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Dao Wu Ji has always been personable and loved to joke around. He did not have the strangeness that was usually found on thousand-year-old monsters nor did he have the arrogance of high-status people.

All these traits of his are obvious when there is nothing urgent going on. However, when something serious is happening, such as Si Tu Nan being here to report a situation, he erases that smile off his face and turns serious. The overflowing dignity that's usually found in powerhouses was also starting to show.

Under the stare of the pair of clear but humorless eyes, Si Tu Nan felt a squeeze in his heart. He was displaying a hint of nervousness.

Even though he was a Completion Level cultivator and the Elder of Law Enforcement in the Hidden Sword Peak, comparing himself to the Supreme Headmaster was like comparing a candle light to the moonlight. In terms of cultivation and status, they were incomparable. Therefore, talking about a serious topic made Si Tu Nan very nervous, so nervous that he forgot how to speak.

Seeing Si Tu Nan's silence, Dao Wu Ji thought it was because he had nothing to say. He frowned and coldly scolded, "Si Tu Nan, your role as the Elder of Law Enforcement means you are fully aware of the consequences of striking the Drum of Eternity and the failure to provide justifications. If you being here is without explanation, then Godly Fire, Hell Wind, and Thousand Swords, these three punishments will not let you go easy."

Si Tu Nan shivered in fear and stuttered, "Yes…I, I know… I really do have something of great importance to report to you. This incident involves the glory of our House for the next 3000 years!"

"Glory of our House for the next 3000 years?"

Dao Wu Ji became interested all of a sudden and laid off his intense stare and gently said, "Si Tu Nan Elder do not be afraid. If what you are saying is true, I will of course not punishment but rather reward you."

"Phew… Thank you, Headmaster."

His gentle voice had such a strangely soothing power to it that it made Si Tu Nan exhale in relief. No longer nervous, he organized his thoughts, glanced at the handsome man before him and at the 11 Peak Leaders. He deeply bowed and then opened his mouth. "Headmaster, two months ago I left the House to conduct a mission. When I walked through a small city in the Qin Dynasty, I found a talented young man-, no, more like a genius of a man."


Dao Wu Ji chuckled and became interested. "Tell us, what kind of genius was he for you to strike the Drum of Eternity in the Wan Jian House?"

The other peak leaders too, expressed their interests and wanted to find out more about this genius. What kind of genius was he for Si Tu Nan to ring the drum without thinking of the consequences and gathering all leaders and members of the House?

Only one person expressed disdain, and that was the Kill Sword Peak Leader. She was alerted by the Drum of Eternity when she was silently training behind closed doors. Thus she had to stop training and suppress her anger to come here. Now that she hears about Si Tu Nan hitting the drum for a person, she could no longer contain that anger. Frowning, she coldly snickered, "For a person, you strike the drum three times. Si TU Nan, you sure do not respect the Drum of Eternity nor any of us."

"I would never… Please, Kill Sword Peak Leader, let me tell the whole story." Si Tu Nan panicked, and perspiration was forming on his forehead. He was a little frightful of the woman before him. The entire Wan Jian House was a bit scared of the cold and cruel woman as she did not hesitate when she pulled her sword out on the Supreme Headmaster.

"Junior sister, let him speak first. We will make our judgment regarding this genius' worthiness afterward. If he is not worth our time, then it's not too late to punish Si Tu Nan." The Hidden Sword Peak Leader grinned. Si Tu Nan was from his peak after all, naturally he had to protect him.


Since the Hidden Sword Peak has spoken, the woman could not say anything more. "I will let you continue. However, keep in mind that there are nine continents and there are as many geniuses in this world as there are hairs on a sheep. Our Wan Jian House also does not lack any geniuses. If this person's talent is not amazing enough to justify you hitting the Drum of Eternity, then Si Tu Nan, you are aware of the consequences."

"I understand." Si Tu Nan gulped and reorganized his thoughts. He said, "Headmaster and Peak Leaders, though I cannot guarantee that he is the most talented in the entire universe, this cultivator's talent, in my opinion, is number one in Yun Zhou."

What Si Tu Nan said at first was enough to garner the interest of the 12 people around him. What he just said, however, surprised these leaders.

"This apprentice is only 15 years old. However, he has already reached a Qi level of 10 and the undefeatable realm without the help of any medicinal Dans!"

After a hint of shock had flashed across his face, Dao Wu Ji smiled. "To reach the undefeatable realm at the age of 15 sure is evidence for his talent."

The others nodded in agreement. Though reaching level 10 of training was enough for someone to be called a genius, what earned their approval was that he did not consume any Dans.

A normal genius usually plateaued after completing stage nine and can only break through to the tenth stage after staying stagnant for two to three years. Calculating under these estimations means that a person could only achieve that stage at the age of 16. For Ling Xian to reach level 10 at the age of 15, without any Dan consumption, was impressive.

