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Published at 10th of January 2021 02:25:54 PM

Chapter 2229

“Daddy, lemme teach you . ”

The younger boy laid down the dumpling skin and used the chopsticks to spread out the fillings in the center like a pro . True enough, the shape of a fat dumpling could be seen in no time .

“Mommy, why do we eat dumplings during the New Year?”

Yun Shishi tried to explain it to the older boy . “This is called the ‘New Year dumplings’ . As the dumplings are shaped like ingots, eating these will bear auspiciousness . It means inviting wealth to roll into the house . The roundness of the dumplings will also signify a harmonious family . The fillings we use for the dumplings on the eve of the New Year are made with meat to make them look round and full; all in all, we are wishing for the family to have a fulfilling and peaceful year ahead . ”

Little Yichen nodded in half-comprehension . “I see! I didn’t know of such sayings . ”

The woman taught the boy, step by step, how to prepare the dumplings . Once she was done, she turned to see her brother staring at the ingredients with a sullen look on his face . He knew nothing about cooking .

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe did his first dumpling under his younger son’s guidance . Unfortunately, it could only be considered half-assed at best . The dumpling was too soggy, with the content seeping through the skin .

“Daddy, you’re so stupid . ” Youyou had a spiteful look on his face .

His father was spontaneously crushed by his son’s criticism and retorted ruefully, “I’ve never made a dumpling in my life . ”

“Well, this is my first time, too, but look at how good it turns out!” His son refused to give him some face .

The adult had a look of utter defeat this time .

By then, Yun Shishi had sat next to her brother . She guided him, bit by bit, on making dumplings . Under her patient tutelage, he was soon making some decent-looking dumplings .

The day slipped by, and soon, it was evening 6 PM .

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Yun Yecheng came downstairs to find the dumplings ready on the table .

His daughter and youngest grandson were busy in the kitchen with the son-in-law helping them . The older boy was in the living room watching a program on TV with his uncle .

The annual new year countdown had yet to be shown on TV, but the station was already warming up to the event by replaying last year’s celebratory program .

Oh, where are Xiang Yu and her daughters?

The old man noticed that the trio was no longer around and simply assumed that they had gone home of their accord .

The Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner was finally ready at 7 PM .

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The woman stood at the door looking around the neighborhood, but Hua Jin was nowhere to be seen .

Has he forgotten about our appointment?

Feeling somewhat downcast, she walked back to her room .

Hua Jin followed the address given by Yun Shishi and called a cab to Xiangti Walk accordingly . He finally found the location after walking a distance . At the door, he could see the festive atmosphere inside the hall through the full-length, see-through window .

Six individuals were seated around a dining table, looking all happy . Envy rose inside him as he watched the festivity within the house .

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How he longed for such company and warmth!

How many years have I missed the New Year celebration?

In fact, as far as he could remember, he had never celebrated the New Year .

He had no home of his own to begin with . Hence, being able to spend a heartwarming family reunion like this was just wistful thinking on his part .

He walked to the door and was about to press the doorbell when he held back his hand, seemingly afraid .

Furrowing his brows, he knew he had no courage to follow through the action . Somewhat guilt-stricken, he retracted his hand and blew a mouthful of hot air on his palms before rubbing both lightly to keep them warm .

The snow was getting heavy outside the house, and it appeared capable of covering the land with the countless cotton flakes floating down .

He stood for a long time outside the door in his coat and scarf . Falling snowflakes landed on his torso and face, as well as his eyelashes, but these were soon whisked away by the wind as he blinked his eyes lightly . The longer he stood there, the more worried he became . He did not think that they would welcome his presence even though he longed to join them .