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Chapter 2259: 2259

The two middle-aged men had a good chat . Mu Linfeng and Lin Boxiong had military associations, so it was easy for them to hold a conversation .

Mu Yancheng was also around on that day .

Under his uncle’s constant reminder, the young man put up a good performance before his prospective father-in-law . He was genteel, polite, and humble . Despite being in the presence of his well-reputed seniors, he was composed and confident, knowing just the right thing to say .

All in all, Lin Boxiong was quite satisfied with this young man .

Of course, he had heard about Mu Yazhe’s recent relinquishment of his title, but he had not once brought it up with his contemporary throughout their conversation . He could guess that the latter was giving a helping hand to his young nephew with this marriage proposal .

Still, he could not help bemoaning Mu Yazhe at the thought of him . The middle-aged man had had a few meetings with that young man in the past . If that fella had been the one sitting next to his uncle that day, he would have accepted the marriage proposal without hesitation . The former head of the Mu household had left an indelible impression on him . That young, handsome man was exceptional and extremely capable in his eyes . Despite the heir’s young age, he was able to stand tall in the world of commerce with his clean-cut tactics and sharp, business acumen . The Mu Group was brought anew to the top of the game under that chap’s leadership .

If such an excellent man were to be tied to his precious daughter, he would be overjoyed for sure .

Alas, the young man had given up his inheritance for a commoner wife . Indeed, a hero could hardly escape the prison of love . While the middle-aged man lamented the Mus’ loss with the chap’s departure, he could not help admiring the young man’s courage and determination from the bottom of his heart .

Compared to his cousin, Mu Yancheng paled to a great extent despite also being young and good-looking .

As such, Lin Boxiong did not agree to the proposal immediately and only suggested that the two families could arrange for the young ones to meet up for a meal and chit-chat after the festivity . If the couple was deemed compatible, then the families could go ahead with the wedding .

These two wily foxes had their ulterior agendas, actually .

For Mu Linfeng, he only wanted to grow his nephew’s power through this marriage alliance . With the young man marrying Lin Xueya, he could rely on his wife’s family to take a giant leap toward becoming the Mu empire’s new leader .

What about Lin Boxiong?

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This man’s heart was shrouded with worries over his precious daughter . She was his dearest as well as the most heart-wrecking .

Perhaps the family had spoiled her since young by always giving in to her demands . Their doting love gradually turned into overindulgence .

Growing up in such an indulgent environment, the missy turned into a cocky, individualistic, and willful person .

He accepted her capriciousness; after all, he was to blame for spoiling her in the first place . His thought on this matter was this: A daughter would be married off eventually . What he could do was find a gentle and accepting husband for her, and by the time she had her children, she would learn to correct her bad behavior .

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With this thinking in mind, he let her have her ways .

Alas, the young woman’s behavior turned from bad to worse, which ended up giving him a rather tricky problem .

That missy had actually started to date a thespian!

The Lin family was known to be traditional and scholarly . All its members, male or female, placed heavy emphasis on customs and decorum .

What his daughter had done was considered outrageous and decadent .