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Published at 6th of January 2021 11:35:17 PM

Chapter 2223

The man stepped forward and, with his broad palm, grabbed hold of her throat . His hand wrapped around her neck nicely, with her laryngeal joint locked tightly under his grip!

He gave a slight squeeze, and her facial expression changed at once . Yun Qingmiao’s face turned red; even the veins could be seen popping up on her temples .

“L-Let… g-go—”

Alas, his grip was too vice-like that her neck seemed about to break any time!

The woman felt like an ant under his strangling . No matter how much she struggled and fought, she could not break free of his suffocating grip! This man seemed to be serious in his desire to send her to her death with the amount of force he was exerting on her throat!

“H-Help… he-help…”

Her mother was shocked by this unexpected turn of events . She stood dumbly on the spot for a few seconds before dashing to her daughter, trying to pry her away from the man’s deadly grip . Alas, she had greatly underestimated his powerful physique . No matter how hard she hit or pried at his fingers, his hand, which was akin to an iron bolt, never loosened around her daughter’s throat .

The younger sibling, meanwhile, was too scared to move, her face completely ashen .

“Let go, please! I’m begging you… She’s going to die!”

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The kitchen door suddenly opened at this juncture .

Yun Shishi emerged . She did not seem surprised by this scene and, in fact, appeared oddly calm and composed .

She watched in silence until her cousin looked about to pass out before she walked up to her man, held his wrist, and said gently, “Don’t be angry anymore . Let go now . ”

The man did not relent .

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“Be good, yeah?” She tiptoed and gave his cheek a kiss, which led into him finally loosening his grip .

Yun Qingmiao’s body broke away from the restraint, and with the gravity pull, she slumped to the ground .

She sat dumbly on the floor with her hands around her neck, coughing violently without stop . The redness on her neck had spread all the way to her head, and her eyeballs seemed to be in danger of popping out of their sockets . Just as she was still helplessly coughing away, she felt her throat being hurled upward again .

Panicking, she looked up and met her cousin’s frigid eyes .

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The latter had grabbed hold of her collar and yanked her up from the ground . With one hand holding her up, Yun Shishi then sent a biting slap across her face with her other free hand .

A loud SMACK! thundered across the kitchen . The hostess had mysteriously summoned a powerful force behind her attack .

Her cousin, who had totally been caught off guard by this slap, broke into tears as her lips trembled in fear .

“I’ve been kind to you all because you are my relatives, but I’ve thought too highly of the help I gave to you three, haven’t I? A dog will still know how to wag its tail in gratitude, but what about the three of you? All of you are worse than dogs . ”

Her aunt denied this, sounding disappointed and ashamed at once . “Niece, how could you say such things about us?! What do you mean by us being worse than dogs?!”

“Isn’t that the truth?!” She did not look at the older woman but continued to fix her gaze on her older cousin . Suddenly, she sniggered . “Do I need your comments on how I should live or marry? Even though your lives aren’t smooth-sailing now, do you need to come here and beg me for help like beggars? Can you say whatever you like just because you lead a poor life? That’s absurd! If you want others to respect you, you ought to have some self-respect first!”