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Chapter 144
"Ling as in Arrival, Xian as in Immortal."
No trace of arrogance, no trace of conceit, yet the words echoed throughout the bodies and minds of those who heard.
It’s really him!
The revered figure whose arrival took the House of Wan Jian by storm, the Heaven’s Favorite whose name preceded the person everywhere he went.
Shock consumed their faces. Ling Xian frowned and asked half-jokingly, "Why, were you stunned by my fame?"
Mo Qing Fu took a deep breath to regain his composure and continued, "Brother, your fame is truly remarkable, but it’s not the only reason we’re stunned."
"Then what is it?"
Ling Xian was puzzled. He knew of his fame back in the City of Qing. But he hadn’t been around here long and didn’t expect many people to have heard of him. By the looks of things, these three had indeed heard of him.
Of course, they had. Not just of him, but also his glorious deeds.
Ling Xian was not aware of the impact he had made on the House of Wan Jian, or of any subsequent events. But Mo Qing Fu and company came from the most prominent Houses of Yunzhou. They naturally would have known.
Even before his arrival at Wan Jian, the Drum of Eternity, which had

been silent for an entire millennium, sounded three times in his honor, causing a massive disturbance amongst tens of thousands of disciples and the Supreme Headmaster who ordered for his recovery at any cost.
Hence spread Ling Xian’s celebrity status across Yunzhou. The House of Wan Jian had been keeping a low profile for years leading up to this. By association, Ling Xian’s name swiftly became known across the Province.
Of course, that’s a slight exaggeration. More accurately, he was well-known across the upper echelon within the Taoism community. Every Elder of every House in the vicinity was aware of the Ling Xian's effect.
In this sense, ‘Celebrity Status’ was not an exaggeration.
The crispy sound of his fame…
Echoed throughout the Province…
Before anyone had laid eyes on his face…
"Brother, are you not aware that the House of Wan Jian is madly searching for you?"
Seeing Ling Xian’s bewildered face, he continued, "Roughly half a month ago, Wan Jian mobilized an army in search of a 15-year-old youth named Ling Xian. You should know that each House here has been penetrated by sleeper spies from other Houses, so this didn’t remain a secret for long."
Ling Xian pondered for a moment then relaxed into a smile. He understood quickly that Si

Si Tu Nan must have arrived safely at the House of Wan Jian and immediately sent people to look for him.
But he was still confused about one thing. "You say I am known across the entire Province? That’s impossible!"
"Why? Brother, you have accomplished an incredible feat."
Mo Qing Fu sighed and continued on, "The Drum of Eternity sounded three consecutive times and caused a ruckus within the House. Dao Wu Ji personally ordered your recovery. In the beginning, the other Houses thought perhaps Wan Jian was organizing something in secret. But it quickly became apparent that they were looking for a man."
Ling Xian was stunned. He now knew why Mo Qing Fu and his companions were taken aback by the utterance of his name.
One of the most prominent Houses of the mighty Yunzhou sent an enormous army out searching for an adolescent youth. Nothing like this had ever happened here.
One person at the center of an epic search.
"Phew…" Ling Xian sighed. With utmost pride, he muttered to himself, "House of Wan Jian… did this for me?"
"That’s an understatement. I heard of Dao Wu Ji’s three orders for his men even before I came within the provincial borders. First is a Reward Order. Anyone who finds you and brings you

brings you to Wan Jian will receive 500,000 spiritual stones, three Foundational Dans and one treasure of the sixth realm."
Mo Qing Fu paused to clear his throat and calm his voice. He continued after a brief silence, "The second is a Kill Order. The House has amassed a large army of completion level cultivators to search for and kill a Red-Robed Elder. The third is an Alliance Order, requesting other major Houses to join in on the search for you. If you are harmed in this process by any of them, however, the House of Wan Jian will wage war."
Ling Xian breathed in a cold gasp of air. He was truly stunned by this revelation.
All three Orders revolved around him. The House of Wan Jian was desperate to have him.
The first Order was astonishingly generous – 500,000 spiritual stones, three Foundational Dans and one treasure of the sixth realm! The second was equally astounding.
Of course, the third was no exception.
The true intention behind these Orders was not to find Ling Xian per se, but requesting that the other Houses leave Ling Xian be as a favor to Wan Jian. If Ling Xian is harmed, the House of Wan Jian will wage war!
Of course, Dao Wu Ji was aware Ji was aware that the House of Wan Jian had no shortage of enemies. There was nothing they’d want more than to eliminate a future warrior. These Orders were sealed specifically to ensure Ling Xian’s safe arrival at Wan Jian.
Ling Xian saw right through the Supreme Headmaster’s plan. He was flattered.
Only after a long moment of silence did Ling Xian regain his composure. He said, voice still trembling, "Wan Jian would wage war with the other Houses… for me?"
"Unbelievable, right? When I first found out, I reacted just like you," Mo Qing Fu echoed. "Never could I believe my luck. We have been in your company all this time. I am thinking now perhaps we should take you back to Wan Jian. Such generous rewards, how can I say no?"
"Correct, we could take him back together? Then each of us would receive 200,000 spiritual stones give or take," Shui Lian Yi continued the mockery.
"You guys, stop with the teasing."
Ling Xian grinned then shifted his gaze in the direction of Wan Jian. Staring into space, Ling Xian could picture armies of cultivators desperately searching for him and the comforted face of the Headmaster whom he was now eager to meet.
"House of Wan Jian, wait for me…"

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