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Lucky Wind City was suddenly illuminated by an enormous dragon that descended from the heavens in front of an outdated residential unit and carefully observed it. In reality, it wasn't a dragon, but the halo of a heavenly bridge.

If the half step battle sages were there, they would have definitely cried out in surprise. "Guided heavenly bridge!"

However, the small coastal town located in the territory of the Central Continent's Heavenly Cloud City didn't have many experienced people. Thus, admiration filled the hearts of everyone who looked at this extraordinary phenomenon.

Their gazes were filled with worship, fear. Some held hope toward it while others were afraid that this extraordinary phenomenon would disturb the peaceful life of their small town.

Suddenly, one person's mouth went wide open from shock. The little girl had noticed a human silhouette walking down the heavenly bridge.

"There's someone up there! My god, what am I seeing? Why is someone walking down from the sky…"

The girl's voiced alarmed more and more people.

But no one dared to get too close. They watched from the distance as a slender and tall figure which seemed to belong to a man gradually walked down and disappeared from everyone's gaze.

Instantly, the news of the extraordinary phenomenon of heavens descending in Lucky Wind City and a person walking down from the sky instantly began to spread from this coastal town. It was like a category twelve typhoon.

But all of this didn't concern the main culprit of this incident.

"Paying respects to Master."

The instant Li Yunmu descended on the outdated residential unit, his followers welcomed him. The moment Li Yunmu's presence returned to Earth, his followers immediately became aware that their master had come back because of the special connection which existed between them.

Blade Overlord and Flowing Cloud left the building and welcomed Li Yunmu excitedly.

"Master, you have finally returned."

Blade Overlord felt familiar yet unfamiliar energy emitted by Li Yunmu, and his expression betrayed his excitement. At his side was Li Yunmu's former maid, Flowing Cloud. She was standing at attention with a complex expression.

After the years in which they hadn't seen him, she had become unable to sense his limits.

Although he had retracted his aura inside his body, he was still unable to conceal the enormous energy soaring into the heavens. It made both of his followers feel like they would get burned by the scorching sun.

They were unable to even imagine the extent of his physical strength.

"Good work, you both look good."

Li Yunmu first sized up the two followers who had remained on Earth and then praised them without holding back. Right after though, his gaze locked onto the residential unit from which three people slowly walked out.

"Dad, mom, sis Ruyan… I have returned!"

After the separation of several years, their family had finally united.

"As long as you come back safe..." his elderly mother mumbled with teary eyes as she came to embrace him in a tight hug, not letting go. His dad, in the meantime, forcefully held back his emotions and kept looking at the mother and son hugging each other from side.

Liu Ruyan quietly brushed her eyes. Just a while ago, they had all believed that Li Yunmu would never return....

On the day he came back to Earth, Li Yunmu didn't do anything and spent time with his family, recounting his experiences of the past years.

He also learned from his mom and dad that the followers which had remained on Earth had indeed acted as agreed. Not only did they follow the plan laid down by Li Yunmu before he descended, they had also brought his family back to Lucky Wind City to hide them a couple months back. This was done with Battle Sage Vega's approval.

Blade Overlord and Flowing Cloud had remained then to protect his mom and dad.

The night passed silently.

At dawn of the second day, there were many 'lords' of the small region who wouldn't have met Li Yunmu previously waiting outside his residence.

Among them, there was naturally Heavenly Cloud City's Lin Yuerou.

She had already stepped into the sage realm from nirvana flux master realm. Originally, she should have been part of the main force that was to enter the Seventh Dimension, but as a city lord of a secondary city, she requested the Central Continent's rulers to let her remain behind to protect her people.

Li Yunmu didn't agree to see anyone. After some thought though, he invited Lin Yuerou, who'd had some entanglements with him in the past.

No one knew what the two talked about, but when Lin Yuerou walked out of the residence, Li Yunmu's family as well as his followers had disappeared.

The 'lords' waiting outside couldn't even take a look at the first descender who had returned to Earth.

Even the sage dispatched by the Central Continent's ruling power that very night was blown away by Li Yunmu with one punch when he tried to force his way into the residence.

Li Yunmu wasn't trying to be a thankless wretch, but he didn't wish to remain a chess piece any longer. His success and accomplishments weren't bestowed by the Central Continent's ruling power, but were instead because of the system.

Due to this, he didn't wish to lightly reveal the information of the Origin World to any of continents' ruling powers. It would just create more headaches for him.

Thus, he hid himself from the public eye.

But the news of his return to Earth as well as the establishment of the heavenly bridge quickly reached the ears of every continent's battle sage in the Seventh Dimension in a single day.

Li Yunmu's return even caused the battlefield which had become a slaughterhouse to regain calm.

The next day, the powerhouses at the peak of Earth's power pyramid returned to Earth one by one. Battle Sage Vega also began to wait for Li Yunmu to reveal what he knew.

However… all their hopes were crushed.

Even if Li Yunmu had descended as the representative of Battle Sage Vega, he didn't go to Vega Palace to report. In the end, the powerhouses who believed that they held the fate of the whole world in their hands understood that when a chess piece gained enough strength, like Li Yunmu had done, it stopped being a chess piece.

They began to see him in a new light when they learned that he had blown away a flux sage of the Central Continent with one punch.  正当满世界都在寻找李云牧的下落时候.

Just when the entire world was searching for Li Yunmu's whereabouts, Blade Overlord, Devil Monkey, Underworld Hand, Nangong Gongzi, and Flowing Cloud had gathered together in his heavenly world. 

"So you're saying that Barbarian Niu's body was seized by God Undercurrent? Moreover, Ling Shuang is also under the control of someone else because of a secret method used by the enemy?"

Even at that moment, Li Yunmu wondered what had to have happened for Ling Shuang to not be able to cross Black Dragon Island.

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