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Published at 26th of January 2021 02:25:17 AM

Chapter 2279

She thought that he had romantic feelings for her, too, and only kept his distance from her because of societal norms .

All this while, she had been quietly trying to get close to him and worm her way into his heart . She had put in so much effort, only to see her beloved man standing next to another woman .

Yun Shishi!

What’s so good about her?!

Even after pondering on that question for a long time, the young missy could just not understand in what way she had lost to that woman .

In terms of background, she came from a prestigious family while that woman was merely a commoner without any power or influence .

In terms of appearance, she reckoned that she was not inferior to the actress in any way . Plus, beauty would fade over time; what was the use of having a pretty face now?

In terms of characters, she was equally gentle and considerate toward the man; the one who knew him the best, in fact, was likely to be her, too!

She had hoped for him to have a change of heart; alas, never in her wildest dreams did she expect to see him getting closer and closer to another woman .

It was out of indignation that she strayed on the unconventional path .

She could not figure it out!

She just simply could not figure it out!

Why could that b*tch receive his acknowledgment and become his wife because of those two kids, but I couldn’t?!

This missy had to admit that she was just following in that woman’s footsteps when she took things to the extreme!

Back then, it was all due to that surrogacy and that woman giving birth to his children that the two got the chance to get closer to each other .

Why could she not do the same, then?!

She had spent a lot of effort and paid a hefty price, just so that she could take a gamble to conceive his child in her stomach . Aside from misappropriating her father’s funds, which were placed in her brother’s bank account, she also underwent much suffering during the IVF process . Every night, she would pray hard to receive heaven’s blessing so that the procedure would be a success .

Heaven did not disappoint her in the end!

She finally got pregnant with a child!

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Alas, her hopes were all but crushed when he nonchalantly revealed that he had swapped the sperm specimen right before the surgery . Like a fool, she had never once realized that each of her actions had been under his watch . She was truly naïve to think that she could carry out her scheme without his knowledge when, in fact, she was the one dancing in the palm of his hand!

It was already far too late by the time she regained her senses!

Reflecting on her past actions now, she found herself to be hopelessly stupid!

Oh, how she hated him now!

Her hatred for him ran deep!

She clenched her fists tightly in anger with tears dripping and splashing onto her body .

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Feelings of remorse and agony seized her .

She could not help but feel reproachful!

After all, she bore a portion of the responsibility for what had happened to her brother!

If it had not been for her, things would not have turned out this way!

“Get a grip of yourself!” Out of worry, Jiang Qimeng hugged her daughter coaxingly . “Since you have straightened out your thoughts and seen through Mu Yazhe’s true nature, you ought to give up on him now! Why would you still think about him when he turned his back on you?! All you need to do right now is rest well and recuperate your health, then grab your chance once the time is ripe . What happened to you is actually a blessing in disguise! Now that you have this child, we have, at the very least, this one last bargaining chip left . ”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Mu Yancheng, the father of your child, might very well be the next leader of the Mu family, so your position will be cemented with the birth of your child! Don’t think of the useless whatnots and just focus on your health and the child in your stomach! This is the correct course of action and the most important thing you should be doing now!”

“Mom, I…”