"Even so… this isn't enough justification for you to strike the Drum of Eternity for him." The Kill Sword Peak Leader's eyes turned cold.

"I am obviously not dumb enough to hit the drum if that's all, Kill Sword Peak Leader, please let me finish." Si Tu Nan beamed as his face turned proud. He cleared his throat and shouted, "Being only at the meditation level he has awakened one of the sixth strongest laws, the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique!"

After a moment of silence, the crowd turned rowdy.

"Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique? That's not possible. It can only be awakened by those in the supreme stage."

"Yeah, that's right. I would believe it if he awoke some regular laws, to awake one of the sixth strongest laws when he's still in the meditation level of training… I've never heard anything like that, Si Tu Nan Elder you must be joking!"

"Yeah, it's impossible, definitely impossible!"

All the members of the house expressed their disbeliefs and thought Si Tu Nan was joking with them.

Dao Wu Ji and the other 11 Peak Leader, however, fell into a moment of awe. They have seen a lot during their many years of training and therefore understood that these kinds of events are not necessarily impossible. In the history of Taoism, once an individual's natural talent reaches a certain level, the individual can awaken laws at the mere meditational level!

"Si Tu Nan, is what you are saying true? If any of this is a lie, you will be another lost soul under my sword." The Kill Sword Peak, though aggressive, was more shocked than suspicious. It was apparent that despite her emotionless ways, she was intrigued by Ling Xian's talent.

"I guarantee you with my head that if what I am saying is half false I will willingly accept any punishment." Si Tu Nan's expression was serious. With every word his hoarse voice uttered out, the members of the House became more speechless.

He guarantees it with his head?

He is willing to accept any punishment?

Realizing the sincerity in his tone, the disbelief people displayed disappeared. Each member opened their mouths wide and stared at Si Tu Nan.

"To have awoken the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique while in the meditation level really does prove his talent." Dao Wu Ji smiled and nodded. "Si Tu Nan Elder, you have done well. This kind of apprentice really can ensure our House's glory for the next 3,000 years, once he is fully grown up."

"Headmaster, I did not finish. This apprentice's future is bright and should not be underestimated." Si Tu Nan mysteriously grinned. As time went by, he was no longer nervous but was getting more and more proud. Though he was not related to Ling Xian in any way, after Ling Xian helped him get away from the Red Robed Elder, he has been treating Ling Xian as if he was the senior.

"You are still not finished?"

Another wave of shock flashed across Dao Wu Ji's eyes. He urged, "Continue. I sure want to hear more about this genius that makes you swear on your head."

"Headmaster, not only did he awaken the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique, but he has also awoken a pair of Inner Eyes!" Si Tu Nan faintly laughed. Though he appeared composed, his heart was blooming like a flower. He thought that even though he was not related to Ling Xian, to be able to brag in front of someone so high up was a wonderful feeling.

This feeling, for example, was like I have a friend who accomplished great things, and I have a classmate who accomplished great things. The emphasis was not how great that person was, but rather I know that person.

"Which pair?" Dao Wu Ji frowned. He was a bit annoyed that Si Tu Nan would make him wonder.

Seeing the Headmaster frown, Si Tu Nan was a bit nervous again. He enunciated every word as he spoke.

"The Eyes of Execution."

His voice wasn't loud, yet it was clear enough for everyone to hear. Instantly, the entire House fell into silence.

Eyes of Execution. These three words had a magical grasp on everyone and astounded the entire House.

"Eyes of Execution! Are you kidding me! A pair of Inner Eyes that haven't appeared in 120,000 years has been born again?"

"My god, I do not believe it. To possess the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique is whatever, but he has the Eyes of Execution too? How can someone so talented be allowed to live?"

"If what you are saying is true, then this cultivator really is talented enough to put everyone in this world to shame!"

"After 120,000 years, the fourth ranked Eyes of Execution have returned…" Dao Wu Ji muttered to himself. After all he has been through, he still could not help but fall in awe of Ling Xian's natural talent.

The other 11 Peak Leaders behaved the same way.

The higher up one is in the community, the more one has seen and therefore understood.

The stronger the cultivator, the more they were aware of how horrifying the Eyes of Execution truly was!

To cultivators at the bottom, Eyes of Execution was a legend that was far away. Even though they knew the eyes were very powerful, they did not know much more. However, to the strong cultivators, like Dao Wu Ji and the 11 Peak Leaders, they knew far too well the abilities of the Eyes of Execution.

To describe it as the crown of the world was not an exaggeration!

To describe it as the highest of the universe was not a lie!

During a time when the first to third ranked Inner Eyes did not exist, the Eyes of Execution was undefeatable!

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