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Published at 19th of January 2021 02:20:26 AM

Chapter 2256

If his father knew that he had such adorable grandsons, he would definitely be delighted, would he not?

When Gong Jie thought about this, his expression turned rigid in an instant .


Would there ever come a day when they could reunite?

On one hand, he really wished that his father would know about his adorable grandsons .

On another hand, when thinking from his sister’s perspective, he wished that his father would never find this out . This way, that man would not disrupt this family’s peaceful life .

The feud between the Gongs and the Mus was not something that could be expressed in a few words .

The amount of hatred one family had for the other was unmeasurable .

If his father learned of this, he would never let his sister be with Mu Yazhe and would surely make things difficult for them .

His older sister would get upset if that happened .

Over time, Gong Jie understood how much his sister loved that Mu chap . Having seen it clearly for himself, he started acknowledging it . For the sake of his sister’s happiness, he would never do anything that would hurt her .

No matter what kind of feud there was between the two families, it had nothing to do with his brother-in-law .

Although he loathed the Mu family, he could not bring himself to be brutal with the man who made his sister happy .

As the saying went, when one loved someone, they would love everything connected to them .

He could pardon everything about that man for his sister .

Hence, he could not be honest with his father about this .

He was worried that his father would be unable to accept it .

Yes .

The love between his father and mother back then had been destroyed by that murderer, Mu Sheng .

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A car accident separated them forever, leaving them on opposite sides for eternity and driving his father foolish with love and hate .

He did not want his father to become a second Mu Sheng .

Therefore, he would keep this in the dark for as long as he could .

Although it was difficult for him to be sandwiched between his father and sister, he had no other choice with how things were currently .


Just as Gong Jie was deep in thought, a cushion flew straight toward his face . He grabbed it just in time, only to see his two nephews in a heap on the couch, hitting each other with the cushions .

“Wah wah! Help me! I’m going to die . ”

Little Yichen was actually being subdued by Youyou’s attacks .

His face darkened as he cursed his older nephew inwardly, Idiot!

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“Stop fooling around, you rascals!”

“Uncle, lil’ bro is bully me…”

“Uncle, help me teach this rascal a lesson… Hmph!”

While the uncle-nephew trio was caught in a heap of mess, someone’s phone began to ring .

Everyone quieted instantly .

Following the sound, the younger boy found a mobile phone on the couch and asked in surprise, “Whose thing is this?”

Seeing it, Hua Jin raised his hand . “It’s mine . ”

“Here! Someone is calling you!”

He handed the phone over to the actor .

The latter took the phone, his face instantly turning icy when he saw the number displayed on the screen .

Under the curious gazes of the other people in the room, he hastily rushed to the balcony to answer the call .



Lin Xueya’s willful and petulant cries were heard on the other end of the line . Her voice was laced with helplessness and worry, but more than that, it sounded velvety and coquettish . “Where are you?” She was sobbing .

“I-I’m… at home . ” He lied about being home without thinking twice .

However, just as he gave that answer, he felt an indescribable sense of guilt .

On the other end, Lin Xueya was standing in Hua Jin’s apartment and looking around . A cold disappointed look appeared on her face, which was caked with exquisite makeup .

“Is that so? Why don’t I see you here?”

“…” He was rendered shocked and speechless by this, and his eyes widened as a result .