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Chapter 146: Forced Marriage
Splendid cloud formations transformed over the top of the sleepy village.
The rustic, long forgotten village was just as peaceful as it had always been, only with someone missing.
A youth to whom the villagers were unanimously and unequivocally indebted.
At this moment, the villagers gathered in small groups, passing the time with chatter, chess, and wine. But the name Ling Xian would come up intermittently throughout their conversations. These villagers were greatly concerned about his well-being.
"Ah, Ling Xian’s been gone nearly a month now, not a word on how he is." An elderly man sighed.
"He should be fine. He’s more skilled than anyone we know. He’s got a kind heart. The Heaven’s will look after him," Another elderly man said, his voice filled with concern, uncertain if he was trying to convince the others or himself.
"One’s fate is written. Dead or alive, it’s not up to him." The village mayor sighed as he shifted his gaze onto a girl seated near the village gate, his eyes filled with pity.
Su Zi sat quietly on top of a large rock, her exhausted gaze aiming far deep into the vast, empty field. She had been sitting there, waiting, oblivious to night and day, storms and rain.
Everyone in the village was concerned over Ling Xian’s well-being. But the person they were most concerned for was Su Zi.
She has not uttered a single word since Ling Xian’s departure. She would come to sit by the village gate every morning without displaying any feelings or hope. She would only sit there, quiet and still like a rock, waiting for the figure in white.
But a month had passed and no such figure, which so captivated her delicate fantasy, appeared. Had the purple post not vanish, perhaps she would end her life there and confront death next to Ling Xian.
She knew clearly that Ling Xian does not love her. But she has regrets. She would give him, out of her own will, her everything, even in death.
Such a woman was indeed a rare find.
"Da, da, da…"
All of a sudden, the sound of horses approaching broke the somber silence. Soon after, a dozen or so horses arrived at the village gate. The riders, dark-skinned, fur-wearing men descended their horses as they came to a stop. Clearly, the visitors were indigenous nomads who inhabited the Vast Mountains.
The leader of the gang was a man at least 50 years of age. Right behind him followed a youth of 16 or 17. The young man’s eyes sparkled as he spotted the beautiful girl seated at the village gate. It was clear he felt an impulse to snatch her up and ride away.
"Little bastard, look at yourself, wipe off your drool. She’ll soon be your wife. Can’t you wait a single moment longer?" The older one mocked. He looked at the girl up and down, gave an approving nod and said, "Not bad, you little sh*t have good taste. You won’t find another one like this in the Vast Mountains."
"It’s you!"
Su Zi recognized the youth and hollered in disgust.
Three days ago, while she was out gathering herbs, she crossed paths with this man who tried to violate her. Fortunately, he only had skills equivalent to a cultivator of the third realm, and she was able to defeat him and escape with ease.
She could have never expected him to find her here.
"What’s happened?"
The villagers had taken notice of the uninvited guests and rushed to her side.
"Grandpa, this was the savage I spoke to you about three days ago." Su Zi grabbed the mayor’s sleeve as she eyed the nomadic youth with disgust.
The mayor frowned as his expression hardened. He looked at the lustful face of the youth, then at the leader of the gang. After a moment of consideration, he finally asked, "If my memory serves me correctly, you are the mayor of the Da Wang village."
"Correct, that would be me."
The elderly gang leader nodded, flashing an expressio

n of arrogance. He continued coldly, "This is your granddaughter? Well then, despite your limited skills, you are a major of a village. This marriage is a perfect fit. She is a good match for my grandson."
"Are you here to propose marriage?"
The mayor frowned. The visitor clearly did not come in goodwill. His tone was one of pride and conceit. His words sounded more like a command. But at the same time, the nomadic gang appeared too vicious to defend against, so the mayor wisely decided to stand down.
"Propose marriage?"
The elder returned the question with a question of his own before roaring with laughter. His dozen or so followers followed suit as if they too heard something funny in that response.
"Ha ha ha, he said marriage proposal, that’s too funny!"
"No, don’t, ha ha, I can’t stop laughing!"
"Right!? That’s a joke! Someone the young master desires, who needs to propose."
The nomads continued to laugh. Some were on the verge of tearing up. Anyone could sense the magnitude of their insult.
This act of malice angered the villagers. If not for the lack of command from the village mayor, they would have pounded on the visitors.
Su Zi was amongst them. Her face had now turned a dark shade of maroon. Watching their hideous faces and condescending behaviors made her throw up in her mouth.
"Looks like you are not to propose marriage, but war."
The village mayor’s face was turning green. If his level-headedness hadn’t kicked in and reminded him that the visiting elder was much more powerful than he, the mayor would have led the attack himself. How could he stand by while his beloved granddaughter was being humiliated?
"Hehe, let me tell you why we are here. We are not here to propose marriage. We are here to force this marriage." The nomadic youth let out a cold sneer as he shifted his lusty, animalist gaze back towards Su Zi. He continued, "Hand her to me, don’t force my grandfather into using violence. Or every one of you will die."
"Ehem, forced marriage, you are perhaps too conceited for your own good."
The village mayor could no longer contain the inner power that was dying to explode. As he set his seventh-realm cultivating powers free, the violent gust of wind swept through the earth.
But just as the youth had warned, with a simple swing of his massive sleeve, the visitor elder dissipated the incoming storm without as much as a stir. The village mayor took a few large steps backward. Blood gushed out of his mouth.
" are of the ninth realm!"
The mayor eyed him in bewilderment. His face turned ghostly pale.
"What? A cultivator of a ninth realm?"
"Good heavens! Lost in the first round! All of our powers combined are no match for a cultivator of this caliber."
"Dammit, that’s why the arrogance. He’s got some skills. This isn’t good."
The words of the mayor echoed and set panic to the village crowd. Fear was now written on the face of every villager.
A cultivator of the ninth realm!
He could easily exterminate entire villages in the Vast Mountains. Perhaps only a handful could challenge his dominance!
Seeing that his grandfather so easily defeated the village mayor, the youth began acting even more outrageous. He bellowed, "You useless old fart just had to force us. Look at you now, spitting blood. Well deserved! Hand over your granddaughter, or I’ll wreak havoc on this village!"
"You’re dreaming!"
The village mayor responded weakly as he struggled to remain standing. "Even if you kill me, you won’t take her."
"What an old fool, don’t know better. Fine, I’ll give it to you. When you die, I’ll kill the rest. But rest assured I’ll take good care of your granddaughter. She’ll be quite comfortable in my grasp!" The youth sneered coldly. He extended one of his feet and directed his force directly at the chest of the mayor.
The mayor was already deeply injured. So despite the youth’s lack of skill, this strike was possibly just enough to end his life.
However, just as the youth’s foot was inches away from its target, a cold voice echoed through the wind.
"If your foot falls, your head will follow."

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