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Originally, Elena had already prepared to put her life on the line.

Perhaps Lin Xiao was right, it wasn’t the slave contract that bound her, but it was she who tied up Lin Xiao’s life and relied on someone else to figure out what happened to her.

Losing her self confidence, from that moment, she fell from a king to a useless cute maid.

So, she decided to risk her life. If she became a red eyed black cat here, these humans will definitely die and afterwards, the people from the church would also chase to kill her. But that wasn’t important…

Although she still hasn’t found a way to break the slave contract, with her power as the Demon King she could forcibly resist the soul rebound. Even if she left Lin Xiao’s side and escaped from Winterless City, she probably wouldn’t die.

But she wouldn’t know what to do after that… she would just deal with it as it comes. Anyways, she didn’t want to live with Lin Xiao and be subject to his temper!

But just as she was about to erupt the power of her blood, she heard a familiar snapping sound.

She knew it was Lin Xiao’s instant cast! So she stopped and breathed out in relief.

Harden who was preparing to attack Elena also heard the same sound.

At first he didn’t mind, but afterward, another huge air splitting sound rang out!

Now it was too late for Harden to react.

The hand that he had reached towards Elena’s breast was almost there, just a few millimeters away and he could enjoy the highest pleasure on this planet, the Monarch’s Oppai were almost within his palms!

But he had no choice but to retreat!


Under the spur of his instincts, he stopped his right hand in midair and slightly retracted his fingers.

Whoosh… he wasn’t able to fully avoid the attack.

Harden felt his fingertips go cold.

In the next instant, he noticed that the fingernail on his right index finger was cut off.

“Get away from my maid!” A young man said in a deep voice from the entrance of the alleyway.

The black haired and black eyed young man’s words carried killing intent.

Harden hadn’t even reacted to what had happened, the wall behind him gave him the answer.

There was a deep and narrow cut on the wall!

“Fourth level magic, wind blade!?” Harden exclaimed.

What flew by his fingers earlier was a sharp wind blade! Although wind blade is completely transparent, and he couldn’t see it, but he retracted his fingers on instinct.

Thanks to his instinct, just half a millimeter helped him evaded the wind blade, and only his fingernail was cut off, half of it.

Otherwise, it might not have been just his fingernail, but his finger!

“Lin Xiao!?”

Harrison told the other two to stand up, still in shock.

“Lin Xiao, w-w-what are you doing?” Harden was stammering and even forgot to get angry.

“What am I doing? Those should be my words, right! What are you guys doing to my maid?”

He pinched his thumb and middle finger, waiting to release the next wind blade.

“W-we…” Getting caught in the act, Harden was in an awkward spot, and instead retorted, “What else could we be doing? Of course, we were helping her!”

“Helping her?”

“Don’t play dumb, Lin Xiao. Weren’t you the one who fed Elena a love potion?” Harrison creased his brows and denounced him.

“Ha? Love potion?” Lin Xiao was stunned.

What was a love potion?

He didn’t understand what was going on yet, seeing that the three didn’t move, he could only confirm Elena’s situation first. Seeing him walk over, the three took a few steps back.

Harden clenched his fingers, he still had lingering fears.

That wind blade earlier was just too fast, he still couldn’t figure out where he cast that magic from.

Magic chant? Circuit formation? There were no signs, before the wind blade appeared, there was only a faint snapping sound.

But what did a snap have to do with casting magic?

Coming next to Elena and looking down, Lin Xiao instantly understood what they meant by love potion.

“Sigh… so that’s it.”

Usually, they wouldn’t dare do something like this, after all they were students from Loran Academy, it would be troublesome to have charges of molesting a female.

But it wouldn’t be the case if Elena had a love potion, because of the soul rebound, Elena was weak, had flushed cheeks, and her sweat drenched her clothes. The revealed portion of her round chest showed vague traces of sweat, just one look could make one’s blood pressure increase.

With this appearance, it clearly looks like she had love potion, no wonder the three couldn’t hold back.

“Foolish Demon King, can you be any more idiotic? How could you get lost when you had a radar?” Lin Xiao started lecturing her first, “If it wasn’t because I noticed something was wrong, you would have been attacked!”

Although he was saying that, but he wasn’t idling. He bent down and supported Elena up by her waist. Since she was too weak, Elena couldn’t stand properly, and could only lean on him, he considerately provided his shoulder so that she could lean comfortably.

“Immature child!” Listening to what Lin Xiao said, Elena was angered. He was trying to justify himself? Who’s fault was it?

“Hey, why’s your lip bleeding?” He just relaxed, but seeing traces of blood, Lin Xiao wrinkled his brows and sternly asked, “Did they do this? Those three bastards! Just watch me…”

“I bit it myself, it has nothing to do with them.” Elena said coldly.

“… ah?” Lin Xiao blinked a couple of times, “Why did you bite yourself?”

“Hmph, what’s it to you?” Elena didn’t give in, and stubbornly said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to leave? Then don’t worry about me, scram!”

“Sigh… okay, okay, it was my bad earlier.” Lin Xiao embarrassedly said, “How could I leave now?”

“Tsk, I don’t need you to rescue me, get lost.” Elena angrily cursed.

Although she was saying harsh words, her body was honest 一 Elena, who couldn’t stand, was holding onto Lin Xiao’s shoulder with both hands like a shy bunny hanging by his side, making the other three awfully envious.

“Rescue? No, no, no.” He titled his head and spoke i a voice that only Elena could hear, “Elena, don’t misunderstand, I didn’t come to rescue you!”

“Tsk… hypocritical child.”

What else was he doing if not rescuing her? Did he come here to watch a show? This fellow never says what he feels!

Just like when saving Rosie in the forest before, he clearly was worried to death but he pretended to not care, how stupid.

“? No, no, not this time” Suddenly, Lin Xiao laughed, “Elena, watch carefully, something interesting is going to happen!”

“Something interesting?” Elena felt creeped out by his laughter.

Was this guy going crazy? What’s there to laugh about?

“Elena, let me ask you, isn’t a punching bag delivered straight to you very interesting?” Lin Xiao asked while smiling.

“Punching bag?” Elena blinked a couple of times.

She followed Lin Xiao’s line of sight and saw the three Hardee brothers.

Punching bag? 一一 She suddenly understood!

Lin Xiao was still caught up on being rejected by Shen DaiYing, so he was angry. The reason he had an argument with her today was because he wanted to come out and find someone to vent.

Now that he found the perfect punching bags, these three brothers were out of luck.

“You three, Harrison, Harden, Hart!” Lin Xiao turned and bellowed at them, “How dare you three feed my maid a love potion! Do you want to die?”




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