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Published at 3rd of June 2019 12:24:56 AM
Chapter 55

Real Intention and real intention (8)

Translator – Vodka

Editor – Soju

Sad news, I won’t be able to keep up with the current schedule, it seems . So, I am reducing the release schedule to 1 chapter/week, and that chapter will be on Sunday . If I am free, I will release one more, but that is contingent . Well at least, I will never enter hiatus . Updated the About page accordingly . Sorry guys .



The love he harboured for Shizuku; his worries, impatience, and indignation all stemmed from that love .

His words contained various emotions in them .

He was always surrounded by many people, and he had always been on the receiving end of people’s affections . However, this didn’t change the fact that he too, was still a high school boy .

If he ended up liking someone, he also would have feelings of yearning and longing for that person .

However, for the student named Ogiwara Yuuto, that kind of stance was unforgivable .

To the girls, he was everyone’s prince .

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To the boys, he was everyone’s leader .

Since he was born more exceptional than others, his position in the group had been decided for him without any regard for his own wishes .

No matter how much of a school prince he was, he wasn’t an idol .

He wasn’t subjected to a dating ban or anything . In fact, no one should be able to tie him down .

Even though it was a public consensus that no one could have Yuuto, that was only on the surface . In reality, many people were thinking of wanting to monopolize him .

Especially, the girls……

Then there was Yuuto himself, who seemed to have comprehended the unique position that people had put him in . Was it because of this, that he had always kept a certain distance from matters pertaining to love?

Truth be told, I had thought that Yuuto didn’t have any interest in romance until he spoke up about his interest in Shizuku during the summer break . I had never heard him talk about such matters before .

I thought that he must have felt that it was fun to incessantly kick up a fuss with his many friends .

However, if I was wrong about that, and he had been harbouring his feelings for Shizuku for several years, that one incident during the summer break might have been his own major decision .

His own decision to be honest with his own feelings .

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Yuuto had begun speaking in a serious voice, but the words that had followed thereafter could be considered as unexpected .

“However, when I had been talking about this matter to you during summer break, I had given up halfway through”

Yuuto had been staring into the distance, but then he turned his heads towards me who had been sitting next to him .

His gaze seemed to ask me, “Do you know why?” .


Towards that gaze of his, I kept silent .

He might have concluded from my silence that I didn’t know the answer, so he opened his mouth .

“That’s because you were there around her……so, I thought of giving up on her”

“That is——”

“I know . I know more than anybody else that it’s nothing more than an excuse, Minato”

As if he had known beforehand that I was going to say something, he shook his head back and forth .

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When I saw him like that, I swallowed the words that I couldn’t finish saying .

Nothing more than an excuse

I had the same opinion……but considering it was Yuuto, that statement made him looked timid .

Shizuku and I were only childhood friends, not lovers .

Yuuto understood this matter the best . He had known about the relationship between Shizuku and I . Even then, he had fallen in love with her . Then, at the very least, shouldn’t he not be making my presence the reason for his giving up on Shizuku?

Well, that would be my story if you asked me; my point of view .

If we’re looking at the situation from his perspective, I……the existence of a childhood friend might have truly been a nuisance .



“At that time, when I thought of Kanzaki-san, I thought the only option that I had was to give up . However……at least, it’s different now”

“……What’s different?”

Yuuto had been talking in the same way as usual . Then he assumed an earnest expression and looked at me with a sharp look in his eyes .

As if he had confronted an enemy, his eyes were extremely cold .

It had been approximately five years since I had met Yuuto .

That was the first time he had ever shown me such a cold expression . I couldn’t hide my surprise .

However, having seen that expression of his, I felt like I had understood the true meaning of being called out here .

His answer would also become important for the current relationship between Yuuto and Shizuku .

“At this rate, Kanzaki-san will only get more miserable……I can’t bear to see her that way . That’s why I have decided to become her support . It’s going to be me, Minato . Not you”


He was going to support her splendidly, wasn’t he? and he could do it better than me, and better than anybody else .

However, there was one thing that was on my mind .

“Is that what she wanted?”

Sitting next to me, Kirasaka, who had been silent until now, asked this question to Yuuto . Similar to Yuuto, she was giving off an extremely cold feeling . Her eyes were so cold that it felt like they could make someone faint .

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