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Published at 26th of January 2021 02:25:32 AM

Chapter 2274
Chapter 2274: Do you still have the face to address me as your father?

The woman jumped up from the bathtub in agitation, then dashed out of the bathroom without second thoughts, leaving a wet trail behind her as her soaked clothes clung onto her body .

Alas, when the door opened, all she saw were men in black suits marching in .

She let out a scream even though these men were no strangers to her, for they were her family’s bodyguards .

Don’t tell me…

As she stood rooted to the spot, she saw her father emerging from behind the men, his face trying to conceal his anger . The moment he stepped through the door, he saw his daughter looking shabby and improper in her wet attire . As she had sat in the tub for a long period of time, her outfit thoroughly drenched, it clung onto her curvaceous figure and inadvertently made some of her private spots conspicuous .

Her heart sank the instant she saw her father . Thoughts swirled in her head .

“Dad… why are you here?”

It would have been better for her if she had not opened her mouth, but the moment she did, the older man could no longer contain his suppressed anger especially after catching her in such an embarrassing state .

He signaled his men with a glare .

The bodyguards standing behind him caught his meaning and retreated from the room straightaway .

“Wait for me outside the door!”


The men piled out, closing the door behind them .

He was left alone with his daughter in the spacious hallway .

“Dad, w-why are y-you here…” she stammered with none of her pride intact .

Honestly, she would have tried to hold her head high to speak to him if he had not caught her in such a compromising state . Now, all she wanted to do was hide in a corner, so he would not see her looking like this!

His sudden, unexplained appearance had disrupted her thoughts completely!

How did he get the key to the apartment? Only Hua Jin and I have access to this place, right?

Could it be…

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The possibility that Hua Jin had led her father to this place set her head spinning; it was a big blow to her .

On the other hand, Lin Boxiong’s face sank following his daughter’s muttering . With greenish veins looking visible on his temples, he took a wide step forward and swang his palm hard against her wet cheek!


The fierce slap was swift and sudden . The woman did not have a chance to avoid this slap, so her face turned to the side from the force . She stumbled backward, then stood in a daze for a while . After a long pause, she reached out to touch her burning cheek, looking pissed .

“Shameless! Do you still have the face to address me as your father?!”

The man’s voice thundered so much that it reverberated through the narrow hallway .

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With her head still buzzing noisily, the woman’s vision flickered for a while . She wanted to cry, but no tears would come out!

“Look at you now! Tilt your head down and see for yourself how shameless your appearance currently is! What cheek do you have to call me ‘dad’?!” The man stared at her with exasperation .

He would have reached for a baton to thrash her if not for the fact that she was a woman and had a weak constitution .

Isn’t she done with shaming herself alone? Will she stop only after she has completely disgraced our Lin family?!

The woman bit her lower lip hard . Her pride prevented her from showing her embarrassment to the older man now . She lifted her head high to meet his eyes, forcing a smirk as she tried to suppress the grievances inside her .