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Published at 18th of January 2021 12:00:08 AM

Chapter 2257: 2257
Chapter 2257: Putting on an Act

She was at his apartment?

It was the first day of the new year today . How was it possible that she would look for him at this time?

In doubt, Hua Jin went over to the clothes rack to pick up his coat and drape it over his body .

Lin Xueya’s intermittent weak and helpless cries were heard over the phone . Compared to the usually arrogant and aloof stance of hers, which was similar to that of a regal queen, she sounded like a helpless and lonely bird dependent on its owner’s help then .

“I’m giving you half an hour to appear by my side . Jin, I need you… immediately . ” Lin Xueya ended the call with that command .

The idol held the phone with a grimace for a moment before turning to announce, “Youyou, Little Yichen, I have an emergency, so I’ll be heading home now! Please help me pass my new year’s blessings to your parents when they wake up later . ”

“Brother Hua Jin, where are you going?” asked the younger boy askance .

He was speechless for a moment before smiling helplessly . “I have an important matter to settle, so I can only leave right now . I am sorry!”

“It’s alright! Since it’s an urgent matter, go ahead! We will help you pass your new year’s blessings to our mom and dad!”

“Oh, that’s right!”

He took out two red packets from his pocket and gave one to each of them . “I prepared red packets for you two! It’s just a small token of appreciation from me!”

“Thank you, Brother Hua Jin!” The twins beamed at him .

Hua Jin bent down and kissed the two boys on their foreheads before rushing off .

The moment he reached his apartment, he noticed a pair of high heels placed quietly on the shoe rack outside his door .

She’s here!

His heart instantly fell to rock bottom .

Her arrival did not bring him any joy . In fact, she had dampened the happiness he had originally been feeling .

He did not like Lin Xueya one bit . One could say that he hated her .

Being with her was just a perfunctory chore .

After being in showbiz for so many years, he accumulated quite a few dazzling awards due to his splendid acting skills .

Many people said that he was a natural-born actor . With a face prettier and more charming than most women, he was definitely blessed . What was more envious was that he had a flair for acting despite not being a graduate of any conservatory; thus, he received compliments from plenty of veterans in the industry .

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Yes .

His acting abilities, which had been brought to perfection, seemed innate in him . Therefore, despite feeling so much loathing for her, he was still able to act as if he were sentimental and in love with her .

Being with her was as if he was putting on an act, constantly wearing a mask .

How was this not a form of torture?

His apartment could only be opened through biometrics . When he walked inside, he realized that all of the lights were on and that the window drapes were shut tightly .

Hua Jin had only just stepped through the door, but his heart was already feeling worn down and heavy .

This was only the start, alas .

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Normally, when he received a script for a character, the show would end after one or two years, and he would be able to leave the production crew .

When would this script with Lin Xueya end?

Although his apartment was only sixty square feet, with a bedroom and a living room, it still felt extremely cold .

It was as if he were on a desolate island .

Hua Jin placed his phone on the table and walked into the living room . However, it was empty .

He pushed open the bedroom door but did not see her figure, either .


He called out softly but did not receive any response .