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"If you can get those beads, you can enter the next round. If you can't, you have to leave the arena."

All of the profound God s who were still able to stay on the fighting stage were pretty strong.

Penalty Heavenly God took out two more black balls. This time, it was larger, and required a person to open both arms to pick it up.

"Why are there only two of them this time?" Wang Jinshi was a little worried: "There should only be two profound God s in the next round."

Sure enough, the Penalty Heavenly God said: "The key thing to do next is to snatch a black stone orb like this one. This time, the black stone orb is very hard and won't be damaged that easily.

"Every shrine only has one. If you have two, it would be considered a violation of the rules."

After saying the rules, the Penalty Heavenly God turned the hourglass upside down and threw out the two black stone balls.

"Boss, we will snatch it from you and let you enter the competition at the back." Even though he looked fat, but he was extremely agile. He turned into a shadow, passed by the black stone ball and picked it up.

"So heavy." The fat fifth brother quickly fell and at the same time, sent a sound transmission to Ren Tianyong and Yuan Baibing: "Come here and protect me."

Yuan Baibing and Ren Tianyong had already flown over, surrounding the fat fifth brother and blocking the attacks of the surrounding profound God.

"These guys are hard to deal with. Boss, take it." After the fifth brother passed the black stone orb to Ren Tianyong, he released a spinning cyclone that covered them up, just like before.

After Ren Tianyong received the black stone orb, he shouted to Yuan Baibing: "Second brother, take out the divine artifact and block it for a while. The fifth brother's defense will be broken through very soon."

Yuan Baibing immediately released a huge cauldron and covered the black stone orb inside, then sat on top of the huge cauldron

"Leave this place to me and Ol 'Five, go beat those guys up and run away." Yuan Baibing said: "It's best if they don't break through the fifth brother's barrier of tornado."

Penalty Heavenly God never said that Divine Weapons were not allowed to be used, thus the other profound God s had already taken out their expensive Divine Weapons and started to attack Ren Tianyong and the others.

"This bunch of bastards, why aren't they attacking the Wealth Divine Palace." Ren Tianyong cursed in a low voice. He had also obtained a black stone orb from the Wealth Divine Palace, but because the Wealth Divine Palace's power was too great and because her relationship with many of the Great Temples was not bad, she did not snatch it away from him.

Only the two women from the Divine Female Palace and a few profound God s from the other divine halls were fighting with the Wealth Divine Palace.

Second brother and fifth brother, you guys try your best to stop it. Don't let the stone orb get taken away, I'll go to the Wealth Divine Palace's side and break their defense. Ren Tianyong whispered to Yuan Baibing and the others.

"Alright, leave it to us."

Originally, Ren Tianyong planned to run away from the profound God s who came to snatch the stone balls, but when he saw that there were no profound God s to snatch them from, he became angry and wanted to go over and cause trouble. If the Wealth Divine Palace s were unable to obtain the black balls right now and were unable to enter the later fights, then the pressure on them wouldn't be that great.

There were only two profound God s in the Wealth Divine Palace, so Ren Tianyong felt that they were still easy to deal with.

Seeing Ren Tianyong running out, the surrounding profound God s were all slightly worried, they had already prepared to surround and attack Ren Tianyong, but who would have thought that Ren Tianyong would suddenly fly over to the side of the Wealth Divine Palace.

"Devil Slayer Palm." After Ren Tianyong went over, he released a huge golden palm that pressed down on the opponent like a mountain. The God Power was extremely dense and one could tell that Ren Tianyong had gone all out.

profound God on the Wealth Divine Palace's side thought that Ren Tianyong and the others would do their best to protect the black stone orb, and with the black stone orb in hand, they wouldn't come over to snatch it.

Ren Tianyong's attack was very sudden, the profound God's defense was originally only a few profound God's that were slightly weaker than them, it could be considered as an easy task, they never expected that Ren Tianyong, who was in a very bad situation, would come running over.

The gigantic golden palm came smashing down, accurately hitting the two profound God s and breaking their defenses. Although it was two of their profound God's God Power Barriers, when facing Ren Tianyong's attack that was about to lose its life, their shield was instantly broken.

"Wealth Divine Palace, your profound God isn't too good either." Ren Tianyong let out a cold laugh, and then unleashed two more palms with the Demon Punisher Palm. These were all Ren Tianyong's angry attacks, causing the entire arena to shake violently.

The strength of the Wealth Divine Palace was not bad. Even when facing such an attack from Ren Tianyong, they were still able to preserve that black stone orb.

"Ren Tianyong, haven't you heard the rules? If your Devil-killing Divine Palace possesses two black stone balls, it would be considered a violation of the rules." The Wealth Divine Palace shouted.

"I didn't say I wanted it. I just didn't want you to have it."

Ren Tianyong took out a black longsword and in a flash, he arrived at the side of the profound God who was holding onto the black stone ball. He thrusted out a few hundred times like lightning, the sword images were like a storm, enveloping the entire sky and dancing around.

Wealth Divine Palace was unable to dodge, and had no choice but to release the stone orb he was carrying, taking out two long blades to block. His reaction was very fast, and at the same time, profound God was sitting on top of the black stone orb.

"Get lost." The other profound God waved his whip and waved it at Ren Tianyong. Ren Tianyong wielded his divine sword and would not be able to get close, it would be best to attack from afar.

Ren Tianyong punched towards the direction where the long whip had come from, creating a dazzling golden formation. This was a Demon Destroying Qi Formation, which Lv Zhen had modified in the past to have very strong defensive capabilities.

"Devil Slayer Tornado Thrust."

Ren Tianyong unleashed a few sword attacks, causing the profound God who was guarding the stone ball to enter a defensive state, unable to retaliate, he then quickly shot out towards the stone ball below him. A gust of wind surged out from the sword blade, penetrating through the profound God's defenses and struck straight at the stone ball.

His sword released a strong force, sending the black stone orb underneath the profound God flying.

When the stone balls flew out, the other profound God s quickly followed suit. The one who caught the black stone balls was actually a Middle-aged Man in Black Robe, a Hell Devil Emperor.

Ren Tianyong's objective had already been reached, so he quickly returned to Fatty Wu and Yuan Baibing's side. They were forced to the point where they couldn't even breathe, and after Ren Tianyong rushed back, he started to stab the profound God s that were attacking Yuan Baibing's giant cauldron.

"If you don't want to die, then scram." Ren Tianyong shouted angrily, filled with killing intent. The black sword in his hand trembled, his battle intent soaring to the heavens.

With Ren Tianyong joining them, Yuan Baibing and the fatty felt much more relaxed. They could hold on for a little longer.

"They are all very strong." Chen Xiang looked very carefully. As one of the top ten wargods in Devil-killing Divine Palace, he was actually able to shake two of Wealth Divine Palace's profound God s.

From this, it could be seen that there was a huge difference between the profound God s and the Wealth Divine Palace s. If they were to compare the number, then it would definitely be more than the Wealth Divine Palace s.

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