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Published at 26th of January 2021 02:25:37 AM

Chapter 2273

Hua Jin—

The moment the middle-aged man heard the name, he let out an expletive!

“Ba*st*rd! You had the cheek to call this number?!”

The young man put the phone a distance away from his face with a disgusted look, then he took a long, deep drag of his cigarette, which got him coughing unexpectedly .

“Cough cough cough!”

He covered his mouth as he tried to stop his violent coughing fit . He had inhaled too much, too fast just then .

From the earpiece, he could hear the older man lambasting him . “Who the hell gave birth to such a shameful chap like you!?! I don’t know what despicable means you’ve used to make my daughter be smitten with you—”

He cut short the other’s relentless scolding . “I called not to hear your lecture . ”

There was a pause on the other end, and before the older man could speak, he continued . “Your daughter is at my apartment now . I don’t know what happened between you two, but you can bring her back after I send you the address . ”

“Hmph! What kind of game are you playing now?!”

That earned a snigger from him, but he still managed to give a polite reply . “Uncle, I promise to have a clean break with her, but on one condition: You’d better have a tight rein on her . Tell her not to bother me again, and I won’t look for her ever, too . I’ve already made things clear to her . As for what she wants to do about it, I won’t be able to answer . I’m just here to inform you that I’ll break up with her for good . Whatever she’s given me—the apartment, car, and any other things, I’ll return all to her . I just hope that you’ll be kind enough to let me off . Stop disrupting my life; I have no intention of getting involved with your family’s conflict . I ask that you leave me in peace . ”


His words were so direct and explicit that they embarrassed his listener .

The older man had always thought that it was the young chap who had been harassing his daughter for her money . It was doubtful that the two were together because of love in the first place, and the father thought that this guy was the one who had relentlessly clung onto his daughter, refusing to let her go, but he found out today that the truth was the opposite, actually . His daughter had been the one who refused to end the relationship, and now, the chap had come to him directly to complain about her harassment!

What the hell?!

Could she have more self-love and chastity?!

‘You’d better have a tight rein on her . Tell her not to bother me again .

‘Stop disrupting my life . ’

These few statements were enough to infuriate him indeterminably!

What shameless things had his unfilial daughter been doing outside all along?!

She had disgraced him and their family name with her wanton behavior!

It is good that this matter hasn’t gained traction so far, or our good reputation will be ruined in her hands! 

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How could a girl harass a man to no end, and to think that she’s still unwilling to give up?! What is she thinking of doing to our name?!

Has she been blinded by lust?!

On the other end, Hua Jin had the good sense to reassure the older man . “Uncle, don’t worry; I’ll keep mum about this . ”

“Send me the address!”

“Alright . I’ll leave the key in the letterbox outside the apartment . ”

After putting down the phone, he drew a deep breath . He then sent his address to the older man via a text message .

Everything had ended finally .

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He was finally freed .

Lin Xueya had unknowingly cried herself to sleep inside the bathtub . She was exhausted after missing her sleep the prior night .

At dawn, she heard the sound of a key unlocking the door in her half-sleepy state and thought that her man had a change of mind and came back to look for her .