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Published at 8th of January 2021 10:35:09 PM

Chapter 2230: 2230
Chapter 2230: A Coward

He longed to join them yet dared not go forward . Slowly, he retreated and returned to the front yard . As he quietly watched the loving scene inside the house through the see-through window, he felt like a foreigner who had no place to call his home . Even though he wanted to be part of them, he wondered if he had the right to enjoy such love .

I doubt I’ll be welcome here, right?

He dared not imagine the suspicion, hesitation, or derision that might come his way when he walked in . The mere thought was enough to send him into fits of panic . He was too awkward and nervous to do anything more . He was not only afraid but also lost and dejected .

Can I qualify to be included in this heartwarming circle?

Because of his anxiety, he could not muster up the courage to take a step forward . Turning around, he was about to flee from this place like a defeated soldier . Just then, a voice was heard from behind him .

“Hua Jin!”

He halted in his tracks and looked back with surprise .

Unbeknown to him, Yun Shishi had appeared at the entrance with the door open . Her face had a look of pleasant delight as she exclaimed petulantly, “Why are you late!”


He was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say .

He was here for some time, but a strange sense of cowardice had him pacing outside the house . Still, he was unable to pluck up the courage to enter the place .

The lady walked toward him and held his hand . “Why are you so late? Everyone’s waiting for your arrival so that dinner can be served! Come in quickly!”


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Before he could say anything more, the woman was already leading him into the house by the hand .


The young man was still hesitant; he did not move despite her urging and even looked ill at ease .

Startled, the lady host turned around and clearly caught his forlorn look; she could feel her heart aching for him instantly .

“Will the rest… accept me?”

She was saddened by the wounded look on his face . Just then, the chap quickly added in a muted tone . “I’m afraid… I’ll disturb your family… so perhaps I should just leave—”

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“What are you talking about?” She squeezed his hand gently and flashed him a bright smile . “Everyone’s been waiting for you . ”

This one statement from her was sufficient to melt his heart .

Staring at her in wide-eyed disbelief, he asked, “Really?”

“Yes!” She eagerly affirmed it . “We’re just waiting for you . After dinner, we’ll go to the lake to light some fireworks . We’ve agreed to this long ago, so you must keep your promise . ”

Something broke through in his heart as he felt a gush of warmth flooding him from within .

The lady did not wait to hear any more protest from the young man this time and just led him straight into the house .

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He followed her obediently without struggle or avoidance at this point .

The heater was working well inside the spacious hall . As he was bathed in a sea of warm lights from this abode, his mind went blank at once . He did not know how to react to the people sitting around the dining table!

“Hey, sorry to keep everybody waiting . Let me introduce my friend here; he’s called Hua Jin . ”

The older boy was the first to stand up and speak . “Oh, that’s right! Mommy mentioned that her friend would be joining us tonight . Are you referring to Brother Hua Jin, mommy? I know him! He’s the male lead in the period drama, ‘Lethal Beauty’!”

The younger lad was somewhat surprised to hear that a friend of his mommy would be joining them but was friendly, nonetheless, greeting the visitor politely, “Brother Hua Jin!”