the Yun Clan. Since they are now a part of the Zi Yang House, then the fee they pay every year-"

"Of course, of course. I will put through an order right away. The fee the Yun Clan pays every year will be reduced by 70 percent. How’s that?" Zi Dong Lai waved his sleeve.

"That is perfect," Ling Xian was satisfied, "I will thank you on behalf of the Yun Clan for this favor."

Yun Yan and Yun Meng were ecstatic. Reducing the annual fees by 70 percent meant the Yun Clan no longer needed to dedicate all their time and energy on making spiritual stones just to sustain themselves. They now have the budget to purchase goods that aid their descendants’ training.

Once that happens, the capability of the Yun Clan will soar. It is easy to predict that in the near future, many strong cultivators will be born from the Yun Clan.

"This is all thanks to Master," Yun Yan muttered. She secreted checked out Ling Xian, and her face flushed bright red again.

She was fully aware of the fact that the Supreme Headmaster had amended the original rule and increased the 30 percent reduced fee to 70 percent. This was not because of Yun Meng and herself, this was all because of Ling Xian.

The leader of the House would not so easily change the set rule otherwise.

"We are a family now, why thank me?" Zi Dong Lai laughed. Seeing that the sky has darkened, he said, "It is late. Let’s get to the House first."


Ling Xian nodded and followed Zi Dong Lai.

This completion leveled cultivator waved his arm in midair, and the entire area began to shake. A ripple broke out in the air, followed by the appearance of a golden door. The door was diffusing lights in all colors.

"Follow me."

With a faint beam, Zi Dong Lai entered first.

Ling Xian, the Demonic Fairy, Yun Yan, and Yun Meng all followed.

In the next second, the group of people entered the House of Zi Yang.

Here, the mountains cave in and out and ancient trees were as tall as the sky. All types of flowers and herbs could be found, and there were streams, lakes and even waterfalls. The entire scenery was like poetry, absolutely stunning.

On top of that, an immense amount of spiritual energy engulfed the place. There was plenty of lands to explore, and each corner was surrounded by misty fog that made it appear heavenly.

"It is an internal world created by a spatial instrument."

Looking at the scenery that was almost impossible to find in the real world, Ling Xian understood immediately that this place was created by a spatial instrument. There was no other explanation for the high density of the spiritual energy and the beauty of this scenery.

This made him exclaim. It is no wonder the House of Zi Yang was so respected. Though it has lost the glory it had during the beginning of its creation, it was still far better off than others.

After all, spatial instruments were considered to be divine and rare.

Spatial instruments were categorized into three types based on their special properties. These three types were known as Blessed Land, Fascinating Space, and Little Universe.

Blessed Land is suitable for select individuals to live in. Most of these spatial instruments are owned by powerful cultivators.

Fascinating Space is usually occupied by small groups of forces who a have certain level of influence and power.

Little Universes, on the other hand, are rarely found, and in the entire world, there are a few of them.

The Painting of the Nine Immortals that Ling Xian possesses is a prime example of a Little Universe.

The world they are in now is the second best spatial instrument, the Fascinating Space. The amount of space and the amount of spiritual energy cannot be compared to the Little Universe. Despite this, this type of spatial instrument is still considered to be very, very rare and valuable. If it weren’t for Zi Yang House’s past glory, they would not have this treasure based on their current capability.

"You sure have seen a lot and experienced a lot. Normally, people cannot tell when they are in an internal world of a spatial instrument."

Zi Dong Lai’s eyes flashed with shock after Ling Xian correctly revealed their location. He realized he cannot see through Ling Xian at all.

"I do not have a lot of experience. I simply like to read and absorb knowledge from them." Ling Xian stayed humble. He had no choice but to do so. After all, he cannot tell Zi Dong Lai that he knew this place was a Fascinating Space because he possessed a Little Universe.

If he said that, then Zi Dong Lai would go crazy from jealousy and kill everyone here in order to steal that treasure.

After all, the Little Universe is far too valuable. It is worth a hundred times more than the Fascinating Space!

"It is no wonder you give off such a mature vibe. It is because of the books you read after all," Zi Dong Lai complimented and extended his right arm, "Come, let me show you around, and you can pick your favorite house to stay in."

"You go ahead. I need to head back," the Demonic Fairy suddenly spoke. Looking at the handsome young man beside her, she muttered, "In three months, we will duel, and I will avenge myself for the humiliation I had to suffer by defeating you."

"Then you better work hard. I am not someone who can be easily defeated." Ling Xian looked at her, full of interest. He then provoked, "I suggest you read some books regarding how to be a good servant."

"Oh really? Then I suggested you read some of those as well. In case you don’t know how to do any of the chores I ask of you. You will get a beating if you fail to comply with my wishes," The Demonic Fairy snickered and snapped back.

"I can’t wait. Don’t disappoint me." Ling Xian grinned, his handsome face full of confidence.


The Demonic Fairy stared Ling Xian down and flew away.

"Please don’t be offended. The Demonic Fairy has always been rather arrogant. Though people nicknamed her ‘Demonic’, she has only killed those who deserved to die. She is actually kind in nature," Zi Dong Lai defended the Demonic Fairy. He did want the two Heaven’s Favorites he worked hard to recruit to kill each other.

"I know. Please show me around so I can pick a room." Ling Xian nodded.

"Yes, please follow me."

Holding out his right arm again, Zi Dong Lai led the group forward to a cluster of mountain peaks that were half hidden in clouds.

After walking for awhile, Yun Meng finally saw the peak of the mountain valley that was full of spiritual energy. Yun Yan was very satisfied with the mountain peak as well, so the two sisters decided to live there.

Ling Xian and Zi Dong Lai continued their walk.

After another few minutes, Ling Xian’s eyes brightened. Before him was another mountain peak that was narrow and long, like a sword. The mountain peak was surrounded by white clouds and fog. The best part of it all was that there were no other valleys around. It suited his desire for quietness.

"This is the one," Ling Xian smiled.

"Alright, then this mountain peak is yours."

Zi Dong Lai made a fist with one hand and cupped it with another, "Since you picked where you would like to stay, then I will bid my farewell. If you have anything you need, please come find me at the Peak of Zi Yang."

"Please be on your way," Ling Xian said with a soft grin.

Zi Dong Lai nodded before turning into a ray of light and disappearing.

As soon as he disappeared, Ling Xian’s face became flooded with excitement. He reached the top of the chosen mountain peak at lightning speed. Then, he hurriedly set off a protective array before walking into the house itself. It was as if something of extreme importance has happened.

He has mastered the art of composure and reached a point where his expression could remain the same even if the Tai Mountain fell before him.

What caused him to be so rushed and impatient?

This was all because he heard a sentence spoken by the Keeper of the Land and Sea.

A sentenced that gave him great thrill.

"The third immortal has awakened. Hurry and enter the Painting of the Nine Immortals."

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