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Published at 10th of January 2021 02:25:43 PM

Chapter 2231

Their mother had already informed them beforehand that an important friend of hers would be joining them for the reunion dinner tonight .

Mu Yazhe, who naturally recognized the special guest at a glance, hooked up his lips slightly as a gesture of goodwill .

Gong Jie, however, made no greetings, though he wore no look of repulsion on his face . Instead, he consciously shifted his seat slightly to the side to make some space for his older nephew to place a stool the latter had brought over .

“Brother Hua Jin, please take a seat while I get you chopsticks and a bowl!” urged Little Yichen before he nimbly ran to the kitchen for some plate and cutlery .

Meanwhile, the idol was pushed by the woman toward the dining table to occupy the offered seat .

Yun Yecheng studied the young man for a while before he grinned and cheerfully asked, “Daughter, is this friend of yours an actor, too?”

“Yup! We were in the same production team previously! He can be considered my senior; he’s taken good care of me at that time!”

He immediately said, “Oh, my! This chap has such fine looks which make him even prettier than most girls! Nice to meet you, and thank you for taking care of my daughter!”

With just a few exchanges, the mood instantly became harmonious .

Only then did the actor regain a bit of his vitality; his anxiety soon ebbed away as well . He then got the elderly man laughing happily with his sweet greetings and responses .

Yun Shishi joined them at the table . While she got dishes for him, she rebuked, “To think I expected you to come earlier and make dumplings with us!”

He laughed, but when he was about to offer an explanation, Mu Yazhe suddenly turned to ask him, “Do you drink alcohol?”

He shyly replied, “Yes, a little . ”

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The man immediately poured him a full glass of dry red wine, which got his wife gaping and laughing in amusement . “Hey, are you trying to get him drunk?”

“I don’t think he’ll get drunk with this bit of wine,” answered the man matter-of-factly . “He must have a certain level of alcohol tolerance for him to say that he can drink . Besides, it’s not easy to get drunk on red wine!”

The actor, too, reassured her . “Don’t worry; I’m good at holding my alcohol . ”

Only then did she feel at ease .

All of a sudden, her twin brother wryly cried, “Sis, why aren’t you concerned that bro-in-law will get me drunk?!”

Glancing at the glass of white wine in his hand, she burst into a chortle as she retorted, “Don’t you hold your alcohol very well?”

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“I’ve already drunk two glasses of this! Your husband really holds his alcohol well . I think his aim is to get me drunk . ”

The other snorted as he picked up the bottle of white wine and filled his brother-in-law’s glass to the brim .

Gong Jie: “…”

Mu Yazhe gently said, “You’re not allowed to return home unless you’re wasted . ”

Feeling aggrieved, his brother-in-law immediately pouted and clamored, “You must be doing this on purpose . Are you trying to get me drunk so that you can leave me home while you all go release the fireworks?”

This chap is smart, huh?

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Trust him to see through my motive .

Arching a brow in provocation, he retorted, “Don’t get drunk if you can, then . ”

Lost for words, Gong Jie’s brows twitched for a bit, then he suddenly felt immensely competitive . “Hmph! I’d like to see just who’s going down tonight!”

With that, the two men picked up their glasses and engaged in yet another round of drinking .

The dining table was filled with chatter and laughter .

As Hua Jin dazedly watched this scene, his lips involuntarily arched into a slight warm smile .

From what he could remember, he had seemingly always spent his Lunar New Year getting beaten by his drunken father .

While everyone else spent this festive season in a cheery mood, he was always full of fear from getting hurt .