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Fourth ranked Eyes of Execution!

These simple words carried such an aggressive and undefeatable power with them. The entire Wan Jian House fell into a shattering shock.

On the Stage of Life and Death, the 11 Peak Leaders were completely astonished. Even the Kill Sword Peak Leader felt waves of emotion and could not be calmed down for a long time.

Even though these people have never seen with their naked eyes the power of the Eyes of Execution, after so many years of training, they had comprehensive understandings of the techniques and mysterious powers it had the cultivation community. The more they knew, the more they feared. The Inner Eyes were one of the things they feared.

Eyes of Execution was the king of all the Inner Eyes, and they are the definition of frightfulness and invincibility!

Because of this, when they heard Ling Xian possessed the Eyes of Execution, they were shocked to their cores.

Dao Wu Ji's face was very serious. Watching the white-robed Elder before him, he carefully whispered, "Si Tu Nan, is everything you are saying true?"

"Headmaster, I did not speak a single word of lie!" Si Tu Nan's face was also serious, "If anything I said is false, then I will die for my crime!"

"Haha, alright, alright!"

Dao Wu Ji bellowed. His robe danced though there was no wind. His body emitted an infinite amount of light and Qi, as if he was an Immortal, his presence was so overwhelming everyone bowed down.

"If what you are saying is really true, then this apprentice's talent sure is shocking. His existence is like the existence of a phoenix." Dao Wu Ji's satisfied face was even more elegant than usual. His voice was full of laughter and excitement. "If we accept him into our House, then not only is our House's glory fulfilled for the next 3,000 years, the entire Yun Zhou would be set, and we can outcompete the other continents!"

"Just like you are saying, this young man truly does have the ability to take responsibilities for our House and ensure we remain honorable for the centuries to come." Seek Sword Peak Leader chuckled lightly.

"Haha, Si Tu Nan Elder, you have done well," Dao Wu Ji was in a really good mood and complimented Si Tu Nan. He then asked, "Where is this young man? Why didn't you bring him to the House?"

"Headmaster, this is the reason why I strike the Drum of Eternity three times."

Remembering what happened two months ago, Si Tu Nan fell into agony. He groaned, "The young man's name is Ling Xian. He has agreed to come to the Wan Jian House with me. However, on the way back to the House, we ran into the traitor from 2,000 years ago. Unfortunately, I lost to him during out battle. Ling Xian lured him away so I can survive. I ran and returned to the Wan Jian House."


Dao Wu Ji's face changed. Everyone else's faces darkened as well.

Realizing the leaders' faces dropped, Si Tu Nan's heart squeezed. He hurriedly explained, "Headmaster, do not panic. Even though Ling Xian is a mysterious fella, I do not believe he lost his life in that traitor's hands. When we parted, I planted some of my spiritual energy onto him. Even though I cannot pinpoint his location, I can sense that he is still alive."

"What are his conditions?" Dao Wu Ji's face was as deep as the water. Even though he has never met Ling Xian, he is already treating Ling Xian as if he is a member of the House. Hearing that he was lured away by the traitor, his mood was not great.

"Headmaster please do not worry. Since we are connected by my spiritual energy, it means he is still alive and doing well," Si Tu Nan responded.

"Very good."

Dao Wu Ji's eyes turned ferocious and sneered, "Team Xuan and Huang, where are you?"

"Right here, sir."

Two men in black appeared in midair, and both of them thrust themselves down on the ground and kneeled down on one knee, displaying their respect to the Headmaster.

In the Wan Jian House, other than the 12 Peaks, four undercover teams were operating underground. Namely, the Tian, Di, Xuan, and Huang Team. They work exclusively for the Supreme Headmaster and deal with assassinations and House intelligence issues - things that were hard to deal with openly in the Wan Jian House.

The two men before him were the leaders for Team Xuan and Team Huang.

"Team Leader Xuan, listen well. I order you to kill the traitor from 2,000 years ago." Dao Wu Ji was looking solemn. After sending away Team Leader Xuan, he looked at Team Leader Huang and said, "I order you find me a boy name Ling Xian. He is around 15 years old and is very talented. We are unsure of any other information. Do you have any questions?"

"No, Headmaster, Team Huang promises to accomplish this mission!" Team Leader Huang's voice was stern and confident.

"Alright, then you can all go back," Dao Wu Ji dismissed everyone with the wave of his hand. He then looked afar and muttered to himself, "Ling Xian, I hope you are still alive. I am very excited for the day you enter the Wan Jian House."

Today, the sun hangs high, and the sky is clear.

The Barren Village was as calm as always. After eating breakfast, Ling Xian walked out of the village leader's house under Su Zi's frigid stare. Looking at the gigantic Sun, he couldn't help it but reveal a toothy smile. Like usual, he walked toward the exit of the village, hoping to find a few monsters to combat. One, he wanted to sharpen his fighting instincts, two, he wanted to hunt down some monstrous beings for his stomach's cravings.

