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Chapter 2234

“What’s wrong…”

She felt increasingly at a loss .

Hua Jin shook his head at once and explained, “Nothing . I-I’m fine…”

“Then… why are you crying?”

He answered forlornly, “I’m just… a little envious . ”

Yun Shishi followed his line of sight, only to see the back of the twins . Her acute senses allowed her to pick up his current mood and understand how he was feeling .

He’s probably envious of my children, I guess .

“Your sons are living so blissfully that I can’t help but be slightly envious of them . ”

The slight crook of his lips held tinges of bitterness .

Pursing her lips, she turned to lean against the boulder beside him and silently watched her carefree children play around . For some reason, the little ones seemed to be engaged in yet another fight and were now chasing each other .

As the younger boy chased his brother to beat him up, the latter cleverly hid behind their father . Just like that, they ended up running in circles around the man .

Mu Yazhe, who could not bear to watch this, lifted his older son and placed him on his shoulders .

With this height advantage, the boy started laughing at his younger brother smugly, even making funny faces at him .

Youyou naturally felt indignant about this, so he ran over to his uncle and tugged at his sleeve . It was unknown what he had said exactly to result in the adult lifting him high and allowing him to sit on his shoulders, too .

Like a commander on a horse, he directed his uncle to walk over to his father, then he and his twin brother continued their fight .

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Knowing that he possessed great arm strength, the older boy gave in to his brother and let the latter off easily; the younger one would surely cry and complain that he was bullied by him should he hit the other for real, after all . Thus, he capitulated to his brother a lot .

Alas, his younger twin did not show him any mercy and even whacked him so hard that he started yelping in pain .

Gong Jie burst out laughing heartily at the sight and encouraged his younger nephew to bully his older sibling more .

Upon seeing how useless his older son was, Mu Yazhe could not tolerate it anymore and chose to run away with the boy straddling shoulders .

The other adult, thus, chased the father-son duo with his nephew sitting astride his shoulders . The four of them—two grown men and two little imps—had an awfully fun time playing together .

Meanwhile, Yun Shishi was huffing at the sight . “Hey, stop fooling around and be careful of falling!”

Hua Jin was tickled pink, though . When his bout of laughter ceased, he told the woman, “Do you know? I’m really envious of your children for having such gentle parents . ”

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She glanced at him before quietly turning to look at her family . A gentle smile then crept across her face . “I’d shower you with love if I were your mother!”

The unexpected comment stunned the actor for a while as he turned to stare at her in astonishment .

The woman, however, was gazing at her family who were playing around with an unbelievably gentle look .

That was probably the glory of motherhood .

The tenderness, which brimmed in her eyes as she watched her children, could melt even the hardest and coldest heart in the world .

Just then, she heard his sad yet envious voice ringing in her ears .

“How I wish that I were born as your child, too . ”

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‘How I wish that I were born as your child, too . ’

Those helpless yet disappointed words pricked her heart . Turning her head over, she reached out for his hands and held them tightly in hers .

“From now on, you’ll join us at every Lunar New Year’s Eve to make dumplings, eat reunion dinner, and release fireworks together, just like today, okay?”

He nodded fervently and did not hesitate to respond with an ‘okay!’