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Published at 10th of January 2021 12:00:10 AM

Chapter 2233: 2233
Chapter 2233: Releasing Fireworks

As she spoke, she carefully lit up a matchstick and aimed it at the wire tip, which soon crackled alive and produced fiery sparks .

Little Yichen held the end of the sparkler in great agitation as though he were waiting for the arrival of his enemies . He was so nervous that he dared not move even an inch .

Colored flames and sparks shot out of the ignited sparkler, its flickering glow illuminating his tender visage .

“Wow! This is so pretty!” cried the boy in surprise and excitement .

The woman then handed her younger son a sparkler, too . Unlike his brother who felt nervous and lost due to it being his first time playing with sparklers, Youyou calmly waved the stick in the air .

The psychedelic sparks, which formed dazzling lines as he waved the sparkler in the air, looked beautiful against the night sky .

Seeing that the sparkler could be played this way, the older twin excitedly mimicked his action and waved his piece in the air . The two lads had a fun time playing with the sparklers .

Hua Jin, who was standing at the side, fell into a trance while watching them play around .

Out of the blue, Yun Shishi handed a sparkler to him and smilingly said, “Come, join us . ”


He took the sparkler from her, and she helped him light it up . Multicolored sparks soon lit his smiling face aglow as he gently waved the sparkler while leaning against a boulder on the riverbank .

Gong Jie and Mu Yazhe took way prettier sparklers for themselves and lit them up .

“Ha ha ha!”

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Little Yichen’s sparkler soon fizzled out . He could not help feeling utterly envious when he turned around and saw his uncle holding a beautiful sparkler . “Whoa! Yours really pretty! I want one like it, too! I want one, too!”

His uncle walked over, carried him up with one arm, and passed the sparkler in his other hand . “There you go! Hold it properly, and you can play with it!”

“Thank you, uncle!”

With a face-splitting grin, he waved the sparkler around and let it dance mid-air .

By now, Youyou’s stick had also fizzled out . His mother, thus, handed her sparkler for him to play .

As the actor watched the actress happily carrying her son while playing with the sparkler, he felt his heart become heating up as though it had been set ablaze .

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At that moment, he suddenly felt that Yun Shishi’s world, be it the woman herself or her surroundings, was shining brilliantly .

He desperately yearned to enter her world, so much so that he did not realize that each of her actions, which seemingly held the power of a level-ten tornado, was capable of unsettling him .

The strong emotions he felt now was akin to that of a naïve youth experiencing his first love . Those feelings flooded him, causing tears to flow down his face unknowingly as he gazed longingly at the woman’s back .

Just when Yun Shishi wanted to call the idol to join them, she incidentally caught sight of him quietly standing behind them; seeing a faint tear streaking down his face, which glowed under the bright lights of the sparklers, shocked her .

Startled, she put down her son at once and approached the actor, only to see him staring dumbly at her face with large, moist eyes .

“Hua Jin… w-what’s wrong…” She helplessly reached out to his face and lightly wiped the tear stains away . “W-What’s wrong? Why are you crying…”

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Did I cry?

The actor absent-mindedly touched the corner of his eye, only to feel a stabbing pain in his heart upon feeling the cold, moist sensation on his fingertip .