On the entire way, men, women, children, and elders all warmly greeted Ling Xian, each of them was brimming with appreciation and respect.

"Ling Xian, you are out hunting again?" A middle-aged woman smiled at him.

"Yes, Aunty, the Three-Eyed Golden Lion tasted good last time. This time, I am hoping to kill another one," Ling Xian responded.

"That's true. Last time the monster really did taste good. Be careful though. I know you don't think much of a Three Eyed Golden Lion, but many other strong monsters are hiding in the valleys here. It's better to be safe than sorry," the middle-aged woman warned.

"Yes, Aunty, do not worry," Ling Xian nodded with a huge grin. To be cared about was a wonderful feeling.

"Go now, I will wait for your safe return." The way the middle-aged lady smiled at Ling Xian was the same as how she would look at her own kid.

Ling Xian nodded and slowly walked toward the exit of the village. However, after only a few steps, a loud rumble came from afar, shattering the Vast Mountains.

"Dong dong dong!"

A purple pillar of light pierced straight through the clouds, blooming with a dizzying amount of light. After a few short seconds, the entire Vast Mountains was covered with a layer of purple light.

In the next moment, thousands of monsters and beasts roared!

A gigantic canine with two dragon horns was standing on top of the tallest mountain and roared at the purple ray of light. Its eyes flashed with greed.

At the same time, the eight-winged giant serpent Ling Xian encountered a few days ago was also looking up to the sky. Its thick snake tail swiped the ground, creating a tornado that cracked open the mountains in parts and shook the ground!

These countless number of monsters were awoken by the purple light. All of their eyes were filled with greed, as they pounced toward the light.

The entire Vast Mountains was shaking!

"Is this… Is this the treasure The Untainted talked about?"

Ling Xian's eyes turned warm, and he impatiently wanted to fly his way over and see for himself what kind of treasure The Untainted was talking about.

The Village Leader noticed the noises as well and walked out of his house quickly. He looked at the ray of light as his murky eyes were soon flooded with fear. He murmured, "Goddammit, it's being born again…"

Ling Xian was a little shaken by this. He asked, "You mean, you have seen this before?"

"Yes, I remember that it appeared once 50 years ago." The Elder reminisced. As if he has never seen anything scarier, his entire body was shuddering.

The other villagers sensed the abnormal activities as well and walked out of their individual homes. Many seniors, who were around the same age as the Elder, fell into fear and silence after seeing the ray of light.

It was obvious that they too, like the Elder, have horrifying memories and scars from the last time this treasure was born.

"When it appeared 50 years ago…" Ling Xian frowned and asked, "What exactly happened?"

"Died, they all died…" the Elder muttered, "the last time this treasure was born into the mortal world, there was a blood rainstorm that went on for a full three days. Afterward, this pillar of light slowly disappeared. However, by then, half of the monsters in the Vast Mountains had died. The hell-like image of all the casualties and the wreckage state of the mountains is something I will never forget in my lifetime."

"I see. So all the monsters that fought for the treasure were killed," Ling Xian's brows locked. Based on the description of the image by the villager, he could picture the how the skeletons once covered the mountains and how the blood ran like rivers.

Logically, he should not involve himself in this dirty situation. However, he was far too curious. The treasure was so close to him, if he doesn't go check it out, he will be regretful his whole life.

"I sure want to see what this purple pillar of light really is and the secret it possesses. This is a rare opportunity and a devil's temptation." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curved up. Watching the giant ray of light, his handsome face was full of anticipation.

"No, definitely not!"

Hearing that Ling Xian wants to find out more about this treasure, the Elder's face turned sour. He grabbed onto Ling Xian's arm and warned, "Ling Xian, do not go. All the strongest monsters have died because of it. With your level of training, you will 90 percent be likely to die. No, more like you will 100 percent lose your life. There isn't a sliver of hope that you'll survive what's out there."

"Please do not worry. I am aware of my own capabilities. I definitely will not compete with the beasts. I just want to observe what it is from far way." Ling Xian beamed lightly, hinting for the Elder to stop worrying.

However, the Elder would not cave. He held onto Ling Xian's hand tightly and would not let him leave.

"Stop worrying. I will not play around with my own life." Ling Xian shook his head with a bitter smile. He moved his arm slightly, and a gentle force pushed the Elder three steps back. Then, in a flash, he moved two kilometers away.

In the next second, Ling Xian's pupils changed colors, and spiritual energy poured out of him. The Winged Blitz was summoned.

"Do not worry, with this pair of wings, even if I cannot defeat what's out there, I can escape."

Ling Xian extended his white wings and instantly wind blew from all directions. Then, in the snap of the fingers, he disappeared.

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