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Published at 10th of January 2021 02:25:59 PM

Chapter 2228

How could she let him off, though?!

Yun Shishi immediately took a few snowballs and threw them at him fiercely .

Mu Yazhe could not bear to watch this go on anymore, so he threw a snowball at his wife .

This time, it was her turn to have a backyard be on fire . She glared at her husband furiously, and the couple began to fight like local tyrants .

The man could not bear to be harsh with her, so he ran away passively while being hit by her .

Seeing that someone was finally willing to stand up against their arrogant daddy, Little Yichen cheered as he watched from the side . Gong Jie, who had crawled up speedily, joined hands with his older nephew to chase after his brother-in-law, whacking him painfully with snowballs .

The pitiful man was being attacked by the trio all at once .

As Youyou stood up and witnessed this scene, he shook his head and sighed with heartache . “Daddy is so pitiful . ”

Just as he finished his words, he picked up a snowball and joined his mother in attacking his father .

Mu Yazhe’s backyard was on fire at this moment as he was chased by four individuals .

In the end, as he was unable to make snowballs in time, he directly grabbed snow from the ground instead and threw this at his four chasers .

He was no God, though . No matter how strong he was, he could not win against the attacks of four people .

Moreover, the team had individuals like his brother-in-law and older son who had extreme fighting prowess . Very soon, he fell to the ground in defeat from all their combined assaults .

“Ha ha ha—”

Little Yichen felt as if he had vented his resentment and clapped his hands to end things .

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As Mu Yazhe stood up gloomily, Gong Jie dashed forward to wipe snow onto his face .

“Ha ha ha—”

The five people returned home after finishing their snowball fight .

Little Yichen blurted that his hands were cold and wanted to submerge them in a basin of hot water .

His mother immediately stopped him . “You can’t use hot water . It’s easy to get frostbite if you put your hands in hot water after playing with snow!”

“But my hands are cold!” complained the boy pitifully .

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Yun Shishi crouched in front of him and held his hands gently . She began to rub his small hands carefully as she blew hot puffs of air on them . “Is this better?”

“Yup! It feels better!”

She smiled at him as she continued rubbing his hands .

Alas, not a while later, two pairs of hands were placed audaciously in front of her .

Flabbergasted, she raised her head, only to see her brother and younger son standing in front of her . Her brother beamed at her as he acted coy . “Sis, my hands are cold, too; please help me rub them . ”

He was jealous of his older nephew receiving special treatment, so he itched for his sister’s gentle care, too .

However, before the woman could react, a huge pair of hands reached over to cover her brother’s .

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The corners of Gong Jie’s mouth twitched harshly before turning his gaze expressionlessly onto Mu Yazhe, who had grabbed his hands coldly and began rubbing them . “I’ll help you heat them up . ”

“No thanks . ” He snatched his hands away resentfully with a face full of disdain .

“Ha ha! Uncle despises daddy!” Youyou laughed .

After resting for a while, Yun Shishi brought the dumpling skins and dumpling filling to the table as she summoned them all . “It’s time to wrap dumplings!”

The highlight of the New Year’s Eve was wrapping dumplings together as one family .

The two male adults sat down as well to wrap dumplings .

However, as both were men who had never done household chores before, much less to cook in the kitchen, how would they know how to wrap dumplings? The two were at a loss as they picked up the dumpling skins .

“How should the dumplings be wrapped?”