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Chapter 54

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Ever since the first day of the school entrance ceremony, I had heard rumours about the male student who went by the name Ogiwara Yuuto .

Even in the academic ability test held immediately after the school entrance, he had procured the highest marks among the boys in our school year . He had the right to stand next to Shizuku, who was the best among the girls .

Students who had seen him participate in physical education activities were saying that he had amazing reflexes .

Whether in classes or in clubs, the topic of conversations for every student in the same school year, were either Yuuto or Shizuku .

Towards those students who kept talking about the same things over and over again, I wanted to say,

“Aren’t you tired yet?”

They would say, “Ogiwara was amazing” or “Kanzaki-san was amazing” as if they were proudly talking about themselves . I couldn’t seem to be able to comprehend as to what they wanted to say . Then, there were also those people who would joyously listen to them talk about the duo .

It would seem that I had quite the twisted way of thinking when I was a first-year in middle school, and because of that, I could not blend into my surroundings . It became my daily routine to gaze out of the window by myself .

The first time I met Yuuto was a few days after the start of my new middle school life . At that time, I immediately judged him to be the same kind of person as Shizuku .

He was still a first-year in middle school .

There was childishness left in him, but he had such a well-proportioned physical appearance, that comparing him with the other students would be a rude thing to do .

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He was a student who could do everything perfectly . He also had the charisma to have students gather around him all the time .

He had a good personality and was idolized by both men and women alike .

He was especially popular with the female students, regardless of the difference in grade, and it was to such an extent that it could even be considered abnormal . My first impression of him was that he was the male version of Shizuku .

We weren’t in the same club and our classes were different too .

We had nothing in common, so I had thought that I would have nothing to do with him .

However, life was unpredictable .

A month had passed since the school entrance ceremony . Then one day after the morning practice was over, I was heading towards the classroom with heavy footsteps as usual . I coincidentally came across him, and that was when I exchanged words with him for the first time .

Well, even when I say “exchanged”, it was only a simple greeting of “good morning” when we passed by each other .

The current me had the confidence to splendidly ignore the greeting of a new face, and I most certainly would do that, but the me from back then must have been a pure lad .

I had politely looked at him in the face and replied .

However, it happened the next day, and then the next . Every time we would meet, we would exchange words . After we had repeated this process several times, our conversations had gotten longer . Before I noticed, our relationship had already become such, that whenever we saw each other at school, we would come to a stop and nonchalantly engage in conversations .

Even now, I would wonder what exactly had been the deciding factor that had caused us to become that close?

We had become close in the natural course of events . Wouldn’t that be the appropriate explanation?

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Even then, the other party was a popular idol of the school .

I didn’t voluntarily call out to him . It was only when he had come up to talk to me, that we would converse .

Like that, we would talk at school during the first year of middle school . In the second year of middle school, we were in the same class . Hence, the chances to meet up even on holidays had increased . Then our relationship had become something like that of now, where he would be coming to my house to hang out .


When I talked about the details of how Yuuto and I had met, Kirasaka asked me this .

“I wonder if it’s that . Maybe, Shinrkun has a skill of being liked by the popular figures in school?”

“I don’t even want that kind of a skill……”

She seemed to enjoy my reaction . She flashed a smile and asked me this .

“But it is actually so, isn’t it? Even if they all like you differently, Kanzaki-san and Handsome-kun, me and Akane-san as well, everybody seems to have taken a liking to you”

……smartly pushing her name into the conversation was just like her .

More importantly, I don’t even want to have that kind of skill .

Just being around this type of people sounded like a major pain in the ass, whether it was troublesome stuff pertaining to love affairs, or the complications arising out of the relationship between friends .

There were situations where I had actually gotten involved .

I looked up at the cherry blossom tree that had already started to wither, and let out a sigh . We were the only ones in the park . Then, the sound of footsteps treading on the gravel and pebble came from behind us and reverberated in the park .

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“It might be like Kirasaksan says . Minato has a skill of being liked by unique people”

“Don’t make such a cool appearance……”

It was Yuuto . He didn’t even look over here, as he approached us .

He came to a stop when he was right next to me . He was in his uniform, but he didn’t have his bag .

While I was doing my student council work, he must have had swung by his home .

Instead, in his right hand, he was holding on to a bag from the convenience store .

“Minato, you ok with coffee-milk?”

“Un, thanks”

[TN – the Un above is an SFX for affirmation]

“Don’t worry about it . Kirasaksan, is black tea ok with you?”

“I also would like coffee-milk”

“Just take it……”

When it came to Yuuto, Kirasaka had always disliked him . Towards my words, she reluctantly accepted the small carton of black tea and said her thanks in a low voice .

It seemed like Yuuto had also gotten used to her being like that towards him . He replied back with a simple “No Problem”, and then sat next to me .

“Sorry for being late . Did I make you wait?”

“You did”

Towards those stereotyped words that sounded like something that a guy would say to his girlfriend on a date, I obviously answered back honestly .

“That is where you should say, ‘No’”

“I don’t wanna”

My small amount of pride wouldn’t allow me to say a line like that .

I inserted a straw in the carton and put it in my mouth . Kirasaka drank her black tea in the same manner .

I thought we were going to start talking immediately but, unexpectedly, it wasn’t so .

Yuuto seemed to have been examining us for a little while . Then he suddenly started talking about the matter on hand .


“I really like Kanzaki-san”

That voice seemed to contain various types of emotions .

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