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The Ruins – a boundless field of paradise borne out of an optical illusion. It was a prized treasure of Tai Xuan Gate, where over half of the Gate’s wealth was kept.

The Ruins wakes every 50 years. This was its fourth awakening. During this time, three storage caves would appear. From one Ling Xian managed to retrieve the rarest wine fermented from immortalized grapes, the Drunken Immortal. And now, Yue Lian Han’s Golden Pages was also his.

As for the other two caves, one had been seized by Vanquisher of Life and Conqueror of Creation, the other by a mysterious woman. But unfortunately, none of the three revealed Tai Xuan Gate’s most securely-guarded and sought after secret.

A fact that disappointed many of the Heaven’s Favorites.

Tai Xuan Gate had been one of the most historically significant establishments in the Taoism Community. It was not difficult to imagine the powers it harbored. If anyone were to inherit its teachings, that individual would become near invincible.

Unfortunately, the Ruins opened every 50 years, and only cultivators below the foundational level were allowed inside. Many would not get another opportunity.

At this moment, the sun was high, the earth bright and warm.

Ling Xian and his three companions appeared and disappeared in and out of the dense forest, surrounded by trees that pierced through the clouds.

It had been nearly half a month since he defeated Yue Lian Han and terrorized Vanquisher of Life and Conqueror of Creation. Ever since then, the gang had been wandering aimlessly, sipping on tea, taking in the scenery, completely carefree.

His fall at the Vast Mountains was nearly three months ago. It took a mere three months for Ling Xian to break through to the foundational level from the tenth realm.

Every Ceramic Ceiling he had to overcome on this journey was an obstacle that dashed the dreams of many of his equally promising peers.


As the gang walked around seeking their fate, they felt the ground beneath their feet grumbling. Suddenly, the world went into shock, as if hit by a colossal earthquake.

"This is..."

Ling Xian frowned, watching his crumbling surroundings break free of the earth. He was puzzled.

"Don’t be alarmed. We have been warned by the Elders. If this happens, it simply means the Ruins is falling back asleep and will soon close. This universe is trying to send us home." Mo Qing Fu smiled.

"I see. Too bad we won’t be blessed by fate this time." Ling Xian grinned. Despite these words, his tone of voice revealed no hint of regret, rather happiness.

"Brother, it’s us that aren’t blessed." Mo Qing Fu shooked his head and laughed. "You got the Drunken Immortal first, then the Petal of Enlightenment, and then the Golden Pages. Either one is a rare treasure sought after by every cultivator, living or dead. Aren’t you satisfied?"

"Ha ha, of course, of course, I’m satisfied." Ling Xian roared with laughter. He had indeed been fortunate up to this point.

Just as Mo Qing Fu had described, the Drunken Immortal, the Petal of Enlightenment, and the Golden Pages were treasures of incredible value. Anyone would give their life for just one of them. How could Ling Xian not be content with possessing them.

The Golden Pages came from mysterious origins, and thus, shan’t be mentioned right now. But the Petals of Enlightenment, that was something craved by every soul in the universe.

Those were treasures that would belong only to the mightiest warrior of the future.

"Brother, if you are not satisfied, I reckon the entire realm will go crazy on you." Shui Lian Yi sighed softly, "Tai Xuan Gate’s top guarded secret failed to reveal. What you have is the biggest reward, perhaps bigger than everyone else’s combined."

"That’s my guess as well. I never imagined that my arrival here, by chance, could yield this much return." Ling Xian smiled slyly. Waving his hands, three fully-transparent jade vases appeared in midair. The openings of the vases were sealed, but a smell of sweetness nonetheless seeped out.

Suddenly, the three companions’ eyes lit up.

"This is the Drunken Immortal, one for each of you. When you reach the tenth realm, drink it with the Petal of Enlightenment. Together they will propel you through safely to the foundational level." Ling Xian smiled and placed each bottle in the hands of his companions.

Mo Qing Fu held the vase with a delicate touch as if holding a monumental treasure. Pausing a moment, Mo Qing Fu said, "Brother, my biggest reward was meeting you. Not only did you revive my powers, but you also gave me the Drunken Immortal and the Petal of Enlightenment. In the future, when you need me for anything, if I show even the slightest hint of hesitation, I vow to be struck by lightning."

These words stunned Shui Lian Yi and Tang Thirteen. Even Ling Xian was briefly taken aback by such a dark vow. This was an Unbreakable Vow. Any breach to an Unbreakable Vow will indeed force the heavens to open up and strike down with bolts of lightning.

But Mo Qing Fu uttered the Unbreakable Vow without a single moment of hesitation. Clearly, he meant every word he said.

"Qing Fu, you…"

Ling Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This declaration of loyalty made him feel half humble, half proud.

"Brother Ling, say no more. I, Qing Fu, speak the truth. Every word is a declaration of my gratitude. Even if I didn’t make such a binding vow, I would display the same level of commitment to you," Mo Qing Fu continued with conviction.

Ling Xian nodded, overwhelmed by an air of warmth. He sighed. "If you insist. I accept."

Mo Qing Fu smiled brightly as he put away the Drunken Immortal. The two other ladies did the same. Tang Thirteen patted Ling Xian on the back and said bellowed, "Little brother, come with me to the Tang house, your aunty, myself, will let you eat anything you like. I’ll make sure you develop well!"

"No, no, I need to get to the House of Wan Jian. I will visit you in the future if I can." Ling Xian patted her on the head.

"Oh, is that so…" Tang Thirteen mumbled in disappointment. She continued in a sad voice, "But you must remember me. When you find the time, you come visit me. I’ll take you to the most beautiful place in the Tang Residence and watch the spring blossom."

"Don’t you fright, your wish is my command." Ling Xian smiled. Shifting his gaze towards Mo Qing Fu and Shui Lian Yi, he continued, "We part here today. But we shall meet again."

"Brother Ling, take care." Mo Qing Fu and his companion bowed their fists.

Ling Xian nodded. In the next instant, after a period of intensifying rumble, a powerful magnetic force penetrated the universe and separated the gang towards different locations across the Vast Mountains.

The Ruins sealed off. The curtain on this chapter was drawn.